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How to Be a Positive Person

I’ve been counseling using positive psychology for years. Positive and happy people have an easier time in their lives and recover from problems faster. Even if you can’t change who you are, there are always things you can do to increase your level of optimism. Whether you realize it or not, you are responsible for making yourself better, and no one else is responsible for making you better.

To be more positive:

• Write down and visualize your goals: this will program your brain and help you find positive steps you can take to achieve your goals. This will alert your brain to notice things and events related to your goals. You’ll have more information about specific events, opportunities, and people who can help. You’ll be more specific about what you want, and it will seep into your speech and your general attitude, and other people will be able to pick up on it.

• Ask for what you want politely: The easiest way to get what you want is to make a pleasant request and deliver it with a big smile and a warm look. A polite smile, eye contact, and a warm thank you are very important when fulfilling a request. If you ask confidently, as if you expect a yes, it will increase your chances of getting one. “Come to lunch with me” means “You don’t want to go to lunch, do you?”

• Dress and act like you think you’re special: The more you respect yourself, the more others will respect you. Introduce yourself, dress up, and role play.

• Accept kindness, gifts, and praise with gratitude. Don’t worry about whether you deserve a compliment: if someone says something nice and you say you don’t deserve it, you’re effectively calling that person a liar; It’s not attractive at all. Gratitude for kindness begets more kindness. There is nothing better than saying “thank you very much” to appreciate a kind person and make them want to give you more. You can also take credit and share: “Thank you so much, this was really Susan’s idea.” Accepts compliments and shares love.

• Practice in new situations before you do: I recommend “rewinding the tape”: imagine yourself taking a small risk and see how the scene unfolds. “Rewind the tape” a few times and watch the scene again. Practice until you are comfortable with different reactions and different approaches. Then you can try it out in the real world.

To enhance your positive experience, take the following steps before any new activity.

1. Make a mental note of the possibilities: Can you learn something there? Can you meet a new friend? Can it be fun? Will it just feel good to leave the house and be around new people?

2. Remind yourself of your purpose: You’re there to make new friends, have fun, or learn.

3. Assess your positive personal qualities: What do your friends like about you? What do you like about yourself? Your wit, sense of humor, style, and conversational skills? Are you a kind and caring person? By reminding yourself of these qualities, you will be in the process of spreading positive energy.

• Change your thoughts: Everyone has a conversation going on in their head that can be negative and self-defeating or positive and energizing. Your thoughts affect your mood and how you treat yourself can lift or dampen your mood. Nerve activity in the brain activates hormones synonymous with emotion. One thing you can do is control your self-talk: what do you say to yourself about the day ahead, mistakes, and good luck? If these messages are negative, changing them can really boost your mood and optimism. The good news is that you can replace your negative monologue with something more positive.

Self-talk is the most powerful tool you can use to transform your negative feelings into positive ones, and your negative relationships with your partner into love. Your brain repeats the familiar over and over again, wearing out the established neural pathways more and more deeply. Repeating a mantra, affirmation, or choice over and over creates new pathways that eventually become automatic. New thoughts will pop into your head like old thoughts, or like a famous song you’ve heard over and over again.

• Know who you are: if you like to be quiet, have quiet conversations, or like big parties, it may be genetic: your hearing and nervous system may be more sensitive than someone else’s. character will not disappear. However, you can make the most of it and learn that having a lot of silence in your life will make you a happier person. Quiet moments with your partner are special to you and will make you happy.

On the other hand, if you’re a party animal who loves noise and excitement, you can also use this as an asset. You will bring a party to your relationship and music and activities will lift your spirits.

• Take charge of your negative thoughts: (this is something you have control over), turn them around; argue with them, fight with them, wrestle with them. Spend energy on it. Let go of anything you can’t control, like other people, life events, losses, disappointments, etc. Stop trying to change the unchangeable, accept what is, let it be, and live your life. Yes, I know it’s easier said than done, but once you manage it, life itself becomes easier. Fretting about things you can’t control is an endless, useless waste of energy you could use elsewhere.

Try a few things to help you be more positive:

• Journaling: Write positive comments in your daily calendar about a job well done or any accomplishments you want to celebrate. Your partner will also appreciate a little love note or thank you note left to surprise and delight.

• Look back to your childhood: Use activities that felt like a celebration in your childhood: did your family toast with champagne or sparkling wine, special desserts, gatherings of friends or prayers of thanksgiving? Create a festive atmosphere: use balloons, music, flowers, candles, or set the table with the best china. Work with your partner to include both elements of your childhood celebration.

