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Carnival Elation Cruise Review

The Elation is a ship built in 1998 for Carnival Cruise Lines. It was the first ship to have an Azipod propulsion system. Everything you read about the Elation will include a little ambiguity about the azipod system. You may be wondering what I’m going to tell you. It’s like having a font wheel drive on your car. Instead of a power source pushing the ship, it pulls it instead. This makes training the ship easier so you can be confident that there will be no registration or overboard on board your ship. It also reduces those vibrations that cause motion sickness in people like me.

Enough about mechanics because Carnival is fun, right? Yes, sir. Carnival Elation has three swimming pools. Water slide 214 feet! This is a place for music and pool games. Expect it to be busy the first few days. My favorite pool is the pool behind the ship on the verandah because it takes new passengers about 3 days to find it so for the first few days of your boat it is not crowded. The last pool is the children’s pool on the deck at the back of the ship (rear). The pool is like swimming in a toilet with all the babies in their diapers unauthorized.

If gambling is your thing then head down to Casablanca Casino. There are more than 200 slot machines to choose from, including several large cash machines that are integrated with other Carnival ships throughout the fleet. The biggest jackpot I have seen is over $ 1 million won on the obsolete Carnival Jubilee. I’m stuck next to the slot, I think it’s the fastest way to lose my allotted gaming cash, then I can move on with the rest of the journey. If you are a more sophisticated gamer than I am, there are also blackjack roulette and Caribbean stunt cards to play.

Free drinks on board – impossible, you say? Not so. You can join a wine tasting or, like us, go to an art review an hour before the famous art auction they receive Free wine and cheese. If you have ridden more than one boat with the same line, you may have attended a guest party in the past. Do not dismiss this as a waste of time if you like to drink – drinks are free and plentiful and all you have to do is watch the short spiel that the boat plays in the back for giving you a great vacation. There is usually an evening where free wine is available for tasting at the mall.

If you wish to be healthy, you can take a walk on the runway on the Elation’s Sun or go to the gym on the sports boat. Carnival Elation has half a basketball court for your entertainment and they supply basketball to play with. Elation has a full on-board spa service. I admit I have never been to a spa, but I know they offer foot massages for about $ 20 and everything up to a couple massage for $ 220. Sounds steep, but just imagine how relieved it will be when there is a message and after you do not have to massage someone else!

For children there is Camp Carnival. Our son went to Camp Carnival on many excursions and loved it all the time. Children are divided into age groups and have activities planned for those ages. I recommend that your children go the first night you can register them for camp. There is little mutual guidance and socialization. It does not mean that they have to go again and there is no extra charge, although we always recommend staff because they can break your child’s cruise experience. Our son went to an activity called Swimming under the Stars where the pool was at night except for the kids in the program and so they had their own pool and slides. You just abandon your child for whatever activity they enjoy. For small children, you will be supplied with a pager so staff can contact you in case your child wants to leave. Their activities take place in a children’s world of 2,500 square feet filled with computers, toys and games. Activities for older children take place in different areas of the ship, for example, making pizza at Tiffany’s. Last night there will be a farewell party for the children. Get there on time or you can not enter. All children receive a gift to share at the party, a backpack or a CD case.

For my favorite part of the art of nutrition, there are many options. The two formal dining rooms at Carnival Elation are inspired and imaginative, named after the siblings in the fleet. You will be limited to one of these with a specific meal time. I always check the menu in the morning so I can decide if I want to show up at my set time or eat somewhere else in my spare time. Another place to dine on Elation is Tiffany’s, a buffet restaurant that changes dishes daily and differs from lunch over dinner or Lido rooftop snacks with fries and burgers for lunch. Tiffany’s lunch menu is called country flavors, one day a Mexican meal with salsa and chips and the other an American BBQ with fried chicken and potato salad. There are also Indians and Italians I can remember. On the right hand side of Tiffany’s you will find Carnival’s famous pizza that is constantly refreshed. You can order the whole pizza and choose a fresh slice of pizza from the oven. At the same location, deli sandwiches are made. This is a great place to have an early breakfast on the go because your passengers will not know about it yet, so there will be no queuing for you.

