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4G Wireless – The Magic Wand

“Some men and women see things as they are and say why; I dream of things that never were and say why not?” said George Bernard Shaw.

In a few years, many satellites around the world will be connected wirelessly. Instead of retracing the travel routes of developed countries, developing countries jump into the latest technology and go wireless. If the world’s poor get free phones to talk to their governments, bank loans, and economic development tools like roads, schools, hospitals, etc., the power of cheap wireless technology will come. Wireless freedom will boost millions of entrepreneurs, overcome the challenges faced by micro-entrepreneurs due to their vulnerability to the mass market and its lack of access to market information, and open efficient channels to global consumers. Farmers and fishermen can open their markets and sell their products wherever they can get the best price. This will create a greater opportunity for the working poor to get out of poverty.

Rural segment wireless connectivity will reduce rural-urban migration by improving small and micro-enterprises and improving jobs and livelihoods in rural areas. By turning mobile phones into revenue generating devices, micro-entrepreneurs can easily list their products on large online marketplaces without the need for a computer, closing the technological and socio-economic gap caused by the “digital divide”.

This will enable quick access to aid during civil emergencies and natural disasters, thereby saving thousands of lives. Wireless communication will provide access to health extension services in the most remote corners of the world. Telemedicine services will become the norm, including remote diagnosis and treatment advice, and increased access to up-to-date market and pricing information. Wireless communication will greatly reduce transaction opportunity costs for farmers and rural traders, facilitate educational services such as distance learning, and improve accountability, transparency, and efficiency in a variety of government activities through information systems developed in rural areas. an industry that helps millions advance in life. It is hoped that this will improve the standard of living around the world.

No 4G wireless

The 4th generation wireless standard continues to evolve. If we implement it, our way of life will change. 4G wireless cell phones will be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, light as a pen, and the gadget will be mobile with data transfer speeds of over 100Mps, as well as full home theater surround sound experience and downloads. complete with high-definition movies and a micro projector that can show movies on any flat surface, and you can watch digital movies on it, giving it a 3D feel.

To purchase newspapers and magazines, all content can be downloaded wirelessly. The device can be used to make purchases (payment is transferred to a mobile phone instead of a credit card); It can also be used for many other activities that require cash. The salesperson may ask if the card or cell phone will be recharged. Mobile phones will be our eyes and ears, so ‘smart’ and ‘intelligent’ that they will not only tell us the next big sale or the best price on the number one model car, but also warn us how old the fish is. Be alerted by a sniper’s skull in the dark or a landslide ahead.

These mobile phones can be used for daily life activities such as controlling various home appliances like AC, rice cooker, refrigerator, etc., and will also be used to operate customized functions depending on the user’s requirements, Nursing and healthcare services will change drastically. Doctors will be able to perform routine patient examinations remotely or respond immediately to emergencies with their wearable mobile phones. The doctor can see the patient on the screen and give first aid instructions.

Medical information can be transmitted directly to an ambulance or hospital. A person can be installed right from the mobile phone they are carrying. These mobile phones can also be used in disaster management by transmitting real-time information of disaster-affected areas, independent of time, space and user identity. The price and communication capabilities of this mobile phone will be so low that the poorest people in the world will rush to use this technology.

4G wireless research.

Research into 4G Wireless has been ongoing for the past few years. These networks promise much higher total data throughput and a wider range of services than current second and third generation (2G-3G) networks can deliver. All-IP wireless networking has become the most popular platform for 4G wireless networking. The design of future wireless network architecture must take into account that the peak load in 4G wireless networks will be high-speed, content-rich, bursty traffic, which will cause significant challenges to all existing wireless networks.

Technologies used in existing networks. Many research activities are investigating the architectural design of 4G wireless networks that are capable, adaptive, flexible, scalable, interoperable with different network technologies (including legacy 2G, 2.5G, and 3G networks), and allow for different network applications. Research is underway on how to create seamless migration and interoperability between legacy networks and future 4G wireless networks.

4G architecture.

A 4G wireless network architecture is recommended to effectively address all the limitations and challenges of current wireless network technology. Next-generation wireless network research includes many cutting-edge research topics such as layer co-optimization design, quality of service assurance, dynamic network resource allocation, ad-hoc/mesh routing algorithms, heterogeneous networks, collaborative network detection, and vertical routing. /horizontal network service integration,. 4G Network Planning * Network Resource Allocation and Allocation * Fault Tolerance and Service Availability * 4G Killer Applications * 4G Network Standardization Conducting cutting-edge research.

