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DMC Stands For Devastating Mic Control

king of rock

It was 1985, just six years removed from the incident known as the Night of the Disco Crash in Chicago, where an angry mob of thousands gathered in Comiskey Park with hate in their eyes and hearts. A monstrous mob gathered to seal the fate of the long-standing disco movement, burning their albums and music cassettes en masse. It was a rebellion, in the full sense, unlike any negative display of any particular style of music before. It wasn’t an easy drop in the charts; It was an execution.

Disco was dead.

The era of heavy metal has really begun. The Bee Gees, now officially ex-kings of the airwaves, would be no more Stayin’ Alive. Their basslines and high-pitched vocal stylings ignited a fiery disco inferno with very happy long-haired rockers throwing gasoline on it.

This was not a kung fu fight. No. The war between disco and rock that raged from the mid-seventies to the mid-eighties was finally over. The Rock won and took the throne at the top of the mountain, defeating his only opponent.

Who else dares to challenge the king?

jazz? “please…”

the blues “Are you coming yet?”

country? “Seriously?”

What about rap? “Rap? What is rap?”

Rap was still a very new and relatively unknown commodity, largely ignored by mainstream audiences, critics and radio stations. Most of the growing forms of music sales couldn’t even be tracked with any accuracy, as most artists sold their material out of the trunks of cars, unable to secure a record deal.

Distributors watched rappers listen to demos. The would-be professionals lacked the vision to see and understand the music that would eventually revolutionize it. Backed into a corner, the only way forward was obvious.

A few daring entrepreneurs have started their own rap labels. One was known as Sugarhill Records. It received modest distribution and was the label that released what many called “the first real rap song.” Sugarhill Gang’s Rappers Delight was the best-received rap single up to that point.

Looking back, some define the moment as the official start of rap music, when the classic single received airplay, reached number thirty-eight on the music charts and was available in many stores.

The Sugarhill Gang has been knocking on the door for a legitimate entry into the music world, but the twenty-something rapper simply known as DMC wasn’t content to just bang on the door. His hand was wrapped around the door handle and he was twisting it open.

Darryl McDaniels, who released the Run DMC album with rapper Joseph “Run” Simmons and DJ Jam Master Jay in the spring of 1984 on Profile Records, did not play.

No one seemed to know what to do with him. Run DMC was nothing like them before. A group of three black men from Holly Queens defied any classification. They weren’t rock, although they had electric guitars in some of their songs. They were not a discotheque.

What are they? What style of music is Run DMC?

“They’re rapping.”

“Oh, rap. I think I heard about it.”

The trio slowly gained an audience, catching their catchy mash-ups between Run and DMC over a masterful recording of back-and-forth rhythms and the beat of Jay’s 808 drum machine. Throw in some samples and the occasional guitar riff and you have a fresh new sound crying out to be heard.

Run DMC will not be denied, nor will their historic first release, which sold over three million units. Things haven’t exploded for Run DMC yet, but it was only a matter of time.

The door was open, but the rap music was still a foot away inside. Rock music was still looking at the mountain, tireless, rap music and laughing. The ruling king did not feel threatened. There couldn’t be a challenge to the throne unless someone from the rap world was ready to step up big time.

Enter DMC stage left.

It consisted of:

Slavery may have been abolished in 1862 and there was supposed equality between the races to speak of, but a quick glance at the music charts was all it took to show the stark divide that still existed. White artists dominated the airwaves. The number of black rock bands was minimal, and the number that made it into the charts was almost non-existent.

Run DMC ultimately changed the face of the music world and helped bridge the gap of racism by promoting racial equality—not favoritism either way—and became household names in an era that embraced their opposite.

Forget the rock. Forget rap.

Run DMC transcended musical styles and classifications and changed the face of the music world in one defining moment when Daryl McDaniels summoned enough testicles for the entire rap community to perform with an act accompanied by bull’s-eye results. he is back. He could easily risk being a dead man.

It was like suicide.

In a year when rock music sales to a predominantly Caucasian audience were in the millions, Run DMC released a second album. The title track features a confident DMC belting out five words, unaccompanied by music, that changed the musical landscape forever.

The young man who inspired so many years made an undeniably thought-provoking statement when he recorded five simple words acapella into the microphone all those years ago.

In the world of politics and governance, it was Martin Luther King Jr. who famously said, “I have a dream.”

The world of music has its equivalent, and the quote belongs to Daryl McDaniels. His five words, as powerful as King’s four, continue to inspire as they reach a whole new audience. No one will ever forget the first time they heard DMC utter the last words anyone would ever expect from a black man.

“I’m the King of Rock!”

Daryl McDaniels was a legend.

The statement was so powerful; It was used for the album’s title and was largely responsible for its eventual platinum status.

DMC kept the theme going with his next verse, ‘There is none higher’, just in case anyone missed the fact that he really was the King of Rock and the powerful electric guitar that pulsed throughout the track and the album – what can only be described as A ground-breaking masterpiece—wasn’t enough to convince them.

Rock music was on the ropes; If he wanted to be saved, he needed to make a rope. He got help from the most unlikely source.

Instead of picking a fight, Run DMC continued to fuse rock and rap, extending an olive branch to a fallen group of gray rockers whose best days were well buried in the Seventies. Aerosmith released several weak records and didn’t have a hit in nearly a decade.

McDaniels and his cohorts joined forces with the struggling rockers and went on to record a classic remake of one of Aerosmith’s old hits. Walk This Way was an even bigger seller the second time around, helping to propel Run DMC’s third release, Raising Hell, to international multi-platinum sales.

Run DMC didn’t seem to be battling rock for musical supremacy, but if anyone was keeping score; It was clear who the king really was.

It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride for the youngsters who made Adidas a phenomenon. Since the release of Raising Hell over thirty years ago, the superstars have released four more albums, all of which have achieved platinum status.

Unfortunately, on October 30, the trio was reduced to two. 2002, when legendary jam master Jay was called to his maker.

Joseph “Roone” Simmons is now known as Reverend Roone. The new man of the cloth, when not filming his reality show, still finds time to hit the mic with his oft-imitated but never-duplicated thrill-seeking skills. His solo release Distortion served to fill many fans’ longing for a new Run DMC record.

DMC, years removed from his stint at St. John’s University, is ready to match his partner-in-crime, featuring Reverend on several tracks from the King of Rock’s solo debut Checks, Thugs, & Rock -N-Roll.

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