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Top 10 GSM Phones that "Really" Matter

It started small, but today mobile phones are gaining traction with almost everyone in our society. With thousands of models to choose from and hundreds of combinations of different features and prices, it can be really hard to spend the “right” money on buying a new phone. In this article I will review the top 10 phones based on my experience, surveys and ratings around the world.

# 10: Nokia 6310i: Going back to the days when people used to buy phones to use them as phones. And today many of us rely on the solid performance of mobile phones. And that is why Nokia is still making this 4 year old gem. It looks and feels like an 80s muscle car. It comes with Bluetooth input, IrDA, GPRS, 500 (x3 numbers) time profile, 150 SMS Storage and more. But what makes it a must-have is the powerful Tri Band antenna, which gives you the best signal reception that can be found even in the latest phones and the slimmest Li-Ion 1050mAh battery. Has a great record-breaking 17-day waiting period. This phone is meant for professionals who are looking for phone-related features and keep in touch with everyone, no matter what country or planet they travel to. This phone is rare and unusual, but is widely sold abroad. The price seems a bit high for a black and white screen phone, but in terms of its reception and incoming calls, the price is still reasonable. You really can not play games, use multimedia, watch videos or control your microwave with it – you do what you should do with the right phone: talk without worries.

# 09: Nokia 6101: Nokia 6101 creates a mysterious feeling in people. It is a mid-range phone with great features and attractive design that can be considered as the most charming phone ever by Nokia. This affordable phone offers all the basic functions of a color phone with the touch of a beautiful VGA camera and executive appearance. This phone has Nokia’s famous standard for good battery life, good reception and excellent build quality. It also features EDGE, GPRS, multi-function ringtones, short video recording, IrDA and more. The lack of Bluetooth is surprising for this phone. Of course, this phone has an official look and a new and beautiful design that is rarely seen in today’s phones and can be more attractive for those who want a phone that is made clean with a few extra functions.

# 08: Motorola MPx220: Can be considered as the best looking Windows Mobile OS running charm-shell. Equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera, micro SD card support, GPRS, Bluetooth, IrDA USB and a 65k color screen – this phone can be considered as a phone that is rich in the best functions and looks beautiful. The phone also has MS Pocket Outlook, Windows Media Player, Internet, E-Mail and 25 MB of built-in memory. The phone also has good battery life and reception quality. The quad-band world phone, priced at around $ 300, is the perfect tool for the fashion-conscious businessman.

# 07: Nokia N70: The best combination of Symbian and Multimedia phones ever. The N70 is one of the top features and also has an attractive appearance. With a 2MP camera, excellent screen, excellent MP3 support, this is arguably the best multimedia phone available from Nokia. However, its high price tag does not equal the performance of the phone, as even it is filled with features that it does not have the best in class. The larger N70, for example, really does not boast of a 2MP camera, it does not have the best sound quality for MP3 playback and sometimes interferes with some of the old unresolved bugs of the firmware. Since Nokia is charging a lot for phones, they should make it more perfect to show the accuracy of the phone. Still, in terms of overall quality, this should be the most feature-packed Nokia phone ever made.

# 06: Samsung X150: If a few phone calls are all necessary and you have a tight budget, then this is what is needed. Arguably the best value phone available on the market today. Teams looking for a basic phone with simple functions and trying to avoid low build quality should look for this model. Priced at around $ 80- $ 90, the Samsung X150 is a decent entry-level phone. The received signal strength and sound quality are average, the vibration is good enough if stored in a pocket and it promotes complex appearance. The phone has a beautiful color screen, monophonic ringtones, SMS, calendar, memos, voice assistants, calculators and a simple but beautiful design. It’s a quality phone and it does not look cheap. People really can not ask for more at this price.

# 05: Sony Ericsson K700: This phone is the best value for its price. The phone has the best VGA camera and top-notch screen. It also has flash, 42MB internal memory, MP3 support, GPRS, Bluetooth, IrDA, Email, tone composer, 40 channels polyphonic ringtones, extra skin support and a nice designer look. It’s a compact phone with good functionality.

# 04: Nokia 8910 / 8910i: There are some things in this world that define their respective classes. The rugged titanium made from the Nokia 8910 / 8910i is a legendary phone. Undoubtedly, the best looking phone ever designed – is a sign of elegance and pure passion. Phones are still rare in our crowd who take pride in holding this phone. But appearance is not all that matters – even in the quality of reception and in the call process, it equips itself with the best in class. This phone uses the same reception function as found in the Nokia 6310i. Multimedia game cameras – these are not included to make this phone exclusive for those with choice and attitude – who want to stand out in the crowd and carry a device that sets the top level in the rankings.

# 03: Motorola RAZR V3: Less Features, More Performance and Design – Slim is really in fashion: The world’s most popular phone, the “Moto RAZR”, has entered the market with a sleek design. And unprecedented thinness. Do not be fooled by the appearance of the best-received GSM phone in the world. With its excellent quad-band power antenna and excellent call quality, it easily ranks among the top of the list. It is also equipped with a good looking screen that you can hardly see in a phone in this range. However, the quality is not good under direct sunlight. Limited editions of these phones (which are no longer limited) also have video recording functionality. The recent drop in price to less than $ 200 of this phone makes it a must have. I personally tested the phone in one of the worst reception areas, and where all the other phones failed, it kept the signal good enough. But the limited memory size as well as the extreme popularity make this phone a number one stop. The RAZR lacks features but has good call quality. Phones can be great for a limited budget style for young and old alike who are less interested in extras and more on design and performance. Although the phone is not easy to use, but do not confuse it with its durability due to its thinness, but the beauty does not go deep into the skin: the aircraft-grade aluminum body is a strong muscular metal that protects the phone well as well. Add. A special feeling on the skin when holding it.

# 02: Sony Ericsson K750i: You just can not beat Sony Ericsson in price comparison. Arguably the best camera phone in the world (until the K800 came out). Its 2-megapixel camera surpasses the quality of other camera phones with autofocus, good lens and flash. The sound quality of the phone’s MP3 player is no less, if not better than any MP3 player, and comparable to the quality of the iPod. If you want more music functionality, you just got the W800i (with better battery life for playback, 512MB card and higher quality headphones). It comes with 38MB of internal memory and support for a 2GB memory card (64MB provided for the k750i), the K750i is unbeatable. It even has an FM radio with RDS detector. The K750i also has a better screen than any other phone on the market and a solid build quality. The phone has a quick response, good call quality and reasonable price. Only its perspective (though not bad) does not make it look like a phone of this high class and that is why it can not be the number one phone on the list. Users looking for a good MP3 camcorder should definitely go for this remarkable phone. The phone is also compatible with the W800i and D750i.

# 01: Sony Ericsson P990: Top of all phones, both in terms of killer looks and wide application. This is the best smartphone ever to enter the GSM market. It’s large, but its heavy functionality seems to speak of its quality and ingenuity. Equipped with a high-quality touch screen, state-of-the-art wireless LAN (with VoIP support) as well as support for all standard smartphones and a stunning 2MP camera, this phone was created with the sole purpose in mind. – To be the pinnacle of everything. Other. The tri-band phone has 80MB of internal storage with 4GB of memory card and standard office software, as well as support for downloading and installing tens of thousands of Symbian apps, MP3 / video players, FM radio, email, Opera 8 browser. Handwriting recognition and 3G UMTS support. The P990 is perfect, but not overpriced. This phone is designed for industry-leading professionals who need the best equipment and communication capabilities, regardless of price.

Hopefully this review will help you get your next cell phone and happy shopping!

(By M Saquib Hussain)

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