4G Wireless Design Forum

The 4G Design Forum tried to implement the various features that were considered necessary for a 4G system that were put forward by various potential users during the discussion. 4G Forum has reached a consensus to resolve

(1)Education, Arts, Science-oMany users appreciate the ability to access a wide range of information without any location restrictions. There were many comments that knowledge and information comparable to that provided in school classrooms could be obtained through mobile communications.

(2) Entertainment services oMany consumers wanted to be able to watch movies anywhere using their free time. Its “universal nature” (can be served anytime, anywhere) and “personality” (implementing a variety of entertainment services on personal terminals) are well recognized.

(3)Business -oUsers appreciated the elimination of the need to carry large amounts of information on paper with carts.

(4)Visual Communications-oMany people have recognized the need for services, especially the need to show their videos in real time to relatives who live far away.

(5)Work-oMany people today value the ability to access their separate mobile phones, tickets, wallets, and keys from one terminal.

(6)Mobile EC -oMany has received high valuations due to the possibility of purchasing from mobile terminals and the prospect of new business. It looked so impressive that some people expressed their fear of too much mobile shopping.

(7)Daily life -oIt is considered a very suitable image to use. A lot of people wanted to implement it with a sufficient level of security, such as retina authentication.

(8) Nursing and health care-oMany people shared their feelings about being able to ensure the health status of their elderly relatives from far away places.

(9) Emergency treatment-oMany people felt that in an emergency, it is necessary to understand the situation of the place and the condition of the injured person in time, or to access the information of the medical record.

(10) Use in Disasters- Many felt that communication was necessary to ensure the safety of others and to obtain information on evacuation routes in the event of a disaster.

4G wireless platforms.

The standard model of the 4G Wireless platform consists of the following

· Mobile phone terminal,

· 4G mobile communication system infrastructure, and

· Service platform.

Mobile phone terminal.

It performs multilink communication with 4G systems and other system infrastructures. The system infrastructure performs multi-hop communication when contact is unavailable. The mobile terminal is equipped with various interfaces, such as electronic paper viewing, voice, image and character recognition. In addition, security, authentication and authorization functions are strengthened by biometric sensors and copyright credentials. With the mobile terminal reset function, users can download and run various applications or customize the mobile phone. A number of functional requirements for mobile terminals and connected devices are characteristic of future mobile terminals.

4G system infrastructure

The 4G system infrastructure enables high-speed, high-volume transmission and high-quality multimedia transmission. The system has an inter-layer QoS notification function to manage inter-layer QoS. Model domains related to the vision of future systems are: Services and Applications, Service Support Platforms in Packet-based Core Networks, New Radio Access, Mobile Network Support Capabilities, New Mobile Access Capabilities, New Mobile Wireless Access (NWA) Capabilities and Interconnection Support . New radio access, 2G/3G cellular systems, WLAN, Digital Broadcasting, Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC), etc. and can configure ad hoc networks through the terminal.

Service platform

It consists of many servers and agents. Based on the position information system, it provides navigation functions, monitors user authority, and manages and integrates personal information through biometric authentication. The service platform is designed to connect to distributed database systems or high-quality content servers, control access rights using an authentication server, and deliver video and music content from the content server using an agent that matches the user’s preferences or terminal capabilities. It also relates to social/disaster prevention systems. A highly resilient network is configured to enable multicast communications in times of disaster. Automatic transmission of emergencies related to biometric sensors of the terminals will also be done.

A variety of studies, including the refinement of benchmarks developed for service platforms and system infrastructures, are being conducted to contribute to the development of 4G mobile systems and fulfill the quest for next-generation mobility. of communication systems.


Research into 4G (Fourth Generation) mobile communications is underway around the world, and this technology is expected to be introduced worldwide in 2010. While the technology is still in its infancy, countries have already made commitments to implement it. India has announced that it will skip 3G technology and jump from 2G to 4G. China, Korea and Japan are working together to develop 4G phones; China will introduce 4G technology for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The world is looking to 4G to transform people’s daily lives.

About a billion SMS sent worldwide would create a multi-million dollar industry by itself. These are dreams that can easily come true. 4G Wireless will bring civilizations together like never before. It will transform the lives of all human beings into a richer and more civilized life, a more flexible and diverse life, a more comfortable and secure life, and a more private and comfortable life.

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