Sushi is served on the carpet every evening. There are no raw fish (sashimi) per week that we sail, but there is a wide variety of fresh sushi to choose from. Of course, wasabi and pickled ginger and soy sauce are also available. Also, there is never a sushi line that I assume, because no one seems to know that this is also included in your travel expenses. Needless to say, we go there every evening. Tortillas and salsa chips were served on the Promenade on a Mexican day in the evening while a mariachi band played for us.

Room service Room service Do I love you let me count the way. Room service is free, but tips are in order. Pretzels or chips can come with any sandwich – a delicious night snack. Room service is always fast and accurate. You can also order “Crudites” cookies, fruits and salads. At your service 24 hours a day.

If you need to stay connected, the online store offers internet access at 75 cents per minute and various packages up to 250 cents for 40 cents per minute. You can pick up your own laptop and use it in a cafe, but not in your cabin on the Elation. You pay for the use, whether they are their users or yours. Not sure if it makes sense to put it around.

Speaking of cabins, we have 6C sea view cabins. We had three people in the cabin and we were comfortable. The ship has only 26 demi sets (type 11) and 28 sets (type 12). It really does not matter to me which floor, because there is an elevator to take you up and down.

The Virtual World video game is located next to the Mikado lounge, the perfect place to let your teens hang out while you catch a Las Vegas-style show in the living room. There are regular driving games and shooting games. Video games take on tokens that are immediately purchased inside the arcade. You can use your sign and sail card to buy tokens. At some point during your cruise there will be video games for kids, in which case the games are free. It is part of the Camp Carnival program.

The Mikado lounge is where all the shows are a surprise. There are comedy shows, magicians, circus performers, dance shows, G. There is also a music program. The week I was on the boat, a special guest announced at the end of a concert. After several sermons, Stevie Wonder was brought on stage. People ran out of the theater to bring their friends and family to see Stevie Wonder. There are shouts that I think only the Beatles can download. As a pale face from Canada, I’m not too sure about Mr Wonder’s appearance, but I’m thinking about which cabin Stevie Wonder stays in on the Carnival Elation. Do not confuse that Carnival Elation is a good ship, but there is someone of this ability on my ship, how can it be? The fire was extinguished, I could hardly see. As I stepped forward to see our famous companion, I descended the stairs. I have fallen head over heels on flights several times. No one diverted or helped me get excited, they wanted to see this celebrity. In the end, “Stevie” took off his wig so it could show that he was just a celebrity impostor. Everyone moaned that they knew everything and never cheated. The next day I looked like I was running with UFC star Tito Ortiz.

The Mark Twain Library is a slightly different name. There does not seem to be an easy way to buy any book, so bring your own. It is clean and usually quiet.

Romeo and Juliet lounge is a luxurious style room used for one night private parties and for various karaoke parties. Salsa dancing is a popular evening activity here.

The Cole Porter lobby features folk and country music playing and dancing. I just crossed here on my way to the ocean facing the massage chair. Duke’s is a piano bar named after the talented Duke Ellington. It is an attractive entrance jazz club modeled on the Triumphal Arch from Washington Square Park. This is a great place for a photo shoot around the white baby grand piano. We have seen wedding receptions being held here. The Jekyll and Hyde discos are the venue for parties. The monitor shows your fellow dancers in an interesting rhythm. Giant Jekyll and Hyde head move to the music, too – a little scary but cool after you’ve had a few drinks.

Carnival Elation is a beautiful ship. There is some mute by festival standards. Its decoration is made of copper and cast wood. If you are hesitant to try Carnival Cruise Lines, then this is the ship to be tested first. This service is not secondary. The cost of a Carnival cruise is always reasonable, but with about eight months in advance we get a better deal, some would call it a cheap cruise. Do not be intimidated by Carnival’s old reputation for being a party ship. They are The Fun Ships after all. There is definitely a party if you want, but there are dozens of places to read or sit quietly on the Carnival Elation. There is nothing quieter than sitting on a chair on a teal floor at Carnival Elation, gazing at the slow-moving sea. That. Whatever your idea of ​​fun is, they offer it. Believe them when they say Carnival is fun.

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