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Michael Jackson – A Message From the Grave

June 25, 2009 will go down in history as the day the American icon breathed his last. I go back to forensics school over the years as I hear the media over and over about the untimely, tragic, and unnecessary death of Michael Jackson and the occasional flashback to the suffering and death of Farah Fawcett. We were given a challenge to “profile” someone in the news. I can’t help but mention Michael and his deadly personality. At the same time, I am very sorry; Not just out of sympathy for the millions of mourners, but the depth of truth, knowing that millions will bury their family and friends for the same reason. I feel a responsibility to share the truth and give the uninformed a “heads up” about Michael Jackson’s murder. Farah’s death is a completely different story, but for an important article, but Michaels passing could save the lives of millions of people who will die with him. Because his character is the character of millions of people. Michael won’t be performing live, but even in death he can still be an icon…..

What really killed Michael Jackson?

Michael’s autopsy is scheduled, so the toxicology report isn’t out yet, but that doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to know that the human heart can work for more than 50 years if it is not obstructed in any way. Michael would have been the best in modern medical care, and we know that heart disease would be known and covered. I suspect he has a long history of drug abuse, and his personality profile confirms that possibility in my opinion. If you think it’s obvious that this is the case, then some who are “in the know” will say that some are suicidal, and even if they are right, many will not understand it. Some would say that Michael’s blood is in the hands of a bunch of paid, private activists, and they’d be right. Others will say it’s a product of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals, but others will blame it on society. All will be correct. Let me explain that the message of Michael’s death should not be diluted, that if possible, he will save the lives of your friends, family, and possibly millions of you.

It all started many years ago, actually about the beginning of time. Humans have been searching forever for ways to escape from their own mind, suppress anxiety, and stir from the depths of depression. Ways to strike a balance between the two extremes. Throughout history, man has sought out and experimented with alcohol and almost every other substance in search of that miracle drug to escape the stresses of life; the “feel good” way. We’ve seen an era where thousands of people decided to “escape reality” by taking up marijuana as a full-time occupation. We are now in an era where many people turn to illegal drugs to get through the day. On the other side of this eternal quest, we’ve seen many models of mental health counseling emerge, from Freudian to delusional, that there may be one, and in all these years and development, we haven’t found that cure.

The medical revolution of the 20th century brought new hope and many believed it would be “fixed”. When Valium appeared, it seemed like the answer to our eternal quest, but the mind has a unique way of reaching for new symptoms in any attempt to avoid responsibility. From Valium, we have developed countless chemicals to calm the mind, block out the reality of our daily demons, and escape from ourselves, from the daily stress or unhappiness of life. Believers in the Word are not immune to this eternal quest to find ways to blur reality, but unfortunately, they are more stressed for a variety of reasons that are beyond the scope of this article. Suffice it to say that the church fails to fulfill its responsibility to teach the whole Word, and the congregation does not follow the instructions to keep them spiritually healthy. Believers and non-believers alike experience the pain of being human.

I think we will find out after Michael Jackson’s untimely death as we seek ways to deal with chronic stress caused by our failure to control our minds and emotions with logic. You see, it is illogical (emotional action) to abuse medication when the warnings are clear. Michael witnessed the overdose death of Anna Nicole Smith, he was married to Elvis’ daughter, he had knowledge and information and ignored the warnings. Maybe it was a death wish, maybe it was just an addiction, but I suspect we’ll never know the answer to that. He differs only in that he is 8 years older than the king of rock, Elvis. The average person’s life is stressful, but being a “king” obviously adds a bit of stress. Michael woke up every morning and went to bed every night, a victim of his fame and the mental toll that led to his physical demise. We have witnessed his last years with child abuse trials, financial failures and the death of Michael Jackson. Witnessed a complete transformation from the innocence of “I’ll be there” to the character known as “whacko Jacko”. His transformation from the King of Pop to Whako was a result of his mental anguish and perhaps his inability to find himself as an adult, but his death may have been directly related to his inability to control his stress. it turned him on.

So who really killed Michael Jackson?

In the first paragraph of this article, we take a step back and talk about how people have been searching for magic pills to relieve stress since ancient times. Although we have yet to discover it, human greed combined with a genuine desire to advance medicine has provided a deadly cocktail for those who choose to use and abuse it, but the stress remains as we wait to take responsibility and face our demons. . First of all, I will lay the blood of Michaels death on the “powers”, the government and the states that allow the drug companies to unwittingly promote to the public that the latest dangerous chemicals are the solution to all problems. bonuses are paid to the doctors who prescribe them. This greed for big dollars with carefully orchestrated advertising has turned the American people into a nation of Sheople who medicalize all their problems without taking personal responsibility.

Then I would have to put Michaels blood on those who activated him, who also acted out of greed. Highly paid medical “experts” know the dangers, know the pros and cons, but don’t just say no. In the end, I have to say that none of this would have mattered and he would still be alive today if Michael had taken responsibility for his stress relief without the chemicals.

Michael paid the ultimate price because the government ignored the millions of people dying from dangerous drugs and decided to look for medicines that offered natural solutions. He paid the ultimate price for the greed of drug companies who work to convince him that dangerous drugs are the first choice for all human ills, and no doubt paid handsomely to help him kill himself. . Michaels death was by his own hands, influenced by a deeply broken society. Michael was acquitted and paid for his irresponsibility. If we’re going to blame his supporters, let’s do it fairly and hold them accountable against all of the above.

And Sheople will continue to perish

I offer these thoughts to the millions of people who think they can’t get through the day without drugs to numb reality, and to the few who choose to read more often and not perish because of their own irresponsibility. As long as we continue to rely on science to absolve ourselves of responsibility, we will continue to perish needlessly. The medicine that promises to deliver us only expands the mind, suppresses logic, and turns the crowd into a volatile recipe for tumultuous, swirling emotions and disaster. Half of our cars are driven by therapist drivers, and we have road rage, adults walking into schools, and slaughtering innocent people. Half of our families are medicated, and we are creating a world where family communities are dysfunctional and dysfunctional children are not medicated. As believers, we see in Genesis what happens when we replace logic with emotion; It certainly wasn’t a logical move that started humanity’s current downward spiral, which continues to kill millions because of its failure to follow logic. It is illogical to put a bomb on a child and let him die, and it is illogical to believe that God would want that for the children He created. Remember Michael, remember the danger lurking beneath the expensive pharmaceutical ads, these chemicals do nothing but destroy logic. If you are one of the millions of people who cry one minute and are crazy the next, change your diet, ditch the sugary chemicals and processed junk and eat wholesome, natural foods. Your hormones and temperament will be balanced. Help those you care about cope with stress and avoid daily medications. Stop being a healthy role model to your kids and teach them logic and self-responsibility because you are setting them on a path for life. Find safe and natural ways to relieve stress before you start. Remember, stress is a “state of mind” and you can either change it, or you can let it consume you, it’s a choice. Remember that your past does not determine your future, and how you handled stress in your life yesterday does not determine how you will handle it tomorrow. Although chemicals can sometimes help, understand that long-term use is what happened to Michael, and don’t let it happen to you. If you have a chronic condition and haven’t been “hit by a truck,” it’s probably just stress and it’s in your best interest to stay away from a doctor who only offers meds. Let logic prevail, if you can’t avoid being influenced by slick TV commercials that promise to make all your problems go away, you’d better get your vacuum cleaner out the back door, pick up a nutrition book, pick up a Bible and look for guidance….

Remember Michael, he either left us with only his music, or in death, he can remain an icon to free millions of people from drug advertising and drug addiction. Which one will he be yours?

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