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Fun Games For Kids Birthday Parties

Fun games to use at your next child’s birthday party are here. Just pick some of these titles and turn them around a bit. Make them match your unique party theme. For example, Simon Says could be the Mummy Says at a Halloween party, or it could be The Pirate Says at a children’s pirate party. Use these classic party games to add new themes and make them unique for your party. Give your party guests a fun game session at that boy or girl special birthday party.

Mad Libs are a fun way to get guests to a party. What Mad Libs do is make a story … a funny thing. And you can all make this happen and it’s crazy … that’s what makes it so much fun. You start playing Mad Libs with a basic storyline. You need to leave out some words and put in the appropriate words. Mary, for example, releases her wheel … so the blank will be filled with verbs. Mary wore an empty shirt over her head. That blank will be filled in by the Noun. Let’s see … What will the game be like? Each child or guest can fill in any missing words and then when all the words are filled in to read the story …. you can find a book with the Mad Libs party in them or you can create a storyline. Your own, using the names of birthday stars and guests at the party.

Chinese Whispers is another simple game that is fun to play. Sit in a circle and have someone start playing by telling them about Game Sentence. In Chinese Whispers, a sentence or phrase is told to the first player. That player must whisper to the next player and continue around the circle. When a phrase or sentence is told to the last player, the player must stand up and say the sentence aloud. What is so funny? Well, usually when a message is sent to everyone, it changes a lot from the original sentence. Make your sentences sound crazy, like “wet dogs shake dry” or “dogs use umbrellas only when it rains cats and dogs.” Now you can also rename your game to suit your party theme. The Pirate Whispers at the Pirate and Whisper Princess Party at the Princess Party … and have your phrase matched the theme as well.

The music party game is fun for everyone. Freeze Dance and Musical Chairs are two that will always be remembered when we are talking about fun music party games for kids. With any game, you need someone to stop and start the music. To play these games, you will need a dance floor or chairs wrapped around a circle. With Freeze Dance, when the music starts, everyone starts dancing. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze. If the dancer does not freeze immediately, they leave. With music chairs, you have to have fewer seats than you have players. Each time a player is removed, you remove another seat. This is how you play. Put the chairs in a circle, and when the music starts, have all the guests walk around the circle. When the music stops, each child has to sit in a chair. Those without seats are outside. Let the kids outdoors start the next craft or activity. Now to make these fun party games unique, rename them. Royal Ball Freeze Dance or Pirates Freeze Dance will make these simple and fun party games even more exciting for your guests.

Pass the Parcel is a fun and entertaining party game for kids birthday parties … and adults will enjoy it too. It’s another music party game, so be prepared. It’s a fun, fun game that has been handed down for years because it is fun. This is another game where you can change the name and give it some new life. To play Pass the Parcel you need a package and some music associated with your party theme. For a princess party, play some Disney Princess songs, for a pirate party, play What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor … lol, or for a cowboy themed party, use some western shepherd songs. You can also name your package according to your party theme. A pack of princesses, a pirate treasure, or a cowboy backpack are all possibilities for a package name. Okay, now how to play Pass the Parcel. Wrap multiple packages. And with each layer wrap including a prize … it could be a small prize like some temporary tattoo or sticker or lollipop or whatever prize you decide on. Sit in a circle and start the music and Pass the Parcel. Stop the music and guests with the package can unpack. In addition, they get rewards inside. When players unpack and retain the prize, they must leave the circle. Continue until there is only one child left and of course they get rewarded in the middle of all those layers.

The most classic and fun party game for kids birthdays is Pin the Tail on the Donkey. This fun kids game is easy to upgrade to the new version. Pin the Crown on the Princess, Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate or X Marks the Spot are other fun ideas. Pin the Hat on the Cowboy or Eye on Muno for Yo Gabba Party Gabba are just a few ways to turn this fun party game into the perfect game for their party. You all know how to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey … right? Each child gets a tail with two side tapes on it. The blind man bends the standing player, turns them a few times, and then points them in the direction of the donkey. They must try to close the tail as close as possible to where it belongs. Whoever brings the tail close to that place will be rewarded … Surely you can reward everyone for Play. Temporary stickers or tattoos offer great rewards for this type of game … kids love them and they talk about the cheapest party game prizes you will ever find.

Pinata games are fun too. Pinatas is a traditional Mexican game. Pinata is definitely a breakable container for party prizes and candy. The goal of this fun party game is to break the pinata and harvest all the goodies hidden inside. These pinatas are present in every unexpected theme, so all you have to do is choose one that matches your theme and complement it with good things that kids will love. Temporary stickers, tattoos, candy and small game prizes work perfectly as a complement. I like strings pulling pinatas. This is a string game that kids can pull off. One of these strings tore the pinata’s body, so luckily it fell out. Then everyone tries to harvest all the good they can. You can buy a pull-out model or you can buy a pull-out converter to make this kids party game the safest. To play, you hang your pinata up and close the eyes of each child as they fold a string. You can place a blindfold and, like Pin the Tail on a donkey, rotate each child and turn their head in the direction of the hanging pinata. Tell them how many steps they need to take and send them out.

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