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Why I Switched to Squarespace

As a busy photographer, my day is always full of photography, editing and customer communication. I need to know if my website is working properly and viewable on any computer or device. When I started the website in 2003, I used a program called Dreamweaver. Although effective, it has some drawbacks. The first is the lack of mobility. To make changes, I must be on my desktop computer running the application. Simple design changes will take a lot of time and require a clear understanding of some of the complexities of the program. In addition, compatibility testing of several online browsers is required. What works in Firefox does not have to work in Internet Explorer or Safari. Given the number of different browsers used, this is a daunting task.

I started looking for solutions with a web interface. Ideally, it will be as easy as updating a blog. Just log in from any computer in the world, upload your pictures, add photos and text and you’re done. Of course, I still want the ability to customize the design quickly and confidently that it will work on any computer, browser, and mobile device. Sounds simple, right? Well, it should, but there are many web-based solutions out there. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Over the course of a few months, I carefully researched several options before making my final decision. I believe the information I have found will be useful for those who want to create their own website.

Many of my favorite photographers use Livebooks, so I started my research there. All of their websites use Flash technology, which most people love or hate. It has a complex shape for it but can be slow to load. Also, it does not work very well on mobile phones. I tried to access many of their websites from my iPhone and received a general message saying “To view the Flash version of this website you must have a browser running Java script and Flash plugins”. While there are links to view the html version of the website, it seems to be a degenerate version of the original design. With so many people using the internet on smartphones, I understand that this is the main problem. After giving Livebooks a “one time fee” of $ 3199.00 for a personal website plus $ 90 per year for hosting, there is a chance that many people will not be able to access this site due to the limitations of Flash. Livebooks also offers pre-designed websites for a one-time fee of $ 1199.00 plus an annual hosting fee of $ 90. You are charged for any “add-ons” function.

Next I checked NeonSky. They also have Flash websites, but they seem to work better on iPhones because mobile visitors are automatically redirected to the HTML version of your website. Their packages are a one-time fee of $ 350 and $ 45 per month for hosting. Although they are very competitively priced, they currently have only two main navigation styles to choose from. You can tweak many aspects of these two styles, but if you want to add more customization, such as a splash page or contact profile, you have to pay a design cost of $ 125 per hour.

Clickbooqs runs $ 499 per year plus $ 99 annual hosting fee. They also have the option of a one-time payment of $ 1,699, plus an annual hosting fee of $ 99. Like Livebooks and Neonsky, Clickbooqs is a light-based website that requires users to have Internet browsers running java scripts and Flash plugins.

After reading several online user complaints about Bludomain, I immediately dismissed them. I also found that you can not add title information with Bludomain. This renders their services useless for journalists. They seem to be feeding more wedding photographers who want music on their website.

I took a look at BigFolio and their plans for a $ 450 fee increase and a $ 20 monthly hosting fee. They have some simple patterns that allow for some modifications. Further customization is done by emailing them for a quote. Unlike any of the above options, Big Folio offers a “small folio” add-on for those who are browsing with an iPhone or iPod touch. It costs an extra $ 49 to set it up.

I finally got through Squarespace through colleagues who were satisfied with their service. Adding photos, videos and text can be done quickly from any computer with internet access. There is no setup fee and monthly plans start at $ 8 per month. They are not Flash based websites, so everything runs faster. Mobile visitors can experience the true design and functionality of your website.

Then came the announcement of game changes. Squarespace has launched an app that gives users complete control over their website or blog using the iPhone. You can post, edit, view referrals, inbound traffic and subscribers. You can insert pictures stored on the phone. It also has a touch sync function with your desktop computer. You can start posting on the road and finish it at home. This app is free for all Squarespace users.

Squarespace also offers a great block import tool. It allows you to import all content from your old blog or wordpress blog directly into the new Squarespace blog. I have 450 posts in blogger and they transfer without issue. This benefits my website SEO as all blog content is now under my domain name rather than some third party blog owners. No other web service provides this feature.

The design and customization of your website is almost limitless. You start by choosing one of several templates and modifying it as you wish. While it takes a while to get used to, the system is very easy to use and requires no HTML or coding experience. Since switching to Squarespace, the number of new customers I have attracted through the site has increased dramatically. At best, it saves time and allows me to focus on photography and business. Whenever I have a question, their customer support is very responsive. They are even on twitter, listening in real time if you need their help. Website uptime is improved without significant downtime or downtime. For me, Squarespace offers the next generation of affordable and attractive network solutions. They are offering great features that no other web hosting company can compare with. With an easy-to-use website interface, SEO benefits, and real-time traffic analysis, I believe Squarespace has quietly positioned itself as a leader in publishing websites and blogs.

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