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Metal Gear Solid 4 Review – Stealth Action Suffers Due to Ridiculously Overdone Story

Hard metal 4

Score: 6.0

System: PS3

Genre: Action, Stealth

Publisher: Konami

Developer: Kojima Productions

Release Date: 6/12/08

Duration: 25 hours.

Difficulty: 5


Innovative and unique parts, including stealth, rail shooting and manual combat

– Outstanding graphics, sound and production value

All movies and codecs can be skipped.


Almost half of the discs (can no longer be called games) involve sitting and watching movies and codec conversations.

Repeating the game is not difficult.

– Minutes installation section explodes throughout the game

Before I start, I understand that it is necessary to say that I like stealth games. It is very satisfying to sneak behind a huge force and drop them apart while the rest of the company is forgotten about your existence. I really liked the first Metal Gear Solid, which was the main title on the PS1. The Splinter Cell series explains the stealth series in its own perspective, and is probably the most direct comparison to the Meta Gear Solid series. Well, let’s take a look at the reviews.

The Patriots is a theory of conspiracy, the wet dreams of vain people for groups that control private armies waging war in support of corporations building weapons. Liquid is trying to destroy patriots to create chaos around the world. Premature aging makes the snake hard at times as he hunts and tries to stop his anemia for the last time.

The real million dollar question is whether there is gaming on disk? About half of the 25 hours of the game is spent watching movies and listening to codecs. John Carmack, the main programmer for many popular id games, summed it up best when he said, “The story in the game is like the story in a porn movie. It is expected to be in There, but it does not matter. ” If games are intended to involve interactions with controllers, why do not we allow them to be used for such protracted parts? The answer? Hideo Kojima really likes movies. He should make them for Hollywood to be seen in cinemas rather than working on interactive media.

His story is just too personal and detailed. He wastes time discussing human relationships, who to marry, and how they dealt with cancer. You start to wonder if you are watching “The Young and the Restless” or playing a game. There are lots of details and conversations to explain the plot that are not really complicated. While the story is interesting, funny and tries to draw your attention, it is just too self-relevant. Overcome yourself, Kojima!

His work will serve the film audience better. Unfortunately, he found a way to control the gamer-sized section to buy his series of games just by sitting on their backs and watching movies. The CIA and FBI should really look into how he can achieve that. I think the irony is that his conspiracy theories are true. He is gradually taking control of everyone through the bad messages in his movies. We need someone to take him down!

Lots of movie parts like watching the end of a football game. “Wait another 2 minutes, I take out the trash and friend!” Slowly and inevitably turn into 30 minutes 1 hour. One character actually asks you to put the controller down while he speaks. They have the courage to show that they know they are not making the game anymore. Why do people live with this bracket?!? In exchange for copying the pre-release review to a larger site, even Konami acknowledged the length of the problematic scenes, requiring a preview, not to mention these issues.

Thankfully you can skip all the movie parts and cut straight to the action. You will miss the story, but after watching all the movies I can not recommend it to those who value their time. The only acclaimed film is at the end of the five major stages.

What about the little activities left for gamers? The practical part involved in the game is not half as bad. Surprisingly, there is a lot of variety, with stealth parts, rail shooting, and updated manual combat. There are good weapons to customize and trade. The OctoCamo and Metal Gear MKII drones provide an alternative way to get through some tedious stealth.

The main problem is that there are not enough games and it is not different from the previous games in the series. You can play first person shooter games, but there are too many of them. The stealth aspect to the game has not changed much since the first MGS. Manual combat is new, but not very different from many other existing games. Even if you skip the movie, you get the sub-game.

The last item in the series also introduces mental and stress metrics. I applaud the innovation, but I just do not fully understand these features. Stress gauges seem to increase when you do not have good concealer or are in combat. Snakes are supposed to have more errors with high pressure gauges, but I have never seen a difference No. The lowest mental level is supposed to be a problem, but it never affects the gameplay. Perhaps these meters are needed on a higher difficulty. I was able to get through the game without having to pay for them, taking advantage of the AI ​​and simple gameplay.

