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Music Marketing – The Essentials of an Effective Music Press Kit

As an independent musician struggling in a market that is more competitive than most people should leave Not to mention you have to stand out from the crowd. There are many ways to do this. There is music promotion, radio broadcasting, extensive tourism presence and music market and great music promotion. You need to get your message there – period.

Getting your music marketing message is one thing, but getting the right message out there is another. Your career image as an independent artist is crucial to rising above the sea of ​​competition. Most independent bands and freelance artists have the type of percussion instrument or music promoter that they use for promotional purposes. Musicians will generally use traditional print media, digital media (DPK) or online EPK (electronic packets). But how professional and credible are they?

Frequently asked questions I get all the time from my freelance artists and musicians What kind of media should we put on? What kind of music instrument works best and is most interesting and effective? The answer to that question depends on a number of factors.

What I want to say is that I recommend building and maintaining two types of keyboards: printers or music keyboards. Digital and electronic presses. The reason for this is simple. Media outlets, logos, venues, music management companies, etc. Prefer a printer or digital press with your full-blown CD so it can also be listened to on high-performance stereos to get the most out of your music and its production. Quality. Others do not want their office to be cluttered with media devices, and their preferred method is simply to check your music online.

For reasons just noted, we recommend that you make a printer or digital press and have one available online as well. There really is nothing to create an EPK online, so why not have it, there are some good EPK services out there and they only cost a few dollars a month. But I am emphasizing the fact that EPK (online electronic media) is not enough. You still need to have a traditional printer or digital typewriter in your promotional music repository.

It’s worth noting that your music media tool is probably your most valuable media tool and it needs to be taken seriously. Aside from your CDs and live performances, it is usually your first impression as an artist that labels Sign places and other music media will receive. There are many graphic arts companies that specialize in designing media tools that you might want to consider if your budget allows. If not for a few dollars, a little creativity and time and effort, you can do it yourself. Here are the basic elements of a print press kit and electronic press kit, and the professional means to do about it.

In your traditional music printer version, the item to include is a professionally designed cover with your logo or photo, band letter or artist biography, glossy 8- x 10-color promotional photos. Black and white media function. Articles and press releases, reviews, albums, and your full length quotes – professional playbacks or test CDs, professionally recorded, an industrial CD, a business card, and a professionally labeled envelope. The supplies needed are your heavy stock paper, portfolio cover, large envelope, address tag, business card and your 8 x 10 glossy photo. Now here’s how to put the printers together.

Cover and cover letter:

Your professional music press kit should have an interesting cover. This should include the artist’s photo, artist name, and artist contact information. Sort of like a book cover. You should also include a letter of recommendation. This should introduce you as an artist a little bit about yourself. Do not be too specific in this letter, you can leave it for bio and other media that you will include.

Make sure you send the letter to a specific person – privacy is paramount. It gives the look of a non-cookie cutter and you feel that this place tag media or music agency is important. Make sure that at the top or bottom of this letter you have entered your full contact information or the contact information of your artist representative. The cover letter should be inserted inside the cover of the device before any other information is available. Contact information should also be included at the bottom right of every page in the music media.

Biography of the artist or band:

The next page or what will be the first page of the music package will be your artist profile page. Here you should include a brief history of the artist or band about each member if it is a complete band. This should not be more than a page, and should not be a history of a band that has been removed for a long time, but only a brief summary of what you have achieved and where you plan to go. More importantly, you should include things like major events or tours, winning contests, playing on the radio, or any accomplishments that you find remarkable and can elevate you above others in terms of popularity. And development. Keep it simple, concise and meaningful. If there is no composer among you or your friends, we recommend writing your band biography by a professional music copier. It is very important and it must be professional.

Press and Press Division:

The following pages in your music media should be media and newsletter. These are the basic highlights of any feature article you may have received in a music industry magazine or newspaper. Do not go overboard. Include only media sets that really highlight you as an artist. Choose the 5 best shorts you have and make sure they are professionally reproduced. Noticing an individual who receives these devices infuriates them by copying the confusing media. Proud of the quality of the package. Visible plastic partitions should be used for each element.

