How To Get Music From A Cd To My Iphone Attending a Music Conference This Year? Do it the Right Way!

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Attending a Music Conference This Year? Do it the Right Way!

We all love good conferences, conferences, seminars, seminars, class presentations or get-togethers. We are social animals and like to learn new things, especially if it has something to do with our passions in life.

So what do you plan to learn this year? If music, recording, art, singing, songwriting, playing … If creativity is your passion, it’s good to go out there and immerse yourself in the best. There are many great conferences, seminars and classes for musicians around the world. Many of these opportunities will help us strengthen our craft while allowing us to connect with the best movers and shakers in the industry. Target in the sky?

And if you are looking to save money, it is a good idea to research in advance which conferences you would like to attend this year – then take advantage of any initial registration fees. For information on upcoming music conferences and events, visit the Vocal Downloads event page.

When you plan to get involved in something that helps you achieve your goals in life, it is good to be organized. There are some basic tools you should be ready to bring with you, especially if trying to get in the way of industry experts:

Business card: From swanky to basic, business cards are the fastest way to deliver your information without being pushy or amateurish. The card has your name, email number and website information. (If you have one). You do not need to add your home address or home phone. It is better / safer to use a mobile or business phone. When your business card is done correctly, the people you give it to will know who you are, read all about you and bring them to your music in half a second, it takes you to deliver it. To them. So hold your hand together and do not leave home without it. You can get many free business cards at, but there is never a print company logo printed on the back of your card.

CD, flash drive or iPod: If you are a songwriting broker, please listen. Have your music or song ready to turn off or play at a set time. Music managers, music libraries, executives and producers are looking for the next big thing, so be in front of them and prove who you are. If you do not have media (CD or floppy drive) to share, see item 1. Give them a business card with a website they can access to listen to your music. You can sign up for MySpace for free and post some of your music there. Note: Having your music to share on your personal flash drive with the logo, group name, website, or phone number printed on it is really cool …

Note pad and pen: Basic? But you do not think how many people asked me to borrow a pen at the last convention I attended. Funny. Do not come out as a non-supporter. Take care of yourself, and self-esteem will take you a long way. Additionally, you will take a lot of notes in the conference room, you may run out of ink, so please bring two pens in the box. Also, industry experts are known to give out their own email addresses in their classes. It’s another way to get listening by sending them a quick email that you attended their class along with an MP3 of one or two of your best songs. If they want to hear more, they will tell you to believe.

Mini Cameras: Not necessarily, but very good to have. Mini or digital tape will work. Listen, I used my iPhone (free software) and downloaded all my recordings from the last TAXI conference I attended with my computer. I’m still referring to them and I’m glad I caught some great news on the media.

Bring a snack: You get up early, grab your business card, your notebook, your pen, your microphone, your CD and your flash drive, but you forgot to eat breakfast? Classes usually start at 6:00 or 7:00 am, so just bring a snack and a bottle of water. I know I sound like your mother, but just do it. You will be glad you did.

Bring cash: At every convention there is a shopping opportunity. Books, CDs, books on newspapers, etc. Some sellers do not carry checks and some may not carry credit cards. You may have to pay to park. Never know … it’s really nice to have cash on hand. Can also be helpful if you forget your snacks.

Bring a camera: You may have the opportunity to record a song that is happening and save it for your children. Today, even cell phones are available. You never know when you might need it. Just be sure to follow the photography guidelines posted.

Carry a backpack or cart on wheels – You may want to grab some brochures, brochures, CDs and some of the freebies offered. You will probably end up with a lot of stuff at the end of each day, so you will want enough space to keep it organized.

During the General Assembly:

Prepare: Sign in and grab your wallet and badge. Read the program and highlight the class, workshop, or performance you want to attend. Check each time. Get there on time so you can sit in the front. All of these details will help make your experience less stressful. You will have plenty of time during breaks and lunches to socialize and network.

Quiet: Cool and collected, right? You’ve probably seen celebrities, paparazzi, key players, your favorite drummers – you are just as important. No need for loud, disgusting drunken voices or attacking stars in front of them. Keep your cool and if you want to ask a question, do it, but have something important to say or ask and write it down. Remember, you are increasing your knowledge, energy, and path to betterment.

Dress comfortably: Needless to say here, but I will not wear my Elton John skyscraper or my six-inch heels and my shortest skirt to the convention. There are a lot of runs, take the elevator, take the elevator, cramped classrooms, sit on the floor, etc. So comfort is the key. On a personal note, the travel deodorant in your backpack will go away …

Network: Probably the most important thing you can do at the convention. But do it with class virtue and etiquette. Know who you are, but take the corner to know who others are. How can contacting this person help you get more involved in your career? The network has brought many important collaborations of our time. If you want to collaborate on writing, co-producing, forming a band or starting a business, whatever your goal is, the key is networking. And you have prepared yourself to do it right. So go ahead and get home, get ready to make connections from the business cards you have collected, the phone numbers and email addresses you have written down, CDs, websites, flash drives, assorted newspapers, DVDs, books and more. Then plan to make your career happen … your way. I will see you at the next music conference!

When you get home:

Contact: Enter all your contact names into your computer, Rolodex, Blacklist, Database, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. A powerful relationship can change the course of your music forever.

Follow: Send follow-up emails to all the important people you meet. You will want to build relationships with them and plant seeds for future collaboration.

Follow: Send the CD or media to the person you promised. Stay tuned and people will know you are the person of your word. It is your most precious trait.

Good bag: Squeeze through your nice bag. Keep things useful to your career. Throw the rest.

Note Thank you: You may want to consider sending a thank-you note to a participant or speaker at your particular convention. Why not put yourself in front of them in the most professional way.

Goals should be planned in advance, kept organized and maintained. This will ensure that any music conference you attend will be one that you will always remember and take with you. As you walk the path to your success. Good luck and have a great conference!

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