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Running a Dog Daycare Business

It was a sweet spring morning and you got up with a spoon with a family dog. She slept soundly in her dog dream. It seems unfair to wake her up so you can get up but wake her up. She exposed and smiled. You complain: “What a beautiful girl?

You take a deep breath, stand up and start your day thinking that the best is probably behind you. Your job is to pay the bill, and that’s about it. You’ve been at it for years and you’re bored. The boss knows less than you and gets paid twice as much. Your co-workers smile friendly and kick you in the back for minimal profit. You always carry out unreasonable orders and half the time your work is completed by vague management. At best you are ignored. “If I could feed an animal surrounded by dogs,” you complain.

Five years later, on a cold January morning, you wake up just before dawn on the phone. You can not see outside, but there is wind blowing through the windows. Your two labs surround you, occupying most of the beds, and you have to push them aside to access the phone. Even if you wake up, you know that calling at this time is not good news. Last night, you stayed at your dog kennel and your dog raising business long after closing to get rid of the clutter that someone made from cash registers. You’re tired and anxious because in the end the tape still shows $ 100 more than you find in the directory. Your staff is honest, so it may be overkill, but you still need to get it straight.

“Sorry to wake you up” Jake, your day care manager. He sounds like someone took Sander to his vocal cords.

“You are sick,” you murmur with a lack of concern.

“Yes.” Jake’s response was all but lost by coughing.

“Okay, I’ll go in. Feels better” It’s not much, but you can collect. You make mental notes to call Jake later to see how he is doing.

The night clock says you have 20 minutes to take a shower and get to work on time to open at 6:30. You bring clean jeans and a T-shirt to the bathroom. Looking out the window, you see your car covered in ice, glistening in the streetlights. So you rush out in your pj to start the engine and defroster. Then you cool to the bone, so a hot bath is God-given. There is no time to be silent; You need to hurry back outside to remove the melted ice from the windshield.

You enter the store parking lot at 6:40 and of course two customers are waiting in their car As their dogs slid their feet up the window, they eagerly awaited another day of play. The shopkeeper apologizes profusely. The customer hands you the dog with the leash and hurries back to the car. They are also late for work. You determine the habit of filling the bin with water and disinfectant quarterly. No matter how often a dog goes out, mistakes in the house are inevitable.

The shop is too hot because someone plugged in the heater. A month ago, employees overcame you to trust them to use heat responsibly, saying it was too cold in the morning. So you removed the thermostat lock cover. As you reschedule, your already dark feelings get worse when you think about wasting money carelessly. Thankfully, the store has gas heating rather than gas.

Clients arrive mostly in groups, so some wait patiently while others chat. It is important to connect with them, especially when you are the owner, so you try to register what people tell you while noticing that the pet dog and its owner are waiting at the other end of the spectrum. Building. You want coffee.

Between groups of arrivals you check the fence that surrounds the outside area and see that it is a ski area. Safety is a top priority for dogs; If the puppy pulls the word, the strings will come out. At 8:00 a.m., your day caregiver arrives, explaining that she was late because her car did not start and she was worried that history would happen again when she tried to get home later. You interrupt her grief by asking her to leave her coat and start cutting ice in the outdoor pot area. When she sees that you are making coffee, she decides to wait so she can fill her travel cup. You wonder if it’s absurd to yell at her to move. Best to hold your tongue. But one customer or another has to ask you to take their dog outside immediately because they have no time and the puppy Just had her breakfast.

The new arrivals are tied up until 9 a.m. to protect the gang at the door when more friends are playing. If owners do not give their puppies enough time, the latter will urinate and defecate during confinement. The land itself. That means an extra bath that does not satisfy the young man. She has a busy schedule (thank you!) And is annoying for non-paying customers.

Of course, the owner of the Golden Retriever asked to take her dog outside immediately, so you sent her out to keep the icebreaker company. The latter is on her cell phone trying to get her boyfriend to check her car at lunch so minimal squeezing is achieved. And gold is too scared for her slippery feet to do business. Customers are waiting so you rush in. “You need more help,” one suggests. “Yes, do you want to pay?” You think. Already rented and payroll absorbs 60% of your income. The groom arrives and you ask her to help you with the search. She does not like it, you know, but she speaks with a good character. You want to kiss her.

