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Cell Phones in Schools – The Great Debate

With the advancement of technology today, mobile phones have spread to almost every aspect of people’s lives, it’s because cell phones in schools have become a hotly debated topic. There are advocates on both sides: some claim that mobile phones are an inappropriate nuisance during class hours, while others accept students’ acquaintances with them and use them in class. While the jury is abroad, both sides have some interesting points.

Mobile advocates claim many benefits to using the tool in educational settings. Some of these benefits include:

  • Parental involvement. Students can use a camera-equipped mobile phone to take pictures of projects they have completed in class, such as group projects that use only class time. Usually in these situations, students do not do research or concentration of such projects at home, so parents do not get the results of their children’s efforts in the classroom. Allowing students to use mobile phones in this capacity encourages parental involvement in their children’s lives as well as contributing to their educational development.
  • Missing work. Teachers can create a peer-to-peer system where students email or text each other with details of tasks that their peers missed due to absence. Doing so will save teachers valuable time that they would otherwise spend gathering on cosmetic packages and will instill a sense of responsibility among students for themselves and each other. .
  • Notes. Students who have trouble keeping notes while taking notes can use the camera function of their mobile phones to take notes and save them for later study and show them to parents or teachers as well as classmates. Missed some of them. Teachers can also upload photo notes to their peer-to-peer system for missing assignments and allow students to pass missing information during class to absent classmates, as well as allow them to access information. Such if they are absent.
  • Real world gadgets. Cell phones typically function like calculators that most high school math students require. Using the calculator function of their mobile phone can teach students the practical skills of using what they have in hand to calculate math problems in their daily lives.
  • Improving concentration. Students with mobile phones capable of music and headphones can use it during homework or study independently. Many students perceive listening to music as a relaxing learning habit, and learning about study styles shows that some students learn best when listening to music while having work or reading problems. Students who are comfortable while studying are more likely to study longer, more often and produce more positive results than those who do not listen to music.

On the other hand, many people believe that mobile phones will contribute to existing problems in the school, such as cheating, disrespecting teachers and staff, and causing problems for other students. Some even raised the possibility of using mobile phones for illegal activities during school hours.

  • Deception. The use of a mobile phone, regardless of the age of the user or the location where they use the phone, arises responsibly. Some advocates of banning cell phones in schools say that using the camera function of cell phones allows students to cheat the test by taking pictures of the keys, answers, test content or answers on a neighbor’s paper. .
  • Disrespect. Students may use their phones for all kinds of evil in the classroom, including using their recording function to record teachers or other staff during lectures or other conversations without their knowledge of the recording. That no. Students can then use these recordings to take your words out of context and present them in an illusory light.
  • Promoting problems. Students can use mobile phones during class to cause trouble among students and intimidate others. School-related violence and cases of bullying are on the rise, and officials are fully involved in dealing with troubled students and maintaining order in their institutions. Allowing students to use devices such as mobile phones during class hours will make such problems more likely and difficult to control.
  • Illegal activities. Students may use their mobile phones during school hours to engage in illegal activities such as placing or receiving drug trafficking orders, inciting students to fight, take and bet on sporting events or other forms of gambling, or planning events such as bomb threats. And other security breaches.
  • Disruption. Almost all of those who favor banning cell phones from school say that allowing them to use them in class will distract students from their studies. Features such as internet access and video gaming capabilities are most often cited as the biggest distractions. While the Internet may provide legitimate research capabilities, playing video games offers no educational benefits at all.

Today, schools use both policies. Pasco County Wiregrass Ranch High School uses cell phones in many of its classrooms, including English, math, and social studies. Teachers allow students to use their phones to research literature and authors, calculate math problems, and take photos for classroom projects, among other strategies. Students in the district say they feel more respected and trusted than students in the district who do not have such privileges, and recognize that these tools can help them learn more about their world, past and present. In terms of behavioral management, teachers in the classroom have to beat students every day to put their phones away or pay attention during class. Instead, they are incorporating the use of mobile phones into their lesson plans, and students are engaging more and more during class and benefiting. Students can take care of their own business on their mobile phones before and after school, as well as during lunch and during transit, so personal distractions are not really an issue. Administrators acknowledge that some students will violate their rights. Laws like restrictions on use and other disqualifications related to mobile phones are blocking ridiculous offers.

Most schools across the country ban certain types of cell phones in their districts, mostly because of their links to illegal activities and their distractions during class. Raise some safety issues, stating that access to ready-made students’ cell phones while on campus does not make them safer in the event of a violent incident, even if they They can complicate the work of an ambulance in such cases. These schools also say that access to ready-made cell phones during the school day only erupts rumors and worsens the threatening situation among students. As such, many of them apply the “we see it, we take it” principle and inform students as well as parents about the rigors of such a policy.

Some schools have begun easing their mobile phone policies, while others continue to maintain their bans and tighten their rules prohibiting the presence and use of cell phones on campus. Both parties have their own clear reasons for maintaining their course, and only time will tell which theory is more successful in educating students.

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