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Cool Web Hosting Tools for Videos and Website Marketing

Best practices for creating videos for your website.

Cool web hosting tools for video and web marketing

Use your web hosting account to create a blog or target site for viewers, then create a video that can serve as a traffic generator to your site. You can make professional videos even if you do not have a movie background.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. By breaking down all the elements that make a persuasive video that drives you into action, you can increase sales for your business website.

YouTube Video Marketing

There are five key elements of persuasive video that you can post on YouTube, and by following these elements, your video can motivate your viewers to be more active.

Why is video so important?

At its most basic level, video is an unlimited number of communication tools available. You can plug videos into everything that people are teaching you for your business. For example, you might have a video testifying how to drive traffic to a video site that teaches your visitors and educates them, even a video that encourages your website visitors to opt-in to your email list. Video creation is really simple, fast and efficient, which can be used as much as online web creation. Society. The ultimate goal is to use your web hosting account to create a targeted website or blog that you can drive traffic to. Videos can be a huge source of traffic to your website or blog.

YouTube videos are the most shared form of content inside Facebook. Video is a powerful tool for communicating your messages. Business owners can use the video as a “welcome” when people sign up for your product or service. Screenshots can be used to show people how to do something by applying screenshots into the video. And by putting yourself in front of the camera, something special happens, the viewers who watch your video go down as if they know you on a deeper level, and communication happens. When it comes to your audience, your customers and your audience, it changes the game for you. Instead of constantly being a salesperson and launching your product or service, video can move your relationship to a level that appeals to the type of customer and business you want. When you connect with people in face-to-face interactions, it goes through what can happen on the Internet. There is something special about that feeling, and the video is the closest you can get to that face-to-face relationship. You do not have to be in front of the camera, but if you do, it is very useful because when people watch your video, there is a single person there watching who connects to you and receives your message. It makes a huge impact.

Components of a video that motivates people to take action

So many people think that you need to focus on which software to use, the camera equipment and the tripod to use. All of these things are important, but they are secondary strategies. Remember that what is more important than the tools you use is strategy. By developing a strategy and action plan before producing a video, you can turn a simple video project into a successful one, value the audience and drive traffic back to your website, your community, and build a list of subscribers who create New sales lead to your business. Be clear and detailed when presenting video content online. Keep your videos in sync and avoid collisions.

Before creating your video.

Sit down and take the time to pre-script your video. Write a strategy, plot or plan in any way that details what you plan for the video. Clarity has improved and traffic and efficiency have improved dramatically.

