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Sacred Love – Love is a Lifestyle – Make Your Home a Santuary for Your Love

A home full of love

With all my heart, with all my soul

with all his being

I’m saying

I love you.

I choose to honor the gifts that fate has given me in my life

I chose to surrender to the cosmos

let romance be true.

I choose to follow the light of love we share

I chose to open our love

and I chose to love you

I chose to see from you

true woman, beautiful, smart and cool

I choose to be here as I am, in love

Without fear

I am, as you know, in many ways

Not of this world, I bring you love

I bring you the cosmos because only you can be

Heaven is true

Love to create is self-love

We put our energy into everything we do. The environment in which you share your love life is one of the most important places to acknowledge that love is a priority.

Your home can celebrate love so much that it maintains relationships through difficult challenges.

Designing your home with the essence of love is an important part of creating sacred love in your home. The environment a person lives in affects his mind, health and heart more than anything else in life. An individual living among thieves will evolve and eventually take their energy. Therefore, our space is a vital step towards creating holy love. Here are some tips to improve your beloved space.

1. Be in your element

Create zones at home where work, TV, cooking, and sleeping are separated from intimacy and romance. Have a parents-only area, or put the TV in the TV room instead of the family room, so you, your significant other, and the kids can sit together without being entertained (distracted) by the TV.

2. Everything has a voice

Consider the energy carried by the objects. I have seen pictures of stolen property, ashes of the dead, old furniture bearing the pain of former relatives, pictures of torture placed where love should have flourished. Antiques are wonderful, and some of them, even the cheap ones, have such a wonderful charm. But if your love changes after you buy something for your home or paint a new picture on the wall, be aware that those items can carry very bad energy. In our busy lives, we don’t pay much attention to the energy that things carry. You can go out, buy something and put it at home without thinking about what energy it brings. However, we can be very affected by this energy. Everything has a story that is bigger than its function, which means that things carry certain feelings.

3. Where beauty is revealed, love flourishes.

The whole science of romance starts with the environment you create. Each of us will see the quality of this environment differently. Sometimes we have to consider this very carefully, because when two people with different elements live in the same house, one of them can lose the space where their heart and soul is at home. A water person will be completely unromantic and uncomfortable in a fire person’s home. There is no compromise. Romance is the element of water. This means that even if you’re an ethereal person who likes the cool clean lines of glass and concrete, your love field should be soft and cushioned. Try to take care of this area of ​​love. Be careful when walking on the streets with muddy shoes. Realize the value of the environment and you will realize the value of love. (See next chapter on Compassion)

4. Thoughts travel through walls that cannot be penetrated by words

Be wary of those who carry worry, anger, and violence, and allow them to flow into your home. This home is sacred and our home is open to others, but there are those who wish you both evil. Often they are your relatives, but if you are not a fan, it is better to hold these meetings in a public place.

5. Nothing affects the mind except the environment in which it rests

Consider how dark news, violent television, aggressive music, and bad attitudes affect the space created for love. I’ve seen some self-indulgent people invade other people’s offices and homes, leaving a trail of the darkest energy in their wake. They care about nothing but the right to express their anger, and they have no regard for its effects.

6. Consider the energy of the gift.

I met a woman for a consultation and she was overwhelmed with expensive jewelry. She divorced her husband 2 years ago. When I asked about all this jewelry, she told me that her ex-husband kept giving it all as gifts. Then she says what a nasty, ugly, horrible person this man is, and she won’t leave him alone. This jewelry was her way of stamping her signature on every moment of her life. Throw away the stamp of your previous relationship on your new relationship. Free up your energy and romance for something new. It is like putting fresh water in a vase with flowers.

7. Speak the truth of love at home

Watch how you speak. Words have different meanings. Words sit on walls, pillows, and ceilings. An angry person’s house remains angry even after death. A depressed person’s clothes carry this feeling. That’s why you should be very careful when buying used goods. A thieving seller not only affects his own life by stealing, but also pollutes the goods he sells. Your word is your chance to restore your home. Avoid gossip, bad mouthing, and negative thoughts that harm others. Make your home a sanctuary of romantic and loving thoughts. Beware of people on the phone cursing you, rejecting you, breaking your home and your heart.

8. You become what you think about yourself.

Dharma is proof. Each book has a message on the spine. That book speaks to your subconscious. If you’re recovering from an alcohol addiction, pass the book on after you’ve finished drinking. Healing books heal you. Surround yourself with great books that reflect your passion for life. A colleague of mine reads biographies every week. The main place where he lived, he stamped the name of every great leader he respected on the spine of that book. Be sure that the books and their titles convey stories straight through your conscious brain and into your heart. That’s why my books have simple titles. They work to manifest in your subconscious mind without actually reading the content.

9. Ghosts talk in pictures

Photography affects the house. Do you see more in the guru than in your lover? Do you honor any statue more than the silky skin of your lover’s hand? Instead of worshiping the icons of distant religions and beliefs, spend a few dollars and put a picture of your lover or a picture of your dreams on the walls of your home. Ghosts speak in pictures. Children’s pictures strengthen the understanding of children about your love. But it can never beat the picture of your beloved lover. Photos of relatives, parents and friends also have a place, but none of them should fill the space of love and intimacy, which is a good decoration of the TV room.

10. Demand respect for the sanctity of the home.

There are people who put food on your pillow and don’t care. There are people stepping on your picture. There are people in your church whose children are out of control. You have the right to desire and receive the sanctity of your space. It protects your territory. One woman I consulted received phone calls from people with all kinds of negative attitudes, wherever she was in her home. He could not rest at home because he did not know how to protect himself and his home from negative feelings.

11. Evaluate the ceremonial gifts.

I believe rituals are an important component of a loving relationship. I believe in the value of awareness. However, I don’t really believe in big ceremonies, mine are small everyday events. Like taking off your day shoes before entering the house. Like putting things on the table rather than throwing them. It’s like creating a ritual of cleanliness and being mindful of where the towel goes after you shower. Bathing before bed, thinking of others when it comes to my socks, etc. I believe in the ritual of lighting candles at dinner and turning off the TV while eating. I believe in harvesting, not doing two things at the same time. These little ceremonies are how I create love in my space.

12. Make changes at home.

There are few houses in Asia that are not renovated. A place of prayer for memories of the past, symbols of love and honoring a higher power. These variations can be simple boxes covered with cloth, or in some cases I’ve seen, rooms with golden statues covered in marble. It’s not how expensive the clothes are, it’s how much respect and dedication you put into their order, care and maintenance. My clothes are usually small leaves I collect from the garden on the way home.

13. Your bed is a sacred space and respect its privacy.

Staying at friends’ houses and sleeping on the spare bed can tell a lot about the person who slept there before me. It’s a disgusting reality in hotels, where people take turns sleeping in your bed and you’re next. Their hygiene, their thoughts and their suffering (on the negative side) infect that bed and that room and invade your sleep. When you change your relationship, change your bed. Keeping linen fresh is a sign of deep self-respect.

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