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A Christmas Carol Revisited

Ebenezer Clinton Scrooge III watched through the glazed windows as the crowded sidewalks slipped silently into the night of waiting, like gray ghosts in the shadows blown by a bitter December wind. The dazzling holiday lights only served to emphasize their anonymity. Scrooge leaned against the luxurious leather upholstery of the limousine, relieved that he didn’t have to mingle with the madding crowd. He thought he first saw a car slowing down at the intersection of 52nd Street ‘Face’.

Someone Standing on the sidewalk, he stared straight at her, which was quite impossible, because from the outside the windows showed an impenetrable black curtain. Someone the bubbling foam of humanity swirled like the waters of a rushing stream as it breaks through ancient immovable stone. Someone with eyes like that… no, it can’t be! The chilly night air momentarily engulfed him, rendering the import Bentley’s luxury heated interior powerless.

He leaned forward and slammed his face against the glass in a futile attempt to confirm or deny his first impression. This picture is no longer there. Further on, the traffic eased slightly, and the limousine moved with eerie grace through the heavy traffic. Everything was a simple trick of the light. Besides, they said that everyone had a double, but his former companion and enemy had no mistaking for the angry glare that had always warned Scrooge that the subtle tricks of his cunning mind had been precisely measured.

Strangely, it was the sensation that momentarily overwhelmed him with nostalgia. He was not a very sensitive person, but he missed the challenge of a qualified person. In the following days and years’accident’ There was no one of sufficient intelligence or character to thwart Scrooge’s ruthless march to power. Control the media and you control the public. He smiled at the thought that the seed of a plant that reached the human mind, took root and bore fruit, while the world was unaware of it, had truly useful fruit.

It created a rift that widened day by day until it opened a yawning chasm that nothing on earth could bridge. Neither objected to the use of manipulation as a perfectly acceptable means of influencing the thoughts and opinions of a vast global audience amassed through the company’s satellite, television and media empires. Mind control through channels such as subliminal messaging was a widely accepted marketing technique used by all major corporations, whether they wanted someone to buy a certain brand of toilet paper or a country to go to war.

“Put the country into war!”

Beads of sweat pooled together and began to run down Scrooge’s brow. As he grinded them, the source of his sudden anguish broke through the surface of his consciousness like the last desperate air of a drowning man. Those were the accusatory words once directed in his direction that silenced him for a moment. Words that forever severed the last broken bond of friendship. Jake’s words.

“Ebenezer’s time is almost here.”

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a disembodied voice on the car intercom, startling him. He pressed the button and opened a connection with Granger, the driver.

“Granger, what did you say?” Even as he spoke he knew the answer. Granger wouldn’t dare be so familiar. It wasn’t Granger’s voice he heard.

“Nothing, sir, at least not then, but I’ve been trying to talk to you for the past ten minutes. The intercom is probably working.”

“It would be easier to wake the dead!”

“I’m sorry!” Scrooge swallowed hard. The throat was unusually compressed.

“I said the intercom was working, sir. We seem to have a few gremlins in our system tonight. The elevator to your private parking lot seems to be stuck. We’ll have to park outside and go through the main entrance.”

“With the common herd!”

That voice again. Not Granger’s but another one he was very familiar with.

Leaning forward, he glanced at his driver’s overhead mirror with Granger’s unobserved shoulder. Dark brown eyes stared back at him, eyes so blue they couldn’t be Granger’s. His eyes blinked and he turned blue again. Scrooge took out a large silk handkerchief and began to wipe his brow. It was very warm; Maybe the Gremlins managed to break the ventilation. His head began to throb. Whether it was a direct result of being hit by the glass, or the sudden, unwelcome revelation that Granger didn’t want to turn her around because she wasn’t sure if he was sitting in front of her. It didn’t make sense!

