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Computer Knowledge (Literacy)


Advances in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) have made the world a global village. Local economies, societies and cultures are integrated through global communications, transportation and trade. In this integration.

The integration of the regions or nations of the world through this global network has made the world like a great village, where nations are like clans in this great village, and heads of nations are like leaders. In this large village. Village.

That is why what affects one clan also affects others in this great village. This is what is happening in our world today. The crisis in the Nigerian delta affects international crude oil prices, travel and so on.

The unification of the countries of the world, both economically through education, society and politics, and the people see themselves not only as their national identity but also as a part of the whole world, is what Globalization.

Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies and governments of different countries, a process driven by the integration of economic, social, cultural, political, international trade and investment and assistance through ICT (Information Communication). Technology) in which the Internet plays an important role through a global or global network of computers.

Globalization influences the environment, culture, political system, economic development and prosperity, and the physical well-being of people in societies around the world.

In our world today, there are very few places that one can not reach by phone or internet. Due to the modern way of communicating, the people of a nation have a greater understanding of the whole world and may be influenced by other cultures in different ways.

Time and space are less important and even language barriers are being overcome by people all over the world communicating through commercials, online forums, social media sources and more.

As a result of globalization, the world is considered a big city or so-called global village. And the members of the global village are called the global community. One of the most important ways to bring people of all races together is through the Internet. The Internet is a global network of computers that enables people of the world (global community) to communicate with each other. The Internet is an integral part of ICT.

ICT is a major driver of globalization. Advances in information technology, in particular, have dramatically changed the lives of the economy. Information technology provides all kinds of individual economic players – consumers, investors, businesses – valuable new tools for identifying and exploring economic opportunities, including faster and clearer analysis of global economic trends, easy asset transfer and collaboration. Distant partner. .

As you are reading this article, the mind is now communicating worldwide through the internet to achieve their desires. Buying and selling, enrollment and registration, booking, air travel, all kinds of research, banking, email, job search, information, etc. are all going online.

Be a part of the global community

According to the above perception, no one in the world today can be successful if he is her, not a member of The world community. To become a member of the global community, you must:

1. Must be computer literate

2. Learn how to use the Internet

3. Have a personal computer (Desktop or Laptop)

Computer knowledge

Computer knowledge is defined as the knowledge and ability to use computers and technology effectively. Another valuable component of computer knowledge is knowing how a computer works and functions. The latter component is for advanced users or operators who may aspire to become computer engineers. Knowledge and ability to use a computer is a pillar in the global community.

Why is computer knowledge necessary?

There are many things you need a computer, directly or indirectly, in our day and age. Either you use it directly or someone is using it for you. Here are some reasons why you need to know computer:

1. When looking for a job, your employer requires you to be computer literate because computers can be the basic tools you will need to use.

2. In most businesses, computers are standard. In banking, for example, computers are used for banking transactions and to retrieve customer account information. In some car repair shops, computers are used to diagnose electronic problems and faults in the car.

3. In schools, computers are used for student registration and enrollment, accounting, exams and recording. The school library is a database of books. No longer use the library card.

4. In some hospitals and clinics, patient information is stored on a computer. Doctors must know how to extract such information to treat patients.

5. To send or receive emails, you need to learn how to use a computer and the Internet, or you pay someone to do it for you.

The list is endless. It’s most interesting of you to start learning how to use a personal computer now. It will help you get a job and it will help you move forward in your career.

Computer knowledge does not mean that you need to know how to use each program that you may encounter. It does not mean that you need to know how to program or network a computer. You just need to know some basics:

1. How to start a computer

2. How to use OS (Operating System) that runs on Computer, Windows, Mac or Linux.

3. How to open applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Create, save and open files.

4. How to exit or close an application and open another application.

5. How to shut down the computer properly after use.

6. How to use the Internet to browse the Internet, send and receive emails.

7. How to listen to music and play videos on your computer.

8. How to manage your computer (personal computer).

As you learn to use a computer, you will have some points for it in your mind as you understand how easy it is to use a computer and how useful it is. Then the fear that it is impossible or difficult to learn how to use a computer will be a thing of the past.

I remember when I was teaching a good friend about using Microsoft Word and Mouse. It did not come easily. But because she was determined to learn, it did not take time for her to start using the device. One day I went to her office to see her, only to find that the typewriter she loved so much was under the table. I asked her what the mouse did. And she smiled. Her Masters program is on a computer network. This is the joy of learning how to use a computer.

How did you become a computer expert?

To become a computer expert, you must attend a computer training school. There are everywhere. In such schools, basic computer courses are offered. They are usually reasonably priced and you can spend time exercising to learn them. There are free online courses if you do not want to attend any school. You can learn from online cafes, but some body has to teach you. Some Cyber ​​Cafés offer computer courses. Two free computer courses online:

Now you do not need a computer unless you want to practice at home. After completing the course, you will think about what kind of personal computer you want (Desktop or Laptop).

Learn how to use the internet

To become a member of the global community, you must know how to use the Internet. If you can imagine the information you can find in almost every aspect of life on the Internet, you will appreciate what people are doing to make life and the world a better place to live. You need to learn and know how to use the Internet to get involved in the 21st century. There is no age barrier to becoming a computer expert. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. It’s good to learn computer training how to use the internet. Once you have captured the basics, you can access these free websites as shown below:

Have a personal computer (Desktop or Laptop)

After you have learned how to use the computer and the Internet, it is time to own your computer if you have not already purchased one. Your decision to own a computer depends on what you want to do with it. It will tell you your decision to own a desktop or laptop computer. Be a part of the digital world or digital world.

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