Five Elements of a Persuasive Video

  1. Attention Grabber Is similar to a title in an article or blog post. You want people to know exactly what your video is about as quickly as possible. 6 to 8 seconds is all this stage takes. Do not waste time saying, “Hello, my name is Joe.” Instead, go to the instructions, saying “In this video we will talk about xyz”. Or ask questions. Entertain as much as you can. The whole point is that in six to eight seconds, your viewers should have a good idea of ​​what the video is about. Viewers need to know what they will get by watching your video. Start your video with value for your audience, inform them and educate them. Here’s how you will get the perspective. YouTube is not a place for commercials. Interest rates are very low with video because when a person is watching a video, their three main forms are associated with: audio, visual and kinesthetic. Video is like a mini-transformation. On the other hand, podcasts give people the opportunity to do a lot of things like drive, for example, while listening. You can not do it with video. With video, you have more time to deliver your message and get people interested. If you can keep your viewers engaged, you are engaging with them and engaging with them.
  2. Bumper Introduction Include you are putting up your logo, music, telling people what your video is about, what your presentation is about. As long as you tell your listeners what you have, this is where you can put up a small ad. This is the best way to label your show. Call it an app because it takes your video to the next level. It makes you legal. The entire branded package is highlighted in the Intro Bumper. Is a program that provides an effective way to create compelling videos, you can create great marketing videos, discussions, introductions, add pictures to your speech or story. You bring life to life, display text, logos or photos and engage the audience. An example of this is a hand-drawn video on the screen that captures the viewer’s attention. This is a great place to put your logo, your tag line and some music. Is a website that sells templates created free of charge, ready for customization. Available for $ 5 to $ 15. In fact, they are just an AfterEffects model.
    After effects Is digital animation graphics and programming tools released by Adobe Systems. With the sample from you have a first start with your video. Find someone with the basic video experience you can find from this project and have that person customize your model. You can use Hire someone without spending a lot of money. Let them customize it with your logo. For about $ 10, you can have someone plug in your logo and tag. Now save it and use it again and again as a video template that you can plug into all your future videos. It will save you time and money on each video by adding professional and consistent instructions. Is another unique video production tool that allows you to create attractive and animated videos quickly and easily. Participation is the key. It’s a great factor. This step takes six seconds or less.
  3. Content Include the meat of your video and its purpose is to deliver the value you promised. If you said at the beginning of the video that your video will deliver that value, then that is where you need to deliver that promise. You need to tell the viewer why your video is important, otherwise the viewer can agree to your content. You need to do this as quickly as possible. Becoming a teacher and marketer is important at this stage. Tell you why your content is important. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business and you need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You can then show the viewer what you do or the steps of your “how” video, for example. Gives you a look at a line or two about why your video is so valuable and then provides content. Make sure you present the benefits and outcomes of your video. What is the end result? What happens after you watch what your video highlights? Practical content can include instruction, education, entertainment, or you can tell viewers what to do in the content of your video. Video is a miniature version of a stand-alone transformation. A story or topic should be included in the content of your video. Keep your content clear and focused on the topic. Unique; Have fun. Determine your review interest. Then tell the viewer what is happening or tell them something that will be at the end of the video. Give the viewer a reason to stay. Humor the viewer with something that will happen, make the viewer more relevant and create higher perceived value. A call to action is important to include at this stage. Tell viewers exactly what to do and why they should do it. The last part of the content should include another example of a call to action. Tell them what, why and how to do something. Move someone inactive to be active. Thanks to the people who watched your video. You can close the stage of this video by saying something, for example, “I will see you on the next page when you click on the link”.
  4. Altro Bumper Requires you to sign off your video. End the video the way you open it. You can put the same Intro Bumper at this stage. It connects it all. A persistent brand is attractive and it sticks. Use the text to further clarify what your call to action is. Make your video ‘humanitarian’. You can do this by throwing away some lumps that show people that you are capable of doing wrong. It does two things: it trains people to stay until the end of your video. The second thing it does is show people that you are human and that you are wrong. It builds relationships and helps viewers understand you and connect with you. People want to be entertained, and this section of Altro Bumper shows people that when you make a mistake, you laugh it off, which then creates a deeper connection between you and the viewer. After all, this is the ultimate goal of video because we all know that people buy from people they like, know and trust.
  5. Remove Include video recorders like simple cards that give people a choice of what they want to do next. When the video is over, the video recorder can provide a link to your website, the option to watch more videos, join your email list, watch more bloopers, subscribe to your YouTube channel, and more. It gives people the opportunity to take the next step and gives them the option to do so.

By analyzing the principles of video production and strategy before you go into your next video project, the end result will be a more professional and efficient video.

Market Your Website With Video

Embed your video into your blog or website. Be sure to include your URL and keywords in the video description. Google owns YouTube, so keywords in video descriptions will help your SEO efforts.

Connect Twitter to your YouTube channel by logging into your YouTube account and clicking on your username “Settings” then on the left side of the screen click “Share”. You can link Facebook and Twitter accounts to your YouTube channel to market your videos and increase distribution. From within your “Share” YouTube screen you will have a choice of actions. A good setting in your “Sharing” options is “Favorites” and / or “Favorites”. If you “like” a video, it will automatically post it on your Twitter account where you liked the video and on your Facebook profile with the players so people can easily watch the video and hope they like it. Comment or share your video.

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