Listen To The Music The Sound Of The Angels Lyrics Supernatural Visits to Heaven, Hell, Meeting Jesus, Angels and the Saints in Visions – Part 3

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Supernatural Visits to Heaven, Hell, Meeting Jesus, Angels and the Saints in Visions – Part 3

He saw Jesus in a vision as he was scourged and watching his watchful counsel

I saw Jesus in a vision in the church, and he spoke of his coming and crucifixion, and when he showed his back, his body was cut into strips of flesh. He told me it was like this before he was nailed to the cross. He was so vivid in this vision that there was no difference between what I saw and whether I saw a fleshly human body in front of me. It was another funny scene to understand because I was looking at the body just before they hung it on the cross 2,000 years ago.

Did he appear after 2000 years to show me this body? Who knows? I saw Him and what He looked like five years ago in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. I can tell from what I’ve seen. I don’t think modern medicine, with all its technology and knowledge, could pierce and heal that spine, and from what I saw of that spine, I don’t know if today’s doctors could keep him alive even if they gave him that body. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

He stood on the stage of the church where I was later to be kicked out and arrested and told me some things I will never forget.

He was as clear as day to me in this vision, standing right before me in the flesh, but no one else could see Him.

He pointed to the screen above his head with the lyrics to the songs they were singing. As he pointed to the words on the screen, he asked me, “Are they singing about this Matthew? (meaning his crucifixion)

That’s when I met Jesus who was about to be questioned by the Pharisees.

I knew the answer He wanted me to give Him, but I knew that it didn’t lead to anything good.

“Yes Jesus, they’re singing about this crucifixion”

“Who are they singing this to Matthew?”

“They’re singing to you Jesus,” I said, not liking the way the question was going.

“Tell me if they were singing the praises of the Prime Minister for the great things he had done for these people, they would have continued to sing if that Prime Minister had walked into their church and stood in front of a worship team like me. Now?”

“No, I think they’ll go into shock and stop singing!”

“So here I am, Matthew, here I stand, why didn’t they stop singing?”

“Because they can’t see you and they don’t even know you’re here!”

“Then why can’t they feel me? Why is it that only you can see me and hear me talking to you?”

“I don’t know Jesus well!”

“Tell me, if I’m here and they’re singing this song to me, are they all looking up and singing to heaven, why are they doing that? Why are they looking up to heaven when I’m among them? I’m here Matthew , who are they singing for?”

“I don’t know Jesus very well” I had a really hard time following Him, but I knew what He was saying. He was saying they were singing in the air and going through all the right motions, but if they really knew him and his presence, they would stop and acknowledge him in their midst and be willing to listen. One thing is for sure, none of them looked his way, he was talking to me, so he couldn’t even hear them, so they weren’t singing to him.

“Tell me, if I showed them myself right now in the flesh, and they saw me, and knew me, and saw what they were singing about, would they continue to sing my praises, or would most of them be? Run out the door screaming ?”

“Lord, I think they usually end up screaming.”

“Okay, Matthew. Here’s a little lesson for you. If you’re going to sing me a song, sing it with all your heart. If you can’t get into the mood to sing to me and praise me, don’t sing. Be quiet. If you can’t sing me certain words or phrases in your song then don’t sing. Okay?”

“Yes, Lord,” I replied.

“Good. I’m off now, have a nice day!”

He walked from the pulpit, down the aisle, and out the back of the church.

A few months later, she returned to the church in the body of a homeless woman. And you know that story.

Jesus is coming to my church and watching the worship

Twice in the past 3 months I have seen Jesus standing on the second floor platform of our church, standing in the balcony watching the praise and worship. All the unused seats above were filled with angels, all of them worshiping their God with their hands raised in the air, none of them looking down.

Twice I waved to Jesus and he waved back, once He left before the service was over, once He came down and sat in an empty pew in the front pew and sat down for his sermon. When you forget that Jesus is there, turn your head, and listen to a sermon like Him, you know how to get some relief when Jesus shows up.

An angel dances before the Lord

What a joy it would be to see a female angel walk in the door of your church, right before the incarnation, before you and the worship team, ribbon in hand and dancing to the music. He glides all over the air and around his body in pure devotion to his Master. What a joy to worship the Lord God just by watching and singing this angelic lady dancing before her Creator. To see angles in worship. Oh what an honor, oh what a sight.

