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Primordial Healing Sounds Heal The Body, Mind And Spirit

You are what you perceive

All the primary vibrations responsible for all aspects of physical and non-physical formation are in the silence of one’s perception, like a tiny seed that contains all the information it needs to form a giant tree. One. This quiet place is not empty or chaotic, but purposeful and active. It is made up of invisible, perfect and flawless designs, translating themselves into building blocks of our physiology. It is here that the frequency of the primary stimulus – the primary sound – becomes the form in which the word ‘flesh becomes flesh’. Since the conversion of sound or vibration into form or matter begins at our level of awareness, we can learn to correct any errors in the body simply by Intention Or desire.

We all eat, digest and become everything we perceive inside and outside of ourselves. We become the thoughts we think, the emotions we create, the knowledge we understand, the sounds we hear, the shapes and colors we see, the air we breathe, as we become the food we eat. Wherever you pay attention, the emotional connection with it absorbs its content and makes it an integral part of your life.

By observing the natural landscape, you create the same healing effect in yourself that it (the landscape) creates for all the surrounding animals. Looking at the sunset or the snow-capped mountains can have a slightly different effect on each of us, but the whole effect is calm and serene. Instead, you can become as cold and hard as a forest of concrete and steel if you live in one or see it often enough. Studies conducted in American hospitals have shown that patients who stay in rooms facing natural landscapes, such as lakes, trees or mountains, recover faster and require less medication than those who face inanimate landscapes of concrete buildings or Can not look out the window at all. .

Vibrations that come from sounds, words, colors, shapes, or forms are waves of various lengths and frequencies. They are the basis for all forms of organic and inorganic life and have a profound effect on our lives. We combine with what we perceive through our intellect or our sense of perception. Waves not only play an important role in the world of physics, they are also the basic energy patterns that shape our thoughts and emotions. They become part of us and form a new set of information in our understanding that in turn can change our destiny on all levels of life, both physical, material and spiritual. Sound waves have the greatest impact on our well-being.

World of Sound

Each sound produces sound waves or disturbances in the air traveling at a speed of about 332 meters per second. Through complex internal processes, we can capture these sound waves through our ears and eventually perceive them in our brain. Our brains are capable of receiving many kinds of sounds that are generated in our environment, and the most interesting thing is that it can make sense of them. It knows how to classify sounds and connect them to our auditory memory. Some sounds are words that we call in language, some are called music, and some sounds are just sounds.

Every sound our brain cells perceive triggers them to produce neurotransmitters that subsequently translate these sounds into specific physiological responses in the body. For this reason, you may feel overwhelmed and happy when you listen to your favorite music, or you may feel nervous and trembling when you hear the sound of a machine or scratching your nails.

Some sounds affect different parts of the body more than others. For example, music stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain and its associated left hemisphere more than it stimulates the left hemisphere and its associated right hemisphere. If sound is part of the music, then the whole body is stimulated. Every cell in the body can ‘hear’ these sounds because they have the same receptors for the same neuropeptides that the brain produces when it receives sound. This also means that the cells in our body have the same ability to produce chemicals as the brain, and they use them to communicate with each other through sound.

For example, our skin is a worthy receiver for music. If sound waves reach and touch the skin as they do when you listen to music, the skin cells respond with secretions of ‘happy hormones’ and other chemicals that boost immunity and full-bodied, giving the body a mental-physiological fit. Your science type. The amazing ability of skin cells can be rooted in the fact that they are identical to brain cells except they die after a month, while brain cells can live for up to a hundred years or more. More than that. Some people report arousal that runs through their skin while listening to music. On the other hand, noise can make your skin tremble and your hair stand on end. In that case, your skin cells produce stress hormones.