The car pulls up in front of a haunted house, and Scrooge immediately knows it’s home. He let out a breath, the tension draining from him. Catch it! What earth fell on him. An unknown familiar face in the crowd, his imagination fell for one Big Time, which, to quote his usual cliché, was avoided at all costs. He sank back into the welcoming folds of the padded interior as the car slowed gently to a stop. Not easily yielding to the pressures that oppress powerful men, he had to admit to himself that his recent clandestine ‘coordination’ with some secret emissaries of the State had provoked his first spasm of anxiety in a long time. After Watergate, no one is considered immune, and what if this new “function” was a bridge too far? Now it is too late, the paint has been poured; moreover, the potential returns were enormous.

“Here we are, sir.”

“The final destination.”

The words moved Scrooge so far that he scattered his thoughts like a flock of startled crows. The phrase “final destination” conjures up tragic images of hapless teenagers meeting untimely encounters and endings in various clever and gruesome ways. A significant part of the young population was not opposed to such a fate. What needs did most of them have? Drugs and sex seem to be the only activities they do with any enthusiasm. The language they spoke was entirely unintelligible, and Scrooge saw little justification for their aimless existence unless they enlisted in the armed forces and channeled and directed their energies to more productive ends.

Granger opened the driver’s door and Scrooge watched as a large chunk of him disappeared onto the sidewalk. Normally, Granger’s presence was a source of comfort, offering protection and intimidation in equal measure. No Caesar felt safer than Scrooge when he was surrounded by Praetor’s guards. But not today. An eerie sense of foreboding seeped inside the limo like a fog, before it stopped purposefully outside her bedroom door as familiar eerie footsteps crept up the stairs and a child hid under the bed. The silence was the worst, containing all the possibilities of a child’s fear.

Depicted against the smoking glass, Grainger somehow looked much smaller and infinitely scarier. Obeying his first instinct, Scrooge moved hastily, as if trying to open the door with his hand from the outside, and fastened the latch on the inside. How many times has Granger done this procedure to shield her master from any unwanted media with her massive frame as Scrooge carefully emerges from his black cocoon? Maybe a thousand. But today was different, and the door was already being pushed open from the outside by an overwhelming force. There was no bed to sleep in, so he relaxed in the gray December twilight.

There was no one there. Where was Granger, and if she didn’t open the door, who did? With his back to the limousine, Scrooge didn’t want to leave the potential sanctuary it offered. Then he looked at Granger. He appears to have side-wrestled an unknown unfortunate who is pinned to the floor about 20 yards away but not yet completely crushed. Scrooge surveyed the area in alarm. Can there be more than one attacker? He knew that the last project he agreed to undertake was not without risk, but he did not anticipate that the risk would be of a physical nature. Certainly not as crude as an attack in the street in broad daylight. Where was the security? They must have been waiting for him to arrive if they had known that the private elevator had broken down. Something was very wrong.

Foresight was not one of Scrooge’s vices, so he assessed the situation and immediately determined his course of action. As tempting as it was to take refuge in a limousine, it wasn’t a viable option. Those brave enough to attack the castle of his personal empire will not be hindered by locked doors. clear”they‘ managed to cut the link between the limousine and the communications channel it believed to be secure. Interstellar Inc. This will be considered an absence by Security and Senior Staff. It also means that whoever planned it had access to some really serious hardware.

There was no sign of angel or devil on the marble staircase that rose like Jacob’s ladder from the frozen sidewalk. She was alone, vulnerable, and dark, waiting for Bogeyman’s call. To his left, Granger seemed to be in complete control of the situation, but why did she direct the unfortunate man towards Scrooge instead of the opposite direction? Was not Caesar killed by those whom he believed most loyal to him? Shadowy figures began to descend the marble stairs towards them. Obviously, the security finally took action. He looked at Granger, who was standing a few steps away with his arms around the unfortunate man. Scrooge decided to err on the side of discretion. Leaving the individual in Granger’s care, he turned to head up the stairs of his castle.

Two steps up he paused. Something was wrong. The figures on the stairs were still pointing at him, but they were moving very slowly. In fact, they kept pace with each other like mourners following a funeral procession. He remembered it like it was yesterday. It was Jacob’s funeral. He stepped back.

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