Jesus was seen once in a vision

I have seen Jesus in visions many times in the places I frequent, so I don’t even know the number. I think it might be twenty times that. On eight of these visits, I was with a disabled friend whom everyone likes to reject. Jesus saw fit to come and sit with us and talk with us. My friend and I both have the gift of prophecy, so we take turns relaying what He says to each other.

One day I was listening to music and chatting at another friend’s house when suddenly Jesus appeared and sat facing us on the sofa. All three of us could hear his voice and he talked to us for over an hour and answered many of our questions. I’ve been through a really tough time in my life with sin and I know I’m forgiven, but I’m so sorry for beating myself up about it and making such a poor excuse as a Christian. Through my best friend, who always sees him with me, Jesus told me that he was too harsh. It gave me a lot of relief. It was so nice to chat with the Prince of Peace and even spend time together when no one was chatting but we were all listening to music together.

Archangel in the flesh meets Michael as a human

I met Archangel Michael in the flesh and was with him for forty-five minutes in a cab and it was only when he got off and left me that I knew he was an angel. I ran to the airport and looked everywhere he could be and he was gone! Years later, Jesus told me who he was. When my life was in danger and I needed protection, I saw Michael fly from heaven once, and when Jesus appeared to me in Sydney, I saw Him with Jesus three times.

From all my experiences trying to understand that it was Michael who sat and ministered to a very sad man who was fighting in court to allow me to see my unborn child. A wife whom I loved but did not want to see my son was a very difficult thing for me to accept and accept publicly. I keep wondering why Jesus sent His heavenly captain to my car to sit with me and counsel me through the scriptures and the words of the Lord. Why me? Any angel was good enough. Any of them could have given me the message Michael had given me and relied on it. Why does it have to be a powerful angel who will one day throw Satan into Hell? Some people might see me meeting Michael and talking to him in the taxi in the car and bragging about being with him for forty-five minutes. Some may not believe it. Well, you make good company. This is one thing I often ask Jesus if He is really telling me this or if my mind is playing tricks on me.

However, the Lord calls me to obey. I really think there’s one person who reads this story about my life and the extraordinary, and they’ll really gain confidence from this experience, and they’ll see that I’m just a normal guy, and they’ll start to get into it. Jesus commands and I truly believe that one day this person will have a bigger and better story than me. I pray that before you all die, you will see Jesus, see the logic of obeying Jesus, and begin to know Him in a truly deep and meaningful way.

The Angelic Choir brings peace and anointing to our church worship

Twice I have seen the choir of angels sing, and one after the other in two churches I attend. They were both above the praise and worship team and both heard us singing the same songs.

One time when people were baptizing me in the church fifteen years ago, the roof of the church opened and I saw in heaven and Jesus rose from his throne and said this.

“Do you feel the peace and joy here?”

I said I could and heard the angels sing.

Jesus said: “Matthew, I want you to be baptized, and then to preach my word and to baptize all people in my name.”

You can say that this was my personal big task. Until then, I didn’t have the courage to be baptized, because before they could baptize you, you had to give a five-minute testimony. I lived as a Christian from the age of eight to twenty-seven, and was not baptized for fear of the microphone.

Now I’ve preached three times in church, about 15 times on the streets of Sydney, and four times I’ve spoken to industry professionals on mental health, and I get paid fifty dollars an hour for these talks. A handy person during the reckoning!

So I watched the chorus three times!

Angels with the most amazing jobs in the universe

Meeting the cupbearers

I have had two encounters with Jesus’ chalice angel. In fact, I think there may be two, I met one on the first visit and the other on the second. This is one of my favorite visions that being a personal servant of the Lord will be my most sought after job in eternity. Just serving Jesus coffee and wine, washing his clothes, serving him and being with him 24/7 would be the best job in the universe. I still can’t meet them, and I didn’t even know that the King of Kings had such a position before I met them. I have never read about these angels in any book written by men.

A special Christmas party with Mary Magdalene, the mother of Jesus, John the Apostle, Paul the Apostle and Jesus.

Last year Jesus brought guests down to earth to meet me, and this year he brought four guests to a homeless Christmas party. Every guest is special to me and I noticed that both ladies were laughing when I got up and danced madly.

I pray that my meetings have blessed you. I am convinced that if one obeys Jesus and submits to His will on earth, one will encounter extraordinary encounters. Jesus said the pure in heart will meet God, why not this week!!

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