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The Changes Brought to Music

Over the years, the music industry has seen sales plummet with the free access to music online. People will often sample a song online but move on to another before it ends because the possibilities of what to look for are almost endless. Since the internet has influenced everything today to be faster with less patience, maybe the internet has affected music as well. When an iPod is filled with hundreds of songs and set to shuffle, people will often shuffle to a new song before the song is finished. The cost and time to get a song is almost nothing, so wanting a song to play all the way becomes less desirable than honestly.

This impatient attitude, in some ways, has left its mark on the music industry as a whole, as the music itself is less valid for recording artists. There needs to be eye-catching or controversial events to promote themselves online so that people can check in and just be interested in listening to music. Not just for these specific artists, but in many cases the rapper will try and develop a track by throwing away a rapper’s material and calling them out for a big hit. The battle begins verbally and physically, quarrels arise, reputations are made, and only the real recordings of the rappers are heard. This may in some cases lead artists not to make a full effort in their music instead, focusing on a big PR stunt to add controversy to their name and allow music to be a secondary aspect.

Sometimes some bands or styles of music may be outdated, or different bands for bands may not be as strong as they were before. As a result, the music itself is not as important as keeping a specific band tag, and in the end the music suffers for it. An important example of this is Guns n Roses or what passes for it today. The first album released under the GnR label had a raw and solid sound, referring to many, the beginning of a strong rock uprising that helped revive the music business. Rolling Stone magazine and other critics described the group as revolutionary in the way the Rolling Stones went back a decade. 60th and 70th. But conflicts between teammates have reached a rift. Steven Adler, the original drummer, was fired for heroin addiction, Izzy Stradlin, rhythm guitarist and co-writer on some of the best songs, left the band because he was unhappy with Axl Rose. Slash and Axl were so melted that to this day they could not be resolved, and bassist Duff McKagan followed. Slash release. Since then, all of these artists have gone their separate ways to break down what is the best sound in modern music. Axl is the only remaining member of GnR, and his attempts to maintain the label are nowhere near as capable of putting music as the old GnR trademark. He continued his quarrel with other former bandmates and caused a lot of PR shock in his show to try to keep the image, but the music itself did not attract attention and was strengthened. This music has been forgotten because it does not seem to be worth listening to. The only reason the label is still in the media is because Axl’s ego refuses to let it go.

Sometimes there are artists who are the children of successful artists and try to use the name mom or dad in the industry as a motivator to promote themselves to a similar validity. An example of this is Kelly Osbourne, who gave a basic sacrifice after her first attempt at using the name Dad for her personal ad. The other is Will Smith’s son, especially his youngest daughter, with his singleness being the basis of repeated lines. These attempts to leverage parental success have waned and added further questions about what is happening in the music industry today. There is no question that Ozzy Osbourne and Will Smith are each of the most successful artists in the music industry, their contribution to the industry will live long after their death. But their children ‘attempts to strangle them to speak frankly about their parents’ success raise questions about what record companies are signing the company. Is talent no longer a requirement, just a name and a bottomless pocket?

A positive aspect in the music industry today is that more and more artists are writing music that serves anti-government protests, and big business is choosing to ignore issues around the world that need sound to stand out and be. ឮ. Today, the major modern examples are Rise Against and Anti-Flag, two groups that have made it their trademark to stand against the government, especially the right, and call on big business on vague action. Morally and sometimes legally. Modern technology can influence the patience of music lovers in listening to music in every way. But it has also led to greater awareness of social, environmental and political issues around the world. Artists who give their music as a voice to the ‘awakening’ of world civilization in connection with these issues have served as a fire in the music industry. With deep poetic lyrics mixed with rage, the raw voices demanded better CEOs to stand up and oppose the flag, along with many other artists, gathered a large following who expressed these expressions and heard the voices of ideas. Their echoes in the music. They love.

So the music industry is fluctuating, what kind of business does not happen? The problem is that today there is too much downturn and the music itself is suffering for it. Some good music has a message to it that the artist who wrote it is very passionate, this passion is What is needed to keep the music good. The lyrics do not have to be poetry or even protest, but there should be some point to what is being written about. Along with strong music can sometimes make people relax, make people think, make people focus, make people want to be better. Music is powerful and fits its power, but only when used properly. Talent is not in all of us (including myself) and those who do not have it should not try and create a career in music without any ability. This will only contribute to the demise of the music industry. We can recapture the story of Glory Day (yes, Bruce Springsteen fans here), but only if we work hard. Music needs to go back to a time of genius so it can go on as loud as it should. We all want to comb our hair to each other, but for good reason.

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