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Psychoterrestrial Phenomena and the Ever Evolving Trickster

Let me first, once again, start with a disclaimer because I refuse to be trapped by my own lack of foresight of which there is plenty. My writing and positing is nothing more than speculation based on research and a yearning to answer my own questions concerning events and experiences I had with my brother, mother and a few close friends growing up in the Southwest and on into today. I am trying to be very careful not to get caught up in the language of absolutes and conclusiveness. What I am doing is ultimately for myself. If others find that what I have written and posited resonates with them, that is fine and I am happy to have perhaps provided a piece of the puzzle for you. On that same note, I am very grateful for those whose work has provided pieces to my puzzle. Predominately those being Mac Tonnies, Christopher O’Brien, Colin Andrews, Jacques Vallee and Ken Wilber. I am eternally indebted to all of you and the fine work you have presented and the long hours spent amassing the information into an accessible and comprehensive format.

I would also like to go on record stating that I do not necessarily buy into all of their presentations 100% as I would suspect a lot of you will not buy into mine. That is fine. That is why I am posting this work openly for review and for the inevitable conversant back and forth exchanging of ideas and intuited information. I would be remiss however, by not saying that I could not present what I have posited if I were not standing on the shoulders of the previously mentioned great thinkers. They have together, cleared a small path and shone a bright light in an otherwise dimly lit and mysterious realm. I have mentally put their cumulative works together as part of an ever growing and ever changing puzzle so that I can now add my own piece to it and perhaps others still will add more as I am sure this will happen and I hope it is so.

I would also like to state again, that my theory is left very open and pithy as that is how I perceive the nature of it. A concept that is ever evolving and growing and changing cannot live in a box and so I refuse to try to even put it in one.

One more thing. I will be slowly replacing the term “Trickster” with the term “Psychoterrestrial Phenomenon” as I feel that is what the Trickster Element truly is. This is where I differ in opinion and thought from a lot of what has been presented by others on this subject. I believe the Trickster Element to be nothing more than the cumulative effect of two parameters of consciousness, those being The Collective Human Subconscious Mind and the other being that of Gaia Consciousness. I do not perceive it as a separate entity or energy with it’s own cognitive lines of reasoning. Where those two connect or have a “Touchpoint” is where I feel “Psychoterrestrial Phenomena” occur. I would also like to expand that idea into the paradigm of possibility that whatever consciousness the The Human Subconscious Mind connects to or touches will possibly interact in such a way so as to co-create a phenomenal or not so phenomenal event for I feel that even the mundane falls squarely into a Psychoterrestrial Event which is kind of my broad spectrum Unified Theory for existence vs. being. For example a “Psychoterrestreolunar Event” (because as an Earth species we are rooted or anchored to it. This could bare some detriment should we ever accomplish deep space travel.) would be a witnessed phenomenon on our possibly living and conscious Moon requiring The Collective Human Subconscious Mind as a co-creator of said event and so on. I think you get the idea. But for now, for simplicity’s sake, I will relegate the idea to be purely a Terran phenomenon.

I thank you for tolerating this lengthy preamble but I felt it was necessary as more of you are starting to ask great questions and we need a common foundation to work from. Now on with the further expounding and fodder for further inquiry. I hope you enjoy my work thus far.

Evolution of the Human Cognitive Line of Reasoning

I will briefly touch on this aspect as I feel that a lengthy class in Psychology is pointless. Just know that I am coming to point in this juncture from a Psychological understanding. (Man I love disclaimers. Keeps me out of the frying pan)

If you are familiar at all with the Psychological aspects of the Human Psyche, as I’m sure most of you are or else you wouldn’t necessarily be reading this, then you would then possibly be also familiar with its various and sundry evolutionary stages. Probably the best reference of these stages in the most simplistic and accessible format is the Wilber/Combs Lattice. This clearly shows the current understanding of Vertical as well as Horizontal growth in the Human Cognitive Line of Reasoning. So for the Horizontal we go from the Gross (physical) all the way to Non-Dual views of perception. We, for the sake again of simplicity will only go as far as the Causal view. The final step of a Dualistic Perception. We also have the Vertical Ladder of Cognitive Reasoning or Understanding which starts at Archaic and goes to Super Integral aspects of reasoning.

How does this work? First off, everybody, and I mean every BODY, starts at square one. How far you get or how much you relate or perceive depends upon a plethora of inputs and influences such as culture, spiritual/religious training if any, race, gender and economic status to name a few. All of these contribute to the filtration process that either prolongs your current accepted psychological archetypes or creates new ones. It does seem to be very difficult to retrain the mind with a different archetype but it can be done.

Where am I going with all of this? Bear with me. It is from this current understanding best illustrated in the above lattice that we can define how an individual perceives their reality. For instance. We all start at the Archaic level in the bottom left of the lattice. Through our experiences and education and cultural influences et al, we come to some type of viewpoint that we use day in and day out as our mode of comfort or personally accepted line of reasoning. This is a type of predetermined subconscious understanding of your current world view.

A demonstration? I thought you would never ask!