Miraculously, the flowerpot area was almost clear by 9am, so you and the day caregiver let the dogs out one at a time. There are three separate play areas in the building for small, medium and large dogs, respectively. They are separated by a half-height wall, unlike other dog kennels that keep different play groups in separate rooms. Both work arrangements depend on operating procedures and staff, but you prefer an open organization. The walls are high enough so dogs can not jump over them while allowing for a wide view. For safety, the groups never get together and each dog enjoys hanging out with matching friends.

The first “out” regularly indicates distraction and chaos; Morning energy drives the chaos as you try to short-circuit by bringing the dog outside as quickly and efficiently as possible. Over the years, you have researched this problem and tried many methods, but nothing can control it. At one point you tried to release two dogs at the same time, but it caused a lot of protests from those waiting for their turn as the process dragged on. You have three groups of 8-10 dogs and your goal is to get through the first “exit” as quickly as possible while staying outside with each group long enough for the business to achieve.

Once all the dogs have recovered from the outside, you determine your daily routine: monitoring and playing with puppies. You toss a toy bucket on the floor and place a bucket of clean water in each play area. Documentation is waiting, but when you have a short staff, clerical work may not be a priority. Dogs run, play games, draw and compete to win people’s hearts. By now, every day you remember why you got into this business. Of course, cleaning the feces in the house is not fun, and some dogs need to keep a close eye on them, lest they increase their fun and excitement into aggression. Water bottles are scattered on top of the walls to prevent nasty confrontation. You and your staff are trained to recognize the first signs of aggression, so usually no problem. If there is it mostly due to morning energy and you know how to use your body to keep the dogs away from each other then grab the collar and put the offender on for a short time. However, a lot of time spent with dogs proves effective in relieving stress.

You stay on your feet most of the day, walking around the playground behind your day caregiver. Fifteen minutes every hour is spent outside; The rest of the time you are busy answering the phone, rinsing and refilling the water, hugging the dog, cleaning up after the accident and cleaning up. “Exit” and play leave half-height floors and walls covered in mud and dusty air, regardless of your expensive air filter system. Respiratory diseases are common among dog care workers and caregivers.

Around noon, you feed the dog the owner requested it, then sit down for your lunch, putting the microwave from your stock in the fridge. Dogs recognize employees as their alpha, so they follow suit to open a box or chair for a while. It was a sweet time. The buzzing sound is relieved and you can hear the music that accompanies the play throughout the day. You chat with the young man and the day caretaker and wait for the afternoon waiter to arrive. Since Jake left, you will work twelve hours today, while you usually come now. After many long days, you feel like you got your 6 hour day, you are not satisfied with the added change.

While the store is quiet, you leave your newly arrived afternoon caregiver to watch the dogs while you deal with the most urgent clerks. You need to check the bank balance and pay some bills. The schedule must be amended to include updates that customers bring this morning. Advance ticket discounts must be updated daily and emails from customers must be checked a few times a day. Soon the dogs start to bark, so you leave the work done and start circling the play area again.

The afternoon passed like the morning, except the dogs were less arrogant. Forget the puppies. Their power seems limitless. Owners tell you that their dog runs away before leaving the parking lot at night, telling you that you have done your job. You promised each newcomer that they would take a tired dog in the evening. Afternoon staff do a thorough cleaning from 4pm, thus closing the venue ready for the next morning. You try not to be afraid of laundry that does not make it into the dryer before closing or windows that are still stained with saliva Dogs. “Think long,” you tell yourself. In general, your employees are good at their job.

By 6:30 pm you are tired of thinking, but you still have to summarize the receipts and prove the correctness of the bank deposit and register the newspaper. Somehow you get through it, soothed by your dog’s soft snoring; They settle on the bed next to your desk after a busy day. Tonight, everything is easy, so you go home at 7pm. When you lock in, you think to yourself, “A long day, but it certainly wins over other jobs I have.”

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