There is enough evidence now that all 60-100 trillion cells in the body listen and respond to all the sounds we perceive (including the fetal cells stored in the mother’s womb). Harmonious and harmonious sounds make you feel healthy and vibrant. For this reason, music has played an important role in all cultures of the world at all times. Each culture has developed its own specific genre of music to meet the specific needs of different geographical and climatic conditions in each region.

Music is not just a basic need of all cultures, but also a physiology. In the field of health, music has been found to reduce postoperative recovery time and strengthen patients’ ability to fight infections. Patients were found to need less medication for pain, less tranquility, and drowsiness when they listened to their favorite music. A large number of American hospitals are using music for medical reasons. There is music that can reduce appetite, lower blood pressure or improve sleep.

Of course, not all music triggers a therapeutic response. There is a frequency of music for everything that is even causing illness. If you listen to rock music regularly, your lymphocytes start to decrease in number, making you more susceptible to infection. Low volume can make you feel sad and depressed. For this reason, funeral music uses a low pitch. On the other hand, loud noises can make you feel happy and excited.

Again, like any other external influence, the response varies according to body type. If you are Vata Out of balance (patience, anxiety), then low-level music can benefit you more than fast-paced music, as it reduces hyperactivity and anxiety. Drowsiness Kapa On the other hand, the type can be done with a high-pitched, lively sound to keep the blood circulation and metabolism functioning. A fast heartbeat is likely to increase your heart rate, and irregular heartbeats can cause irregular heartbeats and even lead to heart attacks. cardiac arrhythmia As seen in the case of some pop singers.

Body – Symphony Orchestra

Medical research has shown that every organ in the body produces a specific sound that can be amplified by advanced measuring instruments. The liver, for example, makes a certain sound when it is healthy. If the liver is diseased, it will make a wrong sound. If you play the recorded healthy voice back to the liver, it may be healthy again. Liver sounds are different from sounds made by the heart, pancreas, lungs, or other parts of the body.

Different types of cells all make their own characteristic sounds. Their specific electrical transmissions differ from each other with the frequency at which they are produced.

In the case of infants, the measurable frequency ranges from 1,520,000 to 9,460,000 Hz (cycles per second). The lower end of this relatively high human frequency dominates the radio frequency range of AM radio broadcasts ranging from 540,000 to 1,600,000 Hz. FM is 88,000,000 to 108,000,000 Hz out of the human range, which means we can not hear these sounds, at least unknowingly.

All in all, a healthy body ‘sounds’ like a huge symphony orchestra with millions of different instruments. The whole disease process begins with the distortion of these sounds and can lead to almost complete loss of coherence, as in the case of cancer or AIDS. Can you imagine a symphony orchestra with millions of instruments playing? All that is needed is a few master musicians and a leader who can lead and coordinate all the other musicians.

Name and contact form

There are many ‘master voices’ that control the vital functions of organs and systems in the body, some control the tissues and some are responsible for the body’s energy centers. These sounds are identical to the basic vibrational frequencies that different parts of the body produce when they are in perfect balance. Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, is an ancient science that knows the healing value of such primary sounds.

Brain research has shown that the thinking of objects such as apples or elephants, and seeing them, produces the same chemical changes and brain wave patterns. On the other hand, whether you think of an elephant or actually see an elephant, there is no difference with the corresponding biochemical changes in your body. All material objects are based on non-material vibration, i.e. sound. And in fact the two types are inseparable. In the not-too-distant future, we will be able to use intimate relationships of names (or sounds) and create and create objects of our own, such as apples, elephants, or even diamonds, if necessary. Today’s miracle will come true tomorrow.

The situation is similar to Primordial Sounds. By using these sounds, you can restore the original form and function of tissues, organs and systems. Regular use of voices can promote healing deep in the body, mind and spirit because they are projected from our own pure or higher self-awareness. Sound becomes a channel or beam of energy from ourselves higher and is used to perform tasks and receive Their responsibility. Their regular use not only stimulates a specific therapeutic response, but it also stabilizes pure awareness and makes it more relevant in everyday life.

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