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Lighting, Sound, Action – Setup For Great Sex

Do you remain silent in the dark with your sex life? Although raw sex is a physical act, the sensual experience of making love with each other can be greatly enhanced by incorporating all your emotions. All five of your senses contribute to your emotions to some degree. By setting the scene for your romantic or sexy encounter, you can create an atmosphere for romantic love. Relaxation or excitement, sight, sound and smell have the power to stimulate your most powerful sexual organs, namely your mind. So get out of the darkness and have sex in a whole new light.

When watching a movie together, consider how light and sound set the tone for action. From heat and steam to the intensity of the pulse, the combination of light and sound can create a completely amazing experience. You do not need a lot of money to produce a free porn scene. With a few ideas and a little imagination, you can make your partner feel like a star in your own sex. Instead of hiding in the dark, find each other and lead a creative sex scene together.

Emotion light

As already mentioned, light affects our mood and therefore the most enjoyable of our sex. The type, color, intensity, and design of the light source can excite or relax with many erotic variations in space. Both men and women are visible creatures and are inspired by the sexy landscape. In the right light, seeing each other in excitement can be the best form of stimulating your vision. Here are some enlightening ideas:

  • Candles: The radiance of even a single candle can add an attractive mystery to any room. Candles create a radiant glow that gives your body a warm glow. Low light also makes the decoration feel cozy and private. Stained glass candle holders can increase efficiency even more. Try a few and every now and then go wild with dozens of candles.
  • StoveMaking love in front of a burning fire or a burning fire later can be a pleasant love experience. Even if there is no real thing, you can recreate the sensual effect with video, fireplace and portable heater.
  • Moon & Starlight: Even the best away from the city lights, making love outside the stars or the moonlight can be a sensual adventure. Plan a special trip to coincide with the full moon.
  • Sunset / Sunrise: Classic for romantic, romantic intimacy during sunrise or sunset can make them even more special. Make love outside or in the car while enjoying the red hue of the sky.
  • Strobe light: Imagine having wild sex in a dark room, glaring at each other anxiously. The intensity of the blink, the movement style, stop the visual impulse can be very exciting. Brightly colored underwear adds to the effect.
  • Flashlight: Use a small pen light to illuminate any part of your body that you want to stimulate. Turn it into a pre-game. Start with an eyelash brush or artist, then touch, lick and suck. Let your partner shine a flashlight on a chaotic area that needs your attention.
  • Cables and wires: Use decorative LED lights to add a special touch or fancy design for special occasions. Create a heart shape on the ceiling, a glass frame, display a collection of sex toys or design a futuristic play environment.

Try using different colored bulbs in normal light holes (orange, green, blue, purple, black, blink, etc.). Changing the shade or dimmer is also important. Different colors and intensities will make your body look different. Also try lava lamps, fiber optics, traffic lights, dim lights, etc. Some lights can even be controlled by music to pulse with different colors and intensities. Experiment with different types of light to enhance your mood and sexual feelings. Use your creativity to discover the sensual potential of emotions. There are so many great possibilities to play with.

Oral sex

Many people forget the importance of sound and the effect it has on us. Music, for example, can cause almost a sudden change of mood. Relaxation or excitement Music is designed to evoke all kinds of emotions. And sexy sounds can be very erotic. Words and sounds can express feelings of sensuality and lust. They can inspire and stimulate emotional or imaginative images. For some people, a sexy voice is better than seeing clearly. Here are some ideas for ear stimulation:

  • Speak badly: Sensual sounds can evoke imagination with descriptive instructions. Find erotic or obscene words from books or movies. If you are a little shy, practice with your partner over the phone when you are away. Erotic stories, read aloud and whisper descriptions of your desires are good ear treatments.
  • Voice of Passion: Both men and women like couples who express themselves as expressions of their passions. “Oohs” and “Aahs” combined with some “dirty words” of encouragement add to the emotional excitement. Express your happiness for each other with a happy voice. Recorded sounds of hobbies or even erotic movies in the background can be a reminder .
  • Rare sound: Use a CD with recorded natural sounds (rain waves, thunder, rivers, gusts of wind, depending on the type of game Fantasy or Roleplaying, special soundtrack may increase the setting.
  • Emotional music: Depending on the type of mood you want, try a musical instrument to guide the rhythm and speed of your lovemaking. Quiet music will encourage touch, kissing and licking slowly. High-pitched music will strongly encourage sex. Try to find music that creates a smooth intensity to help guide your body to orgasm.
  • Erotic dance: Dancing together or for your partner can be very romantic and romantic. Fascinating and sensual music is great for attractive slow motion. Faster sexy rock / pop music is best for arousing passionate sex drive. Slowly dancing naked together is an intimate, emotional and sensual activity that can take place before or after a performance.
  • Oral sex: When stimulating various erogenous zones, some instruments begin to soften and gradually increase in intensity. Use the rhythm of the music to guide your attention with love. Consider creating your own melody with lots of relaxing but evocative songs.
  • Change of mood: Try to get your partner wearing sunglasses and headphones. Without being able to see or hear you, their sense of touch will increase. Create sensual excitement with unexpected creative emotions. The anticipation of touching each other will make their whole body shiver.

Try different sources and types of sounds to help find your erogenous zone aural. Experience the fine art of erotic speech, and with practice you will find it easy to stimulate your ears. There are books and programs available to help improve your ear skills. Expressing yourself in this way can also encourage you to have a closer discussion and improve other aspects of your relationship.

As you can see, there are many ways to create an atmosphere of sensual pleasure and passionate sex. Mix and match ideas and discover the sensual potential of light and sound in your romance.

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