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Dwarf Cats – The Origin Of The Names Of The Breeds

Dwarf cats have some interesting breed names. Dwarf cats are unusual and popular. People are interested in them. What is unusual and interesting is the names of the various dwarf species, and more importantly, how these interesting names came to be. Here is the story of how they were created.

The story of making a name comes from a breeder and name maker. Sometimes the name is the same Dwarf cats are hybrids themselves.

Zenta: This is a dwarf cat created and named by Shannon Kiley of Pawstruk Catery In 2006, Genettas was registered as an experimental breed with the International Cat Association (TICA).

Shannon coined the name “Genetta” like this breed. “It is modeled on the African gene and is part of the scientific name for a gene called ‘gene’.” So I think it would be very appropriate and unique. ” (Shannon Kiley). African Genes There are looks and habits, but not cats. It has a long body and broad black spots. It is a member of the family Viverridae, which includes mongooses.

To achieve the look, Shannon created the Genetta using varieties such as munchkins, bengals, savannahs, DSH and Oriental Shorthairs.

Skookum: This dwarf cat breed was created Roy Galusha Through the deliberate breeding of Munchkin to LaPerm. When I asked him how he came up with the name for this dwarf cat breed, he gave this complete and interesting answer, which was reproduced here with his permission:

“I can tell you the answer on Skookum since we created this breed.

When this breed was first started (our first random cross) we (not just us, many people in our circle who knew them) jokingly called them LaMerms (take M from Munchkin). And instead of P in LaPerm.) When we seek recognition as a breed, we want to find a good description of the breed and consider the name “Poco Chino” which means short and curved in Spanish. However, someone in the UFO who knew Spanish pointed out that it also means “little Chinese”, so we omitted it. After much talk and inspiration, we decided to name it Native American. My wife is part of the Cherokee, so we researched the Cherokee name. However, the descriptive name does not flow well. Then we decided to go with the local name North West Native American (since we lived in Washington). We looked at some of the names and researched the meaning. The native American word that comes from the Chinook language and is part of the Chinook Trade language is Skookum (called Skoo Kum). The word Skookum means strong or strong. It is also used to indicate good health or good spirits. If someone really likes something, they might call it a real skookum (“boy, that apple pie is skookum”) or if you really like a horse (“that’s a skookum”), so we think That’s the perfect name for some TICA officials who have used the name to oppose accepting it as a breed that claims the word Skookum means scary monster like a big foot. The fact that the Skookum spelling is also used to describe the big foot. The pronunciation is completely different. Below is an explanation from Tony Johnson, Chairman of the Culture Committee for the Chinook Tribe.

According to our conversation this morning, the Chinuk Wawa language has two distinct words due to their stress, which is popularly spelled “skookum”. Something scary or “monster.” “skookum” for your use both is not “devil” and is actually appropriate. Further discussion of the word “skuku’m” does not seem necessary, as it is not the word you are using. As I noted, the word you are using can also be used in context that means ” Be healthy. “In this case, it means (your body) is” strong. “I hope it helps you and I can figure out where this misunderstanding is coming from. Confusion is entirely based on the nature of the problem. People who write the original words and then other people who read them who have never heard the actual pronunciation. In our language, you can not confuse these two words or their meanings. That is not related to it.

hayu masi (Thank you very much) Tony A. Johnson Chairman of Chinook Nation / Chinook Nation Cultural Committee

Someone I believe started all over TICA about Skookum will know the difference because her husband is a leading expert on big legs across the country and I understand that he wrote books and manuscripts. Many on Big Foot to include articles about the use of the word Skookum in Chinook and how it relates to Big Foot. They will know the correct pronunciation for Big Foot as used by the local natives and will know the difference in meaning. However, used it to block the registration process. Skookum is also called the Shirley Temple cat because it is short and curved. That was the marketing strategy when Cat Fancy allowed us to advertise first. We created the slogan as the best description of cats. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. ”

I can not add anything to it! Great answer.

Napoleon: This little dwarf cat was deliberately created by Munchkin’s companion to Persian or exotic shorthair by Joe Smith. Napoleon is currently registered as an experimenter with TICA, but is recognized as a breed with TDCA (Dwarf Cat Association).

I admit that I have not yet received an answer to my question about this name. However, a bit of rational and rational thought leads me to this conclusion. This cat is a short dwarf cat. Napoleon Bonaparte (French general during the French Revolution) was short-lived by modern standards (5 feet 6 inches). Most of the Napoleon I saw was white, and Napoleon Bonaparte riding a white horse (was there a relationship there?) Probably not related there, and the name just originated from this narrow form of dwarf cat. Reflecting the Napolean Bonaparte.

Kinkalow: The kinkalow dwarf was born from the American Curl coexistence to Munchkin. Terri Harris created this breed and talks about the name:

“Kinkalow was decided when I was Kinkos Get some copies. Kinkalow has low ears and legs Kink + low = Kinkalow “. Although Terri does not mention this, a cat is called Kinkajou (Honey Bear or Monkey Cat) and I wonder if the name influenced her decision.

Dwarfs: This is simple! It is a mixture of dwarf cat and elf. As a cross between Muchkin, Sphynx and American Curl. This dwarf cat is short, hairless and has curved ears at the tips.

Munchkin: In 1983, music teacher Sandra Hochenedel Found two cats hiding under the car. She saved them; Both have short and stubborn legs. She called them Munchkins after the little ones in The Wizard of Oz. This is the dwarf cat found.

Bambino: Stephanie and Pat Osborne of Holy Moly cattery Prepared this dwarf cat breed. Because Pat is an Italian extractor, and while cats keep kittens as their lifelong appearance and character, they named it “Bambino”.

Lambkins: The dictionary definition, straightforward, I think provides the answer. Lambkins means “very young lamb.” The Lambkin cat is a new breed of dwarf cat that was born from the cross of Munchkin and Selkirk Rex to produce a curly-haired kitten like a little lamb.

Knook: Knook is an immortal or fairy in his work. L.Frank Baum. Knooks are animal keepers. They have a curved shape. (Source: Wikipedia). I admit that I did research on the name of this dwarf cat breed to no avail.

However, if the knook is a fairy that gives clues. The fairies are delicious and small. The expression is a Kinkalow kitten with LaPerm / Skookam armor, which means that the cat will look beautiful and small ….

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