• Use visual reminders: Surround yourself with visible evidence of your success. Plant a commemorative rose bush, get a new plant to celebrate a job well done, or display photos of fun events, sports or hobby trophies. It is a constant reminder that you will appreciate yourself and your partner and feel it every day.

• Reward yourself and your friends: Eat ice cream, high five each other, toast with a fancy glass of champagne or gingerbread, take a day off just for the two of you, and party every chance you get.

• Try laughing: Find ways to laugh with your partner and others around you every day. Share your jokes, funny memes, comedies and internet jokes. It can help lower your blood pressure, calm your pulse, and generally relieve stress.


Gratitude is a constant reminder that life is not bad. I see the positive effects of focusing on gratitude for my clients every day. The things we feel good about are simple, so taking the time to notice what you’re grateful for can help you record the good things in your life, reduce stress and anxiety, and make you feel better. about yourself, your relationships, your life. Stress and anxiety cause the body to release adrenaline and testosterone, while focusing on gratitude floods you with oxytocin, acetylcholine, and other calming and relaxing substances. Hormones are emotions and emotions are hormones, so when you’re full of happy hormones, you’ll feel better, and so will the people around you.

• Daily Gratitude: Take time each day to be grateful for everything that happens to you. Do it quietly for yourself to impress others. If you say grace before a meal, say it quietly and think about how lucky you are. Shake hands with your partner or family to thank them for their love.

• Keep a Gratitude List: List all the good things that happen throughout the week, whether it’s a funny email, a phone call, a business success, a gesture of love, or a good moment with your partner. At the end of the week, you will be surprised how much money you will receive.

• Thank your loved ones: Thanking your partner allows you to both feel valued. Gratitude is powerful and, when used correctly, is far more motivating than demanding, criticizing, or scolding. Creative gratitude is the most powerful kind. When you’re paying attention, it’s easy to determine what kind of thank you will make the person remember. Recognition is a powerful motivator, and a little appreciation can go a long way.

• Resist negative thoughts: Whenever a negative thought comes into your head, be grateful for the good things in your life and resist them. Shift your focus from the wrong to the right.

• Count your blessings: Count everything you have and everything you cherish. Keep a gratitude journal and note all the positive things that happen to you, the things you love, and the tender moments. Or start a gratitude jar and write down the positive things in your life and relationships, the friends you love, your favorite possessions, and tender moments on paper and store them in the jar. Then, whenever you feel down, depressed, or discouraged, take out a few papers and read them. Reminding yourself of all the things you have to be grateful for will lift your spirits and help you remember that your life is good.

• Get to know yourself: Just checking in with yourself every day and knowing how you feel and what you’re thinking about everything going on in your life will make you happier and less stressed. Being kind to yourself and having good relationships will make all your interactions with other people go smoother. Whether you realize it or not, your relationship with yourself sets the pattern for how you relate to your partner. By developing a nurturing way of relating to yourself, you create a personal experience of giving and receiving love.

• Know how to soothe yourself: Getting to know your feelings can help you make the right choices at every stage of your life. When you know how you feel, you know how to calm yourself down when you’re stressed or tired. What makes you most comfortable? What relaxes you? What helps you recharge? It could be anything from a bubble bath, shooting baskets, yoga class, favorite music, a long walk in the countryside, a good workout, a phone call with your best friend, or a nap. Make a list of your favorite “personal chargers” and include simple things you can do on the cheap (like relaxing with a cup of tea, reading your favorite book, etc.) as well as very special things (vacation, massage, massage, etc.). face). Keep a list that you can refer to whenever you need to recharge, and use it often.

• Sustain happiness: Do your best to bring as much happiness as possible to yourself and others. Being happy is undeniably good for you; The endorphins it releases relieve stress and pain, and improve health and immunity. Happiness makes you happy to be alive and pleasant to be around.

• Make regular time for yourself: Time is important to me in developing a relationship with myself. It’s a guarantee that you’re taking care of yourself just as much as your partner takes care of you when they spend time with you. Take your business meeting or time with your partner seriously. This will help you stay balanced and become a better partner.

• Spend time with people you love: Being with people who love and care about you is a great way to reinforce your personal worth and affirm that your life has meaning and purpose. Take good care of your friendships and relationships. Knowing you are loved is a great way to take care of yourself. Taking care of your emotions means thinking about your emotional health and being in touch with your feelings. When you focus on taking care of yourself emotionally, you and your partner will find hope and energy, which gives you more reason to be grateful.

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