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20 Ways to Get Through Those Bad Days

After losing a loved one, we fall into a chaos of grief, hallucinations, aimlessness, pain, and emotions that overflow to us. Every day seems like a bad day.

Even years later, we may have a day when the effort, the struggle, the demands of daily needs and the effort of living become too large to bear for a while. We give up and fall, allowing ourselves to be blocked and dragged down by our emotional burdens.

Once we were there, it was really hard to find a way out, see the sun and be able to breathe the fresh air again. Here are some tips to help you navigate the black hole – 20 ways you can get through your bad days.

Feel it for a while

Valo – Yes, wow. Sometimes we have to allow ourselves to be in the mud of what we are feeling and what we are experiencing. We must have our sorrows and great pains that hurt like nothing on earth. We need to feel our pain for ourselves, our intense pain for everything we are going through, so that we can open our eyes to another day.

Set time limit – Yes, you can wallow, but not forever. It is a dark, self-absorbed place that we do not want to be forever. Set a time for yourself – minutes or hours throughout the day. Set boundaries that support you.

Move – Any movement is good. If it comes after a good wallow, it can be as simple as getting out of bed. It can walk around the block or have a good stretch. Action is the sum of the whole body. Start where you are and go from there.

Use tools

Smartphone Find an app that inspires you to lift your spirits when you feel down. It could be a belief based on an inspirational quote or a voice of nature.

iPad / Tablet – There is a great array of things you can get right now to distract and divert you to lift you up a bit from the gloom that can fall. I recently added a TED app to my iPad. TED is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting ideas. In their iPad app there are hundreds of talks from their conference that you can watch on a bad day or when not sleeping.

Playlist Find your favorite music and put it into a playlist depending on your mood. There is one for a gloomy day, some music pulls you up. There is one for walking. There is one for sleeping. You can get special ear straps for extra comfort.

Comfort therapy

Soft tissue – Our sad noses come and beat us when we are sad. We never cried much. So buy some extra paper towels to hold in your hand. A little softness goes away when we feel down.

Kiss – Buy a nice, soft and snugly throw to dive into. There is something about warmth and coverage that makes us feel protected and cared for. It is a hug with us for ourselves.

Food– It is not good to dive into the closet when we feel stressed or anxious, but we all do it and it can be emotional in the short term. Leave it for when you need it most. We all have our favorites for me based on chocolate – hot chocolate drink or pudding.

Warmth – Have you noticed how you feel good when the sun rises and you feel warm and cozy? Where you can go out in the sun or warm yourself by the fire in front of you and let the heat melt A little pain in your heart.

Take a shower Immerse yourself in the warmth of a fragrant bath or feel the warmth of a shower. Injecting ourselves can be very relaxing. Combine it with a beautiful soap or oil to make you feel fresh and special.

Need to improve

Laugh – Something that seems impossible when we are in the depths of despair. Laughter is healthy and there is nothing bad about it. We all need some relief, breathing and laughter can do a lot to release the stress we hold on to. Watch this funny yoga video or keep a few DVDs or tapes that you know you will laugh at. It can do so much to break the shell of despair that sits so deeply in your heart.

Feed your heart. – There are a few books, DVDs or tapes that inspire you in some way. You may have some that you turn to over and over again. If not, start collecting some items that you can use during this difficult day. To comfort you, inspire you, and give you hope.

A good thing. – It can be the hardest thing in the world to be grateful for anything when we lose someone we love so much. But I believe that if we try and if we practice, we can find one of our good things that becomes something else. More. It pulls us into Paul in the face of our loss and leads us toward hope and healing.

Your gift box. When you have a bad day, give yourself a chance to fight and know what makes you feel good. It could be a picture or a piece of jewelry. It could be a gift card you bought a while ago for a day like today. It could be a beautiful fragrance or a bouquet of your favorite flowers. Save them in your real or imagined boxes and click on them when you need them.

Keep in touch

Call a friend Measure your feelings, sometimes we want to talk, sometimes we do not, we may not have close friends or family we can call, but we may Can communicate in other ways. Grief is a very lonely and lonely experience. We all have times when we need support and realize that we are not the only ones who feel this way.

Get support Most grief support groups have a contact list that you can contact for support. If you feel suicidal in any way, get immediate help from your local doctor, hospital, or emergency services. The Internet never sleeps and can be a great support and guarantee for anyone from any part of the world who needs to connect with someone else who is grieving.

Seek help – I often say that while there are many people who can walk next to us, we are the only ones who can work, a place of mourning and healing. We are the only ones who can do what it takes to be resurrected. We are the only ones who can find help to feed ourselves as we go through our trials. We may have gone beyond our ability to help ourselves or things that we have tried are not working. It’s time to try something different. Do not be afraid to seek help, it can be a turning point for you.

Go somewhere else

Treat yourself – Our home can be our safety net, our shelter, especially when we feel very sad. Going out and out in other places moves your body, but it can also change your mood. Make it fun, take yourself to a beautiful place. Break up the mold.

Sitting with a bird – Nature is really great for restoration and healing. Sit outside for 10 minutes with a cuppa or go for a walk in a nearby park. Listen to the sounds of nature; Save your soul. Find beautiful pictures of our wonderful world to decorate your desktop or sit at your desk. Buy a fountain and be surrounded by the sounds of your daily nature.

To visit – Where do you always want to go? See it in your heart, imagine it. Bring it to life with pictures. Read about it, think about it and plan it. Having something to look forward to can help us solve the difficulties we are going through right now. It may not be a long-term dream, it could be an overnight trip or two, a holiday or something you always wanted to do.

Try some of these on for size; See if they fit you. If not, come up with something out of the ordinary. You are helping yourself as much as you can by finding what is good for you and then doing it.

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