Music That Will Make You Fall Asleep In 3 Seconds Reviews: Pink Flamingos, Multiple Maniacs and Mondo Trasho

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Reviews: Pink Flamingos, Multiple Maniacs and Mondo Trasho

1) Pink Flamingos Review: John Waters’ unique and personal style can make the accent “great” attached to a noun like “trash” into “great trash.” Now that’s success.

Pink Flamingos – The Movie is a rare bird that makes trash not only entertaining but also a good movie. Just a single clip of the Jerry Springer or Maury Shows on YouTube is a continuous display of crude, vulgar, and out-of-control behavior. On the other hand, we have The Room , the Friday the Thirteenth series, Caligula , and so many other horror movies that are unintentionally funny but completely unwatchable. Pink Flamingos is a great treat for lovers of violence, sex, perversion, vulgarity and trash. John Walters is a miniature Quentin Tarantino who manages to create unique and eccentric characters and make them fans; We’re not shocked by the characters’ misdeeds, and we’re often rooting for them to do one more misdeed.

The story here is told in an androgynous way, perhaps a smoldering homosexual or transsexual, taking us to a pink, sleazy, sleazy trailer for Divine (living as Babs Johnson to avoid police attention). Cute and charming blonde travel companion Cotton, who looks like a star of Yesterday, his long-toothed chicken-loving son Crackers, and his egg-laying cutie pie mother Edie. Devine remains the unbeaten, unbeaten, undisputed “dirtiest man on earth” and a minor cult figure who makes him a low-quality newspaper. He is now settled and does no harm to others except to keep the beef warm between his legs to save money. The boy seems more promiscuous at first, but only sexually (chickens seem to be his favorite companion). Cotton only shows a flirtatious attitude and likes to hang posters of chubby men next to his bed, but that seems acceptable. And sweet Edie only thinks and talks about eggs, shapes, sizes, colors, Humpty Dumpty nursery rhymes, what if all the chickens are gone?, when is the egg man coming, etc. No one seems to be outlawing modesty. except maybe the cookies. But that all changes when the team is challenged by husband and wife Raymond and Bonnie Marble, who are vying to steal Divine’s coveted title (at least theirs). Raymond exposes himself to unsuspecting ghosts, but this is only the tip of the iceberg – the couple secretly orders Channing, a gay servant, to impregnate kidnapped women in order to sell the newborn to happy lesbian couples. A woman in pathetic stolen clothes and shaggy hair insults Channing every time he enters the hallway; he did not see the real perpetrators of his suffering. It’s going to be WAR when this monstrous duo takes on Divine and her flamingos!

I believe that the degree of crime committed by Connie and Raymond automatically makes them antagonists; Most of Divine’s victims are simply killed without much introduction, but we are constantly updated on the plight of Connie’s victims. Even the disturbing chicken scene involving Crackers and the spy Cookie gives us an idea of ​​the previous scene about Cookie’s deception.. Divine and his gang shoot, chop and eat their victims in one scene, but it’s too funny. must be insulting. On the other hand, sexuality is bound to be offensive and repulsive to certain audiences, and the idea of ​​inbreeding itself may be disturbing to many, but then again, who sees Divine as a role model or even a woman. his androgynous looks and funny face (real name: Harris Glenn; yes, male!).

The entire production felt like a crude reality TV set, and the film’s budget was so tight that the entire product was a basic copy. We see delicate editing, shadows constantly creeping in the background, cameras shaking furiously as they close in on people, and passers-by staring at the image of the Divine as if they were unaware of the film. However, this poor quality makes the act seem more genuine, as if Divine is a C-list celebrity who has made a name for herself by faking it. A mix of rock, roll and country music makes the scenes livelier and more enjoyable, reducing the amount of violence that occurs when the music plays.

If you want a trashy exploitation movie, check out Pink Flamingos. It’s funny at times (the “court” scene) and delicious (in a slightly gross way), wicked and godly fun.

My rating: 7.4 out of 10

2) Multiple Maniacs Review: Misleading headlines like, “We don’t have enough money to make pink flamingos, but we’ll give you until then!