Solid Snake needs more movement to deal with such advanced enemies. As noted, the most comparable game to Metal Gear is Splinter Cell. Each new addition to the Splinter Cell series adds a new animation to Sam’s set. He can climb on poles that hang down and break the necks of enemies. He can hang two curtains under the enemy and pull him down to death. He swam under the water, cut through the ice, and pulled the enemy down. He blew the whistle to attract the attention of the guards, then sent the guards one by one. What happens when Sam sees an enemy shadow in the tent? He cut a hole with his knife, snuck up behind him and took him down.

Snake may be an old dog, but he has learned some new tricks for his last bow. He has some new quarterback fights to throw, kill and beat the guards. Snakes can also take a guard hostage and search for his belongings (no anal probe). There are many types of weapons available along with many ways to customize. It’s just wondering why more has not been implemented over the past decade.

While these new changes are appreciated, gamers expect more progress in a decade per series. Why can’t Snake use his environment better? Why are we not interested in a wide range of ways to send enemies? Why are there no more than 4-5 types of base enemies (excluding bosses)? Why is Kojima not doing this? He spends all his time on his irrational film and the plot is The answer. This is a game. Add a new way to communicate rather than watch everything that happens during the movie. I wanted to do some great activities during those cuts. The more activities I see that I can not touch, the more I stress.

The game is set on five main stages. The film begins with you in a war zone torn apart by battles in the Middle East. You are in the middle of a large battle zone where many forces are fighting each other. If you are patient, you can take advantage of each party’s weaknesses. This setting is refreshing compared to the typical single soldier Solid Snake against the guards and vision cones that this series is known for. The combat environment is not unique since it has been replicated many times since mid-life.

Phase 2 is set in the typical South American jungle that we have all seen countless. We got it. Producers love the Rambo 2. Go through hiding in the woods. The middle and back part of the game provides some in-game fun. Different parts of the game make it clear that Kojima and his team are very talented. If they only paid for it to fill the game with more gaming parts than movie worlds, the world would be a better place.

No action game will be complete without a fight with the boss. Snakes will defeat many bosses that are unique, diverse and in a cool environment. None of them will challenge you much. The main problem is that you will spend a good amount of time arranging your inventory and weapons in the middle of the battle rather than the actual battle. It really fits the theme of the game. The game wants to take you out of any interaction as much as possible. Even the actual interactive part involves many non-interactive parts.

Of course this is a PS3, so you have to endure the installation for several minutes before the game can run. But wait and see. Act now and we will add the installation section several minutes before each step. Unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee on this one. It all came to a slow conclusion and hopefully more slaps. The game ends with a ninety-minute movie to complete the series. OK, you like your characters and your story. We got it.

Not that I do not like interesting things. I just think it can be executed better with voice acting that allows simultaneous gaming, like in Bioshock or Splinter Cell. Games should try to incorporate as many interactions as possible. Just take us out of the game for a few minutes and make it worthwhile. I am not against a game that includes an exciting movie after all levels to “reward” you For going through stressful and difficult parts. If the best movie at the end of each key level is the only non-game part in the game, the final product will be better.

The graphics during games and movies are beautiful. The only problem is the overuse of browns and grays. I know Solid Snake is now gray, but does the world need it too?

The music moves both during the sequence strongly and energetically during the sequel. Things that should grow, go strong boom with a pleasing bass. Surround sound is well executed to wrap you up in a hot battle zone and a tight, cautious stealth section. Realistic bullets remind me of the beginnings of Saving Private Ryan. Yes, they are great.

It is clear that the big websites praise Metal Gear Solid and other exaggerated games because their ratings are bought by the publisher’s huge advertising budget. “Give us an excellent score rating or we will remove our ads!” We know we are not alone in acknowledging these issues. Well, PoweredUpGamers is not a biased site. Our ratings may differ from other sites, but we do not run from their positive thinking scale, which rarely falls below 7. If we do not like the game, it scores low, albeit exaggerated.

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