Album and Quotes Review:

You may want to consider including a good review of your CD and quotes you received regarding the CD or performance. Yours. This page should be professionally submitted with a classified title. One should be -Album Reviews and the other should be Quotes. Do not forget to put quotes before and after each check and quote.

CD: Either full-length EP album or professional-recorded presentation:

There are several different ways to attach your CD to your music player. If your portfolio has sleeves on the back, you can slip it in there. Another way is to use a Velcro pad placed on the back of the CD and attach it somewhere on the inside of the back cover. However, this is not the recommended method. Especially if the back cover of your CD contains important information printed on it. If you are attached to a full-time record or EP (Extended Play), hopefully you have taken the time to release a professional recording, so its professionalism depends on the shooting. However, if you only use test CDs, it is very important to note the following:

– Make sure it has professional shooting quality (no basement equipment)

– Make sure the production quality is as professional as possible.

Include no more than 3 songs, maybe four of your best.

– Put them in the best order

– Make some resemblance of professional cover art and logos

– Make sure your contact information is displayed on the display

– If you really want to be sure must be evaluated by an expert

CD – A Music Industry:

If you are sticking to a CD of professionally recorded and commercially released albums or EPs, it is a good idea to link the music industry. A single sheet is commonly used during the music distribution process, but by pasting it gives the recipient of your press device a greater understanding of your actual record. A sheet usually includes a photo of the album cover, album title, artist name, description of the track record, UPC code, price point, and more. A note on a sheet should include travel information, radio play, some quotes, and more. A sheet should be written and produced professionally because it is an object that can generally get into the hands of important people.

Business cards and envelopes, careers and labeling:

If you or your representative have a business card that should be attached to a folder somewhere. Once the package is fully assembled, it should be placed in a professional envelope with the printed address and return address labeled. It seems like a lot of time and you may be wondering why I can not write your address. Well that looks inappropriate and unprofessional and remembers what we said about the chaos. Many people will not even open a package if it looks unprofessional on the outside. Some may call us anal-retentive, but we get results using these professional methods.

A few key notes to help you get the most out of your music printer.

One thing to keep in mind is that things are constantly changing with you as an artist. New feature articles, new national tours, updated photos / photos. Keep updating it with new material and new photos for future submissions. Remember, when it comes to your music player, you are never ready. It’s work in progress.

Once you send your press kit to someone, it does not end there. Follow up a few weeks or so by phone, email or correspondence. Media labels and where to receive hundreds of news packages every week. Do not get lost in the shuffle. Be sure to bring them to their attention and at the forefront of the music package they receive.

Digital Music Packages (DPK):

Digital packages generally contain the same information as traditional music printers, although they are capable of allowing you to add more without the hassle. Basically all your information, biography, articles, media, music, quotes, etc. Is placed on the CD Rom as a file. DPK due to specific skills related to graphic arts programming. Unless anyone is volunteering to come up with a pretty template? The benefits of DPK are obvious. They carry no paper, no portfolio, no paper photos or any print media. Everything is digital. DPK is usually packaged in a DVD box containing professional artwork. Therefore, there are still art widgets associated with covers and CD stamps. All in all, DPK is a great choice for music printers.

Electronic package (EPK):

An e-packet known as EPK is basically an online version of your promotional material – sort of like a website, but not entirely. It is similar to DPK in that all files and graphics are digital. EPK creators are basically like web creators. However, there are some good services out there that offer template-based WYSIWYG editors that give you the opportunity to simply upload your files. It usually has a section for your resume, your photos, your press, your music, your videos and your backline needs. EPK is something you should use in addition to your digital music printer.

Whatever type of media you decide to use, remember that it must be reproduced and professionally prepared. This is your first impression, so you have to do it well.

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