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Lara Fabian – The Nue Album – Honesty And Integrity In The Purest Form

Lara started her career with a self-titled album, showing the world that she is the essence of her own music. Her album “Pure” also has the theme of fidelity, pure music means honest music. Her English career also began with the album “I am who I am”. Lara confirmed that this would be the title of the album if it did not have a title of its own. Being human and being honest with yourself means that her music always shows loyalty and loyalty to her audience. Nue followed in the footsteps of the English-language album Self, and in 2005 released an album titled 9.9, a rebirth of Lara’s music, a process that reached full circle. Again, you can see her sincerity and the purity of her music throughout this album. Lara is currently working on a multilingual album. Lara has always stressed that music (and for me, especially her music) is a universal language that cannot be constrained by language gaps. I believe Lara will demonstrate this philosophy with the release of her next album.

I showed you that Lara carries the central theme you find on Nue’s album in most of her music. Lara is one of the few artists I know who can create an album where almost every song is number one. Today, many artists focus on a single song to promote their album. They tend to spend less time with other tracks on the album, leading to album failure. This is what makes people reluctant to buy albums from unknown artists. You may have heard one or two songs from the album on the radio, but you do not know what to expect from the rest of the album. When you buy it, you see that the songs are not as good as the ones you hear on the radio. When this is the case, you will never buy another artist’s album again. Lara has the ability to captivate audiences with her music by making each song on her album a special one, as if each song were an advertisement for her music. After going through the whole album, you will cry more when you finish the last song. This is why fans can not wait for her next release, there is always something new of sincerity waiting.

Let me walk you through each song on the Nue album and show you how great this album really is. For me, this is Lara’s best French album. I think my motivation for rating this album as the best so far is because But the success of her Nue concert. This is a great performance with passion, energy, excitement and one of the best performances by my band. Never seen. Although the show talks about her album Nue, she also included it with songs from her album Pure. This is what makes this program a success.

J’y Crois Encore (English: I Believe It Again).

On her album “A Wonderful Life” Lara wrote the English version of the song “I’ve Cried Enough”. Lara is a great songwriter. When you compare the lyrics of the French version to the English version, you will see that the content of both songs is exactly the same, even though the lyrics are not literal translations. The song is about pain and despair and dealing with it through faith and endurance. The song lets you know that you can not change what happened in the past. Lara summed it up beautifully in English as she sang, “Even though I believe in the future, I still remember all the past, now I live in the present, I do not care what remains …”

Aimer Deja (English: To Love Before).

Lara loves to write about love. She has the ability to express emotions beautifully through the lyrics and the choice of music. This song has many themes, it is about love, betrayal and escaping your pain to a place where only you can find peace and quiet. The image of peace and quiet is beautifully done through a selection of Lara tunes that have a calm and very relaxing tone to it.

S’en Aller (English: To Go Away).

The song has an interesting contrast. I think you can have many interpretations of this song, but one interpretation that still comes to mind is to take your own life into perspective by removing yourself from your current situation (to get away) and going back. Start anew. In Lara’s own words: “And go away as with a return.”

Silence (English: Silence).

An English version of Silence was also featured on Lara’s “A Wonderful Life” album. Like most Lara English translations from her French album, you will find that Silence in English and French are very similar to the lyrics. The meaning of silence is straightforward. Silence is your best friend in difficult situations, it is better to keep your mouth shut. But it also refers to moments of silence where you are not disturbed by the sounds of the world. In the heat of the moment, it is always easier to make decisions in silence.

Parce Que Tu Pars (English: Because you left).

There is a lot of excitement in this song that makes you excited when you hear Lara sing. It’s about being alone, loneliness leads you astray. No one wants to be alone. The song is about those who seek a savior to break the chains of loneliness.

Je Suis Mon Coeur (English: I Am My Heart).

Although Lara did not write the song, she did identify something in it that she wanted to add to the album. Lara never included songs on the album for songs only. The song speaks of the fear of rejection of loved ones, the longing of the heart that brings It hurts when you can not meet that need. It also speaks of the fear of losing happiness that you are experiencing the uncertainty of the future and not knowing when it will be taken away from you. All of this fits the title of the album. Naked means you are exposed, taken out of your portfolio and all your defenses explain the fear. Shown in this song.

Tango (English: Tango).

Lara uses Tango dancer and matador as a lovely metaphor for a couple who can not find each other, a couple denies each other. Owning a matador is a challenge like bull challenges the matador. You dance towards matador, but matador denies her love by fighting back like fighting a cow. It is a beautiful picture backed by an interesting melody. It’s just fun to listen to, and even better to see Lara perform on stage.

Imagine (English: Imagine).

Lara seems to have a soft spot for tribal music. She whispers the song with tribal drums and drums in the background. Lara plays with your imagination while singing, creating images of a paradise of simplicity, peace, honesty, joy and all that is good. She draws such pure images in your mind that you know it is untrue and impossible in our present world.

Tu Es Mon Autre (English: You Are My Other).

Great tune with Maurane. This song supports the theme of the song and I think it would not have the same effect if it was sung solo. This song is about two people who are so close that they are separated. You can interpret it as two close friends, two close family members, or two very close lovers. Pictures of two people in a relationship are very much shown, even the last song of the song: “And If one of us both falls. Closing the song with this rhetoric indicates how close the two people really are.

Rio (English: Rio).

Play the game with your imagination. Lara paints a beautiful view of Rio with this song. You just lie on your back, close your eyes and listen to the lyrics closely (if you understand French) and experience the atmosphere that Lara creates through this song. Lara’s performance of this song during the Nue concert was really great. But even if you do not understand the words, you still enjoy the lively music, the happiest and most importantly the beautiful sound of Lara.

Babina (English: baby).

Lara wrote the song with Janey Clewer. I’m not sure what motivated Lara to write this song, but I think it was her maternal instincts that inspired her. This song can be interpreted in two ways: a mother who has lost a child or an adult mother who remembers when she was a child. This is one of those songs that is easy to get a lump in the throat.

Immortelle (English: Immortal).

This song is a masterpiece in every way. Lyrics, voices, artists, orchestras, everything is perfect. Again, Lara uses contrasts to emphasize an idea. She describes herself as immortal, but she dies because of her lover, her lover makes her die. The song is about a person who is strong and indestructible to everyone but completely vulnerable to anyone, especially someone who can break through all his defenses and reach the chambers of his heart. I like the way Lara writes her songs in a universal way that you can interpret it in many ways. The fact that someone can break through your defenses can be both good and bad. It is good when that person is contacting you but bad when someone uses it to their advantage.

Le Roi Est Une Femme (English: The King Is A Woman).

I believe that Lara’s motivation for incorporating this song, which was not written by her, was her mother. I believe she dedicated the song to her mother because of the reference to Sicile in the song. But you can also see Lara sticking her tongue in her cheek in a male-dominated industry. She showed everyone with this album that she can also be successful in the songs she produces, not because she is a woman, but because she is a very talented artist.

Lara co-wrote most of the songs on the album with Rick Allison, who also contributed a lot to the album. Lara and Rick did very well with this album and in my opinion they formed a band of assassins when they produced the music together. The album ends with the piano tunes of all the songs in the album. For me, the option of adding piano music at the end is perfect. I could not have chosen a better way to finish such a rich and vibrant album.

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