Let’s say someone of a Judeo-Christian background at the Magical level of Vertical Cognizance from the Gross perspective sees an apparition of a bearded man in a long gown. Chances are favorable, because of their current world view and cognitive line of understanding/reasoning, they will see this as a vision of Jesus whereas someone standing right next to this person with no religious background but some spiritual understanding might simply see a ghost of a long gone family member or friend and perhaps is wearing the clothing style of the day he left the physical world. I do think though, that the higher up the lattice a person goes, the closer in similarities their shared experiences with others of similar progression on the lattice would be. That is just my opinion and it is more intuited than experienced so don’t quote me on that. So perhaps the same two individuals having the same experience from the same Gross Perspective level but from say a Rational line of reasoning would experience a potentially scientifically explained energy event with no real impact on their spiritual development but instead gain perhaps greater expansion of their material view cognizance.

What I’m trying to get at is, it is virtually impossible for two people to witness the exact same phenomenon no matter how mundane or shocking because of the filtration processes inherent in their psyche that only through their personal experiences allows them to see the event from that unique viewpoint. However, I do feel that there are basic symbols and images that are imbedded in The Collective Human Psyche that are recognizable not only culturally and societally but perhaps universally as well.

I cannot stress enough that it is paramount to a greater understanding of the intricacies of what this lattice represents to read the work of Ken Wilber for a thorough examination of what I am implying here. I barely scraped the surface with a very crude example but I’m hoping you are with me so far.

Psychoterrestrial Events

So now with this minimal understanding under out belts let us move into the “meat” of my theory or The Psychoterrestrial Hypothesis. I am positing that all Paranormal Events and even all Mundane Events are Psychoterrestrial in nature. How? Because all observed phenomena require two catalysts to occur in a Dualistic Perception. The two I am using are The Collective Human Subconscious Mind and Gaia Consciousness with the idea that the Earth itself is a living and conscious entity.

Let’s say that Gaia Consciousness is the higher, more developed consciousness or even just different with its own set of mental and psychological abilities. Let’s say that the Gaia Consciousness is able to access The Collective Human Subconscious Mind like a reference library of sorts. In this library is a rudimentary and archaic realm of symbols, images, sounds and concepts. I am about to make an attempt at defining the Trickster Element here.

If The Collective Human Subconscious Mind is a kind of archaic hive of archetypes, then it stands to reason that it also has access to even higher or different consciousnesses with it’s own set of archetypes and reasonings. Everything appears to be connected at some point in Consciousness itself.

We have a lot of variables in this realm but we will only deal with a few just for the sake of comprehension. Because the direction of this theory is basically set toward the plausible explanation of the Paranormal, I will stick with that but this is not to say that this theory cannot be utilized and applied over the entire spectrum of Dualistic Existence. As above so below. So where ever and when ever the two conscious parameters touch or rub, I submit that there is an event at that “Touchpoint”. A communication is occurring. The Gaia Consciousness accessing the archetypical imagery of The Human Subconscious Mind has co-created an Event or Experience based on said imagery and understanding. This, to my way of thinking, is The Trickster Element.

For as long as humans have existed cognitively, they have been plagued by what seem to be Supernatural occurrences and events. These experiences up to now have been classified as separate entities with an intelligence all their own wreaking havoc upon our psyche and belief systems. I do not think this is so.

For the sake of argument, let us remove this illusive Trickster Element from our understanding and cognitive lines of reasoning as a separate entity and instead incorporate it into our own psyche. Let us take ownership of it. Now that we have removed the Trickster Element, we are now left with the Earth and us. Hmmmm…

We have grown so frustrated trying to not only explain these events of High Strangeness but to actually try to touch if not capture evidence of the events if not what we think the cause of said events are.

All of the anomalous craft, all of the ghosts and apparitions, all of the bizarre cryptids and entities always seem to be just out of reach like the unattainable end of a rainbow. Chase it all you like and you will never get there. Things hang in front of our perception like the proverbial carrot just out of arms reach and yet we keep chasing it. This seems to be with no doubt the surefire path to insanity. Why have we not ever tried to find whom or what is holding the damn stick?!!

I think I can only offer a plausible explanation of whom or what is holding the stick. It is in my humble opinion that we collectively are holding the stick with the Gaia Consciousness and the carrot or Psychoterrestrial Event is the Touchpoint of communication.

So where is the evolution of this process able to be clearly seen and defined?

I just did it. Huh? By illustrating that for all of Human History, we as a species have been treating this phenomenon as an element separate from us. An “other than” aspect. The observable evolutionary aspect is that now maybe we can remove this illusive middle agent of chaos and begin to merge with the phenomenon itself as a co-creator of it.

So what I am positing is that we co-create with Gaia Consciousness cryptids, aliens, UFO’s, crop circles, electromagnetic anomalies, telepathic abilities (Gaia Consciousness as a carrier frequency), astral apparitions and on into telekinetic events. Why? Because the Earth and the Human Species are trying to communicate with one another in the form of Psychoterrestrial Phenomena! This is language. This is speaking. This is communication! It may even be Universal…

I think by the further exploration of this phenomenon from a viewpoint of exteriority, we will only continue to frustrate ourselves and thus forever drown in the quagmire of the mystery in a darkness of our own making. But by taking a good, long and hard look at the esoteric realm of the interiority, we may find that we are what we have been looking for all along.

This concludes this chapter on my Psychoterrestrial Hypothesis. You may now fire away but ration your salvos because I have more. Heh heh….



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