The reason Pink Flamingos is recognized as John Waters’ “exploitation” work is because of its simple script that only serves to show acts of depravity. These movies are shocking, even if they don’t refer to any of the events of the time they were made. Almost anyone who has seen Pink Flamingos will have heard of transsexualism, cannibalism, foot fetishism, voyeurism, zoophilia, coprophilia, etc., so people who weren’t born in the seventies can watch the movie. The script is written with a devilish wit, and infused with over-the-top sequences and humor to soften some of the unpleasant content. Because the film was shot in color, John Waters was able to highlight some of the hideous palettes used in the house and Divine’s costumes. All these reasons make the Pink Flamingo a special place in the world of trash, and the only coprophagous moment.

A Lot of Maniacs came out two years before Pink Flamingos and was made on a budget of around $5,000 (despite being a low-budget film itself). So we’re supposed to believe that the same actor plays multiple roles and that different hairstyles represent different roles (By the way, read the critic’s interesting commentary detailing the religious implications of the films. It seems plausible at first, but I’m not sure. Jesus and His Followers Be it the general belief that it does not represent the divine and its vagabonds.. The bar owner and Edith, who plays the Virgin Mary, were not part of Cavalcade, or the critic’s comments would have been more valuable) The film was shot entirely in 16mm black and white and the camera is sometimes terribly shaky and sometimes overexposed so that the actors’ bodies are barely visible. An eerie white circle (indicating a spool change) glows like an alien sign. Frankly, this movie is awful and John Waters’ introduction to Pink Flamingos is a hugely polished effort compared to this crappy piece of garbage.

As I read the script, my mind wandered to a colorful circus scene where Divine and her crew would treat the audience to their act and eventually kill them. This happens at the beginning of the film, but it goes against the film’s title and shifts to a completely different action that focuses heavily on “The Divine.” It remains unclear what happened to the puke-eating guy or the foot idol girl or the homosexual, and the focus suddenly shifts to Divine, her promiscuous daughter, her estranged boyfriend David, her short lesbian Mink, and her nemesis Bonnie. While Divine and Mary Vivian Pearce (who plays Bonnie) played David Lochary and Mink Stoll in Pink Flamingos, the roles are simply reversed here. It feels like a cheesy version of PF instead of continuing the film into a circus act for added shock value.

The movie also mentions Sharon Tate’s mother and the Weatherman Underground organization, but since I wasn’t born (and I’m not from the US) they flew right over my head. At the time, such a facetious approach to such incidents would have caused a storm (I later read about Ms. Tate’s incident and found it insulting to the plot of the film), but now they seem irrelevant. The religious blasphemy sequence would have made Lady Gaga blush (at least Gaga wears rosary beads in her mouth). The last fifteen minutes are just codswallop and bullsh-t.

It might have worked if the film had followed the lines of Freaks (the 1932 classic) and been weirder, crass, and grosser. Instead, it’s completely overshadowed by The Devil’s Rejection, much like Rob Zombie’s debut effort, House of 1000 Corpses.

My rating: 0.8 out of 10

3) Mondo Trasho Review: 95 minutes and we’re still not sure if the movie wants to entertain or shock. Very absurd time

Unlike his third effort, Pink Flamingos, which turned John Waters’ first offering from shock and revulsion into laughter, it lacks purpose. A bunch of maniacs, his dull second film, offended not only by its religious disdain, but at least provoked some response from the audience. Mondo Trasho feels like an empty space with no clear response. How should we, the audience, react? Shall we laugh at the plight of the characters, or turn away in disgust? How the hell are we supposed to feel?

The story begins quite interestingly with Mary Vivian Pearce obsessed with the feet of her character, Bombshell, licking her feet in a fetishistic way. And let’s not forget the opening sequence, which highlights John Waters’ cruelty to animals. As Bombshell begins to whimper and gasp, she imagines herself rescuing Cinderella’s prince charming (who plays the foot idol). Cinderella’s candid sequence is a nice metaphor, and Waters could move forward with an erotic romance angle around Bombshell’s pursuit of a foot fetishist. John Waters, on the other hand, brings his trademark female Divine, who looks strikingly feminine in contrast to the androgynous look of later films. A bad chick is gawking at a naked racer when her car crashes into a stray ball, seriously injuring her. Divine pays her a visit to a thrift store, where she steals a gown, then goes into a laundromat to change into Bombshell’s bloody clothes. Like Shakespeare’s characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the bomb is still unconscious, and they fall asleