How To Get All My Music Back From Apple Music Vienna: A Young Traveller’s Guide

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Vienna: A Young Traveller’s Guide

Vienna, Austria is a beautiful city with a rich history, it is a special cultural center for classical music and opera and art. As the former capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, there are countless palaces and imperial palaces, magnificent museums, and magnificent churches and cathedrals. It is a city of many concerts, a city of dignity and pride. This colorful city has always been one of my favorite destinations.

Wiener Riesenrad Is a large Ferris wheel located at Wurstelprater Amusement park in Prater, one of the city’s many theme parks. This amazing bike ride costs only € 8 (or about US $ 10 or £ 6.50) but exploring the park and the surrounding area is free and gives you a great feeling for the city.

For classical music lovers

Vienna is famous for its classical music heritage and operations. Vienna saw the development and popularity of the “great writers” CPE Bach, Gluck, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Salieri; And they led the way to the romantic era of Schubert and others. Vienna is focused on this musical tradition.

One of the main attractions in Vienna is MozarthausFormer author’s residence on Domgasse, now a small museum and concert venue. It’s definitely worth the សិស្ស 8 student price ($ 10.40, £ 6.50)! Mozart-themed venues and events are all over Vienna, and there are many souvenir shops called Mostly Mozart (which sells Mozart chocolates). A statue of Mozart in Hofburg that should not be overlooked because of the floral music notes in front of it, the café and restaurant named after him, and the Mozart / Strauss concert at Kursalon With reasonable ticket prices and many processing options. Haydn, Schubert, Strauss and Beethoven also have homes / museums dedicated to them throughout the city – there is no shortage of classical music here!

This. Wiener StaatsoperThe Vienna State Opera House offers tours under € 5 ($ 6.50, £ 4). It is a beautiful place, home to some of the world’s best opera and ballet (and the Vienna Philharmonic. Its orchestra!). Nearby is House of MusicHouse of Music is the only museum to have an exhibition on the Vienna Philharmonic, the city’s most famous composer and other multimedia music theme – for only $ 9 ($ 12, £ 7). So much that you can not do. Get somewhere else in the world.

For lovers of history, art and architecture

If you are a history or architecture buff, huge Hofburg Palace Will knock on your socks. It is not only close to good restaurants and Viennese cafes, but it is beautiful and huge. You can visit Imperial Apartments and Schatzkammer, Treasury, which contained the imperial jewelry of the Habsburg dynasty. Check it out, too. National Library of Austria And four museums and museums Spanish Equestrian School Which is home to the famous Lipizzan horse.

There is the Ringstrassa Twin Museum (Ringstrassa or Ring Street), which was commissioned by the emperor to house the magnificent collection of Habsburg royal art.

The first is Kunsthistorisches MuseumThe Museum of Art History is one of the richest and largest art museums in the world. It features numerous 18th-century paintings by old masters, collections of Renaissance and Baroque art, and a collection of great Egyptian, Greek, and Roman artifacts.

The second is Naturhistorisches Wien MuseumThe Museum of Natural History of Vienna, another major and huge museum in Europe, is amazing.

Be careful with admission in Hofburg and the museum area as more places will increase. But take your time without rushing into each of the major museums and observe some of the treasures of our human existence.

Free of charge Burggarten and Volksgarten (park) in the area is a great place to relax from all your sights.

This. Museum, Quarter Museum, is one of my favorite parts of the city. There you will find MUMOK and Kunsthalle Wien (for modern art), the Leopold Museum (for Austrian art) and the Architekturzentrum Wien (for urban architecture and design). The Museum of Performing Arts (MAK) is also great looking and it’s free on Tuesday evenings!

This. Schönbrunn Palace Far from the city center, but definitely worth the trip. It’s like Versailles, a huge palace with a huge garden behind it. Although student tickets cost between € 10 and € 15 ($ 13- $ 19, £ 8-12) you can enter the park for free and spend a very long time there – it is a great place to run a cafeteria or Go read a book surrounded by nature.

Tiergarten SchonbrunnIt is the world’s oldest zoo and is located near the Schönbrunn Palace.

At BeaverAs the palace grounds closer to the city center, you can visit the park for free (in the official French style) between the Belvedere Palace above and below and take in views of the magnificent city. There you can also see the Belvedere Museum.

This. Freud Museum Alsergrund is home to Sigmund Freud and costs € 5.50 ($ 7, £ 4.50) per ticket. For this you get to learn all about the life and work of a psychologist. However, his famous chair was not there. It’s in London. What is even more interesting are the many luxurious cafes and restaurants in the area that attract students. From a nearby university.

StephansdomSt. Mary’s Church Stephen’s Cathedral in Stephenplatz in the center of the city is in Gothic and Roman style and offers concerts, tours of churches and catacombs and spectacular views of the city from the top of the South Tower – it is well worth the climb 343 Steps.

Karlskirche, St. Charles’s in Karlplatz is in the Baroque style and has concerts. (I saw Mozart’s Requiem there) and tours. However, instead of walking up the stairs, you can climb the stairs to the rooftop observation deck to see Vienna. Take advantage of Karlsplatz while you are there, the park is beautiful and the surrounding area has many other museums (such as the Clock Museum) and good restaurants and cafes.

Viennese cuisine

Vienna has its own cuisine, although it is often considered the equivalent of Austrian cuisine. It is sometimes mistakenly thought to be a variation of German cuisine, but not to mention Austrian. And of course, the cuisine of Vienna is unique in many ways that you will enjoy.

Some of my favorite dishes include Rindsuppe (beef soup), Wiener Schnitzel (fried beef and bread), Gulasch (hot, similar to Hungarian soup of the same name), Tafelspitz (beef cooked with apple and horseradish sauce) and Selchfleisch (smoked meat) is usually served with sauerkraut and dumplings. Auf Geschmack (to taste)!

As for the desert, although the Danes were proud of the “Danish pastry order”, even the Danes called it wienerbrød “Viennese bread” because it originated in Vienna and not in Denmark. This is a type of pastry that is used in many ways, including strudel, such as Viennese specialty, Apfelstrudel (apple strudel) and Topfenstrudel (sweet topfen or quark cheese-filled strudel), often served with vanilla sauce. But there are also many forms of torture, such as the famous Sachertorte (chocolate cake) with its many variations. There is no shortage of great bakery establishments in Austria.

Alas, when you leave Vienna, the thing you will miss the most is the food.

Viennese cafe culture

While there are countless pubs throughout Vienna serving beer and Austrian wines, Vienna Café, a coffee house, is a particularly interesting place to experiment with the wide variety of coffees served. With a variety of delicious food. But Vienna Café is more than just a snack bar because it is a private institution. There is an interesting culture around Viennese cafes – many people read literature or live piano music (usually classical, sometimes jazz) and have a special look and atmosphere associated with Viennese cafes that entice shop owners to sit in That for hours. Surprise and part in favor. For great restaurants and cafes, I recommend Café Greinsteidl near the Hofburg Palace. But there is more in the city.

In summary:

Visiting Austria is like traveling through time back in history, unlike any other place I have ever been to. Vienna is the perfect place for young travelers because its features are unique, even exotic and especially beautiful. And even post-high school cyclists will find it attractive and invaluable experience. But do not worry, the price is reasonable, its features are amazing and there are many things to remind you that you are not No more houses. Even when you leave Vienna, its qualities and character will be a part of you.

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