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3G Wireless Communication Systems

Activities in research and design (R&D) always bring innovation, and it leads to the development of future generations of wireless systems. The third generation of mobile (3G) promises to deliver key features at high data rates of up to about 2Mbits / sec, teleconferencing with video transmission, web browsing, etc. With the IMT-2000 standard, the 3G system offers full roaming functionality. Allows integration with GSM. International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000) is a global standard that sets the parameters, specifications and recommendations for third-generation mobile technology. A framework for 3G access, wireless connectivity and satellite based on mixed terrain is provided in the IMT-2000.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been involved in 3G since 1998, and its role in the work of analyzing and modeling more advanced systems in collaboration with the Wireless Communication Technology (WCTG) team will be in the works. Continue and will not stop at 3G. The purpose of NIST is to play an important role in the development of future wireless communication systems, most of which contribute to –

Develop software testing methods to support future R&D of wireless systems.

– Evaluate the performance of various wireless communication technology.

-Develop advanced technologies and methods in wireless communication systems.

Contribute significantly to the improvement of national and international standards in wireless communication systems.

Third-generation wireless communications (3G) are primarily designed to provide high-speed data connectivity to mobile users. The technology has long been considered in the early stages of the Internet, when it was thought that there was a need to create a function to provide users with mobile devices to access data and multimedia services. At a reasonable rate. In many countries of the world, the required spectrum is being auctioned off to different providers for millions of dollars.

The IMT-2000 defines 3G as a wireless communication system that offers data rates ranging from 144kbps to greater than 2Mbps, depending on the speed of the phone. This definition was developed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and is called International Mobile Telecommunications 2000 (IMT-2000). Of course, there are some technologies that can complement the functionality of 3G with variations of existing GSM 2G technology, and this modification or enhancement on 2G is often referred to as 2.5G. This upgrade brings generalized bandwidth (GPRS) service and improved data rates for GSM (EDGE) evolution in 2G with CDMAone (IS95a), which defines some of the evolving technologies that have been put in place. Group and classify under CDMA2000.

In short, CDMAone is a description of the entire wireless system based on the TIA / EIA IS-95 (Telecommunications Industry Association / Interim Standards Electronic Industry Association – 95), first published in July 1993. The CDMA2000 describes a family of 3G wireless communications systems that use Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), a digital radio access system to transmit voice, data, and signals such as dial-up telephone numbers between cellular and terminal systems. Basic.

There is confusion over the differences between 3G and 2.5G. Although most CDMA2000 systems are technical modifications of the existing 2G architecture, they are being offered as 3G in the market. On the other hand, GSM, despite its 3G capability, is being classified as 2.5G. The new standard has been introduced into GSM 2G, classifying it as 2.5G primarily to meet 3G requirements, while the original 3G system uses a completely different technology to achieve the same. The extension of 2G to 2.5G is called Wideband-CDMA (W-CDMA), a technology used for data and voice transmission.

Efforts continue to be made to provide world-class advanced services from CDMAone technology, which is based on GSM 2G. This will allow the market to provide services according to market needs. The CDMA Development Group (CDG)’s efforts are reaching the full potential of 3G and are now actively focusing on speeding up the CDMA2000, one of which is the 3G standard.

The GPRS service provided by 2G is similar to the service provided by 3G, but 3G data service is the next step of the GPRS service we know. The main difference is the faster data transfer rate available in 3G, which offers up to 384 KB per second, which is seven times faster than standard calling systems. With 3G, you can achieve everything you want to do, but in a better way, faster and from anywhere. The main advantage with 3G wireless communication is that you can have large call volume and it gives you support for multimedia data applications such as video and photography.

3G brings many benefits to implementing wireless communication and some key functions, including:

Video call – While calling someone, you can see the other person in real time. As long as both phones have 3G support, you do not have to imagine whether your caller or the person you are calling looks like you can see him on your phone screen when you speak.

Access to information and information – You can search for information and information from the Internet using your phone as a modem with your computer or laptop. You can use your favorite search engine to find the information you are looking for, daily news, stocks and shares, or apply other information for you to keep yourself up to date.

– Email – While you are out of your office, there may be times when you want to send an email to your business associate or to someone else for that matter. You can use your mobile phone and send such emails directly. You can also look in your inbox to see if you have any important emails. 3G-enabled phones can also be used as modems with your laptop or connected to your PDA.

– Games – Since the advent of mobile phones, gaming has always been a feature of great interest to mobile users. Games have become more interactive and will continue to improve with the advancement of technology. For those who play these games on their mobile phones for entertainment or leisure time, they will benefit even more from 3G, which allows them to download these games anytime from anywhere.

– Movies – The quality of movies on mobile systems is greatly enhanced by the speed and video quality of 3G. Now you can watch short clips, movie ratings and interviews related to various movies. You can also download mp3 music, wallpapers and enter the game via your 3G enabled mobile phone.

– Sports – With improved graphics capabilities, you can now view the highlights of your favorite sport and also access the scoreboard of your favorite sport.

– Music – 3G allows you to download music streams, videos and interviews. It allows you to write your own ringtone through your mobile keyboard.

The necessity of having a website has become as necessary as if a company does not have a website, it is as good as a non-existent company. With the introduction of 3G, this has become a reality and you can access the internet from your 3G mobile phone anytime from anywhere.

Phones used abroad. In 99% of the world, the local cellular service standard is called GSM. We use it in the state as well. When integrated with a SIM card (usually under the phone’s battery), the phone can communicate and the SIM card also has a phone number and memory for prepaid credit. Rates can be very low using this system. For example, 99% of all SIM card calls are free and calls to the state can be less expensive. Like from UK to US 7 cents per minute from Israel 22 cents from Australia 27 cents. Yes, US dollars! Today, there are even prepaid providers in the United States that offer 10 cents per minute to call anywhere in the United States to any type of phone. No contracts, no credit card checks, no invoices. Prepaid always means no minimum, no contract, no obligation. You just pay for the calls made. You will need an unlocked GSM tri-band or quadband UNLOCKED phone. You can buy unlocked phones and SIM cards from factories in more than 170 or 193 countries around the world from Tel. # 800-514-2984.

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