Music That Will Make You Fall Asleep In 3 Seconds Creative Writing Tips – Top 20 Distractions and Excuses That Keep You From Writing

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Creative Writing Tips – Top 20 Distractions and Excuses That Keep You From Writing

People often cite things in their lives that are too distracting and prevent them from working on their writing/creative projects. They also like to make excuses that have blocked their creative outlet for years. This article on creative writing tips provides 20 possible solutions to distractions or excuses. That way you can say, “I’m choosing not to deal with these issues,” instead of blaming them for not writing. Acceptance is the first step, right? 🙂

1. My phone keeps ringing with calls or texts.

Turn it off or be awesome and space out. Believe it or not, the world will move on if you’re out of touch, even for a moment. If you don’t believe me, try ten minutes and see if the world is here. If so, try increasing that time little by little. If not, you are a very important person!

2. People keep sending me direct messages.

Quit the offending program or uninstall the dangerous one. I deleted AOL Instant Messenger two years ago and since then my life has been much more productive. If you’re worried about missing someone’s message, tell them you’re busy doing something nice for an hour.

3. My house, cafe, basement, attic or street is too noisy.

Write elsewhere? If you want to get out of trouble, finding a quiet place is not that difficult. When I want to be quiet, the local library, bookstore, or quiet restaurants help me. If you need to be in a noisy area, earplugs are a cheap solution, and noise canceling headphones are a bit more expensive. Finally, the bathroom is the best way.

4. I am too shocked or shocked to write!!!

Oh, relax. Read my article on quitting coffee first :). Second, instead of just stopping writing, think for a second. What have you done in the past when you needed to relax and unwind? Read a book? Ever heard of Frank Sinatra? How long have you been lying down? Try what works for you and then go back to writing. It will be easier to start.

5. I constantly feel the need to check my email, traffic stats, soccer scores, etc. on my computer.

Turn it off, unplug it, or leave the house. Challenge yourself to hold it for as long as possible. How to write without a computer? Go back to your old school and get out your paper and pencil.

6. My computer is broken, too slow or in use.

See paper tip in #5. If you need to use a computer, ask a friend or find an internet cafe.

7. My favorite TV show or movie is on.

Turn it off, unplug it, or leave the house. These days, almost every popular TV show will be online the next day. And if you have a TiVo or DVR, problem solved. This is your time to write, don’t let CBS tell you otherwise. If it’s a movie you like, find a way to record it or buy a DVD. Many of these solutions involve sacrificing immediate gratification for ultimate fulfillment. Trust me when I say this: TV is more important than you.

8. I am too tired to write.

Get up, walk, stretch, and eat an apple and raw almonds. Turn up the music and dance a little. If none of that helps, get up and write. It’s hard to get up and go to sleep. Don’t just take pills and drink Red Bull. It will be effective in the short term and damaging in the long term. Also, assess what time of day you are strongest. Write then.

9. I’m too hungry to write.

Get your laptop or pen and paper out of the house and head to a good writing cafe. If you take the time to prepare a five-course meal at home, you might lose the ability to write until you’re stuffed. Have someone else do the work for you and write while they’re doing it.

10. I have to go to work in an hour.

Go now! Come early and write. Hehe, if you take public transport, write it down on the way there. Just because you don’t have time to write doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Make some progress. Also, remove a few distractions from the house.

11. I have time, but I have no motivation.

Tour this site for twenty minutes! That’s what it’s for :).

A quick tip: Think about how good you’ll feel when you finish the piece you’re working on. This is the basic law of attraction.

12. I don’t know how I should do the next chapter, story, part, or scene.

Just write. Write down the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t judge it. Go for it! If you need specific information, gather your research and then write! There is no certain way to do things, you just have to do them. So, make it happen.

13. My dog/cat/bird needs a walk.

Why not bring your dog/cat/bird to the dog/cat/bird park with your trust paper? If not, take your pet and use it as an excuse to leave the house for work. When you get home, leave your pets behind and head to a local cafe or favorite place to write. I’m sure that person will understand :).

14. I told my boss, my friend, my landlady, my spouse, etc. that I would do something for them.

Now you can delete old IMs, text messages, and phone calls and tell that person that you can’t work on their project. This is not a lie! You have an important project to work on for yourself. If you’re motivated, you have an idea, and you haven’t started yet, you need to get out of your previous relationship.

If you can’t reschedule, do it. If you can’t reschedule, try transferring. If you can’t do both, put it aside for an hour or two and start writing. What you write is important. The sooner you start communicating that to those who “want” your time, the sooner you’ll find that writing time comes naturally.

15. I cannot write because of sadness, grief, anger, or any other strong emotion.

Perfect! Use it. Being caught up in emotions is a great situation for a writer. The raw power is there and you can draw from it.

Try to convince yourself that putting that emotion on the page will be great for your writing. If that seems impossible, find a friend who understands your desire to express your feelings in writing. We will call this friend a pen pal.

I was my friend Adam’s writing buddy during a difficult divorce. He was depressed. He couldn’t eat or sleep, but I forced him to write. The result was a one-man show that is currently being adapted into a full-length film. Bringing genuine feelings to your work will take you far. Some obstacles are not obstacles at all.

16. I want to write, I just feel like I’m not good at it.

Confirm it. Prove to me you’re not a good writer. I’ll prove you a chink in my armor. I got a C in my poetry class, my literature teacher told me I shouldn’t write fiction, and I was quoted in a newspaper review as having co-written the “lemon” of the novel. Still, I clicked. Why? How?

I haven’t made a huge contribution. I feel that there is still something that I can express or finally write about. Maybe this website is, maybe not. I know I’m getting closer because I still want to write.

If you want to write, write. If you feel like you have no talent but want to write, there’s probably a reason. If you don’t write, you’ll never find that reason. If you haven’t tested the waters yet, you can jump in. Talent and known talent are only a small piece of the pie. So I say dig, write and see what happens. Before I make another analogy, you know :).

17. I don’t know how to write.

Take your favorite book or game and open it to the most important part or scene. Write something in the style of that scene. With the same characters or own creations. When you’re done, read it out loud and let it sound weird. Now repeat the same process with another scene. Do this from the beginning until you feel comfortable. If interested in fiction, do the same with a similar non-fiction work. And you become a writer. Put it on your business card and start :).

18. I work a lot! There is not enough time in the day.

2 options.

Option 1 – Change one of your tasks to something that allows you to write. Working as a receptionist in a library or a busy office can make this possible. Also, finding something more passive, like a website or some kind of investment, can free up some writing time.

Option 2 – Sleep less.

I started the second version a year ago and one two months ago. They both have positive and negative qualities. The second option is more effective as an individual, and both work best if you have a strong purpose behind them. I know that sacrificing sleep is bad for your health, but I plan to improve this aspect of my life in the future.

Making time for writing often requires sacrifice. What will this be?

19. I have no idea.

There are tons of free creative writing tutorials on the internet. A few are on my website if you go there.

20. I have so much to say that I can’t get it all out at once!

Start small. Just write a paragraph. Or write a review. Don’t let your rich ideas stop you. You have the best problem. Just know that any work takes time.

But if you really need to get it all out, take a day off from work and go to a cafe and bring a bunch of paper :). I felt like I needed to get out of my head, so I wrote the script in one day. Why fight? Start writing!

In summary

Please, please, write. Nothing stands in your way. If you get stuck, check back here and I’ll try to get you through. Happy writing.

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