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The Third Hand

“No one saw the third hand,” he said.

Born from the center near the heart … ”

(From the poem “Mystique” by David Ignatow)

Although it is not something I always write clearly, I had an experience a few years ago that changed my life. When I was studying law, I was very depressed. Since then, I have been thankfully healed, but I have not left the gift of that experience. In fact, they tell of my daily life and the constant source of inspiration, strength, and wisdom.

One of the greatest gifts of that experience was being forced into a dark and helpless place where I could not rely on my considerable reserves of will and ability to pump it through the experience and life. Which is wrong for me.

One of the best ways I can relate to that experience, and one way that still makes my throat tighten and my eyes water today, as if I were mourning from a distance, is that there is light inside me, my light. . That is gradually fading and is gradually being removed. I did not let my soul breathe, so its flame was slow but surely dead.

I had the best intentions or so I thought. I aspire to draw and write, but since I have no background or art education and really do not draw or write much at all (because I am also scared and suffocated by perfectionism), I think that makes sense. And the responsibility to do that is to commit myself to something that I am capable of and really good at – financially and legally. I will do that and get a job that can give me the opportunity to get my inner aspirations … on weekends or after work.

The more I went into law school and discovered how useful it was (as one great mentor I often said “law is a mistress”), the more I realized that I was real and the more Strong. Will have to sit in the back seat for a long time. I am a decent law student who has a bright spot but is not as good as some people or has the same passion as others No. I have to develop intelligence and passion with a lot of extra work and overtime (and all law students know that the minimum requirement is an impossible amount of work and ridiculous hours). I was exhausted mentally, physically, and spiritually.

But I do not want to give up or give up, I do not want to give up. My ego is in a way that I did not realize there really is a choice made here and I am either stopping on any path – stop by the law or stop by myself. Thinking that I would be able to concentrate on what really called me in life into the corner and the best weekend, I was choosing to quit on my own. And since then, I have also believed that I stopped relying on God because I did not believe that God who created me the way I am – art, a skilled communicator, intuitive, compassionate – would also give me a way. To let the gift of my soul help my physical life in this world.

Fortunately, this time my soul took matters into its own hands and sent me into a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual crisis that I could not escape by simply working or trying harder — always As my MO in the past. And worked well enough. Now any attempt that makes me fall into the dark pit of despair and despair. Believe me, I do not want to be discouraged. It was a miserable and awful time. I tried my best not to get discouraged and I bet I convinced most people who knew me only from the outside at the time. I tried to believe that it would be better if I could just do it, graduate and get a job. But I did not convince my soul, and it was harder and harder to wake up, less than doing it all day hard. So I had to try something else.

This is what I think the poet David Ignatow had in mind when he wrote about the “third hand” in the poem “Mystique”.


Right or left arranged

Food for the mouth,

Or stuff to give

And the third hand perfectly

And invisible will change objects

“From our hunger or our provision.”

My right and left hands are doing rational work in the world. The world needs good lawyers. I know some and they do a good service to their customers. Lincoln is a lawyer. Kanthy is also a lawyer. I also want to be able to fulfill my role as a responsible adult and be able to support myself and contribute to my family and community.

But since I can not see, it can work well for me to do that as an artist, writer or life coach that I secretly wanted to be since I read Martha Beck back when I was in One of my pits. Of despair – I think I will take matters into my own hands. I do not trust my soul or God – enough to take care of the details of the world like this and I do not want to be hungry. I also do not want to give up the success that I think I enjoy as a lawyer, and I do not want to endure the loss of respect and esteem from people who always thought I would do great and great things in my life. Be a lawyer or even a senator or governor.

My soul could see that my right and left hands really served my ego and my fears, and so it pushed me into a place where the choice was to pursue a life that no longer seemed worth living or giving. Into my true desires and deepest desires.

This practice of surrender – really trying to express my thoughts and expectations and desire to control the outcome – and letting things get through and then to listen to it and follow it is still difficult for me. But worth it. It’s something I practice every day because I know it makes my life come alive, everything turns into a lively technology with richness and meaning. I know that from this place I can give much to the world, and it is an act of giving that satisfies my deepest thirst.

There is also the fact that I also know that the third hand will turn to come into the back door – the secret – smackdowns to get my attention and make me come back if I start to ignore.

Painting, especially the way I drew last year, is a huge motivator for this practice of surrender and belief – confidence in my intuition, my soul, God, and other good and invisible forces that can Conspiracy to help me even when it seems like they cross a difficult and confusing detour on their way there.

Take, for example, a painting I made last summer. I like to start drawing the way I started teaching yoga, coaching clients, or my daily life with prayer and intention. On the special day I did this special painting, I felt very lost and lonely. Although I believe we are never really alone and sometimes it just’s just that our level of understanding of our relationship varies, it was hard for me at the time to transfer faith from head to toe in my heart. .

I started painting it with prayer and intention to be effective that if it ends up being something for someone, it will give them a feeling of being surrounded by love and by people who love and respect them. ” There is their back. ” If you have ever had a friend who once thought you were hanging the moon, it would crawl across the hot desert for your great self, who really saw and received you and still loves you with an unimaginable ferocity. To. You deserve it, but sure, glad to have … That was the kind of presence I wished for that day.

And since I started each painting with the intention of giving up on what I thought it should be and just letting what ever wanted or needed to happen happen, I ended my prayers with some music. Let it go.

Now is the time for me to let all my woo-wooness be known, but here goes (goodbye and my skeptical readers! Thanks for hanging around so long!) … I have Start drawing, go into the flow, just start creating. Movement and signs and really did not go back until the good hours passed. During the break, I went back to look at the painting and all the hair on my body stood at the end. I ran out of the room and went up to the bedroom. It was late at night and my husband and children were asleep too, so I went to bed and pulled a blanket over my head.

There was no sunlight yet, so I went back to the room and counted the figures and heads that emerged from the random drawings I had made but did not see until I stepped back (I think there were at least eight). . While I admit it still scares me a little, I remember asking for a loving presence. In the light I can say that there is nothing threatening here, but there is something and it is a normal invisible physical expression that makes me uncomfortable … even if it is something I wish for. Anyway.

This is good for me to remember. Sometimes the things I want really have the potential to make me very uncomfortable. I may want to follow my heart, or the whisperings of my soul or the will of God … but if I am honest, sometimes doing so frightens me. I think the reasons for this are multifaceted, but what I often doubt is that we are not accustomed to the deep power that works in our lives. It makes us feel uncontrollable, which in fact threatens the illusion we have about security and control.

If you are like me and hold the mask you are holding to hide your true face, hide behind the mask that you think you should be, who you think the world thinks you are guaranteed while You are living a life of love, a third hand “born from the center near the heart” will work in my name Really believe that will give you real freedom.

Let your life from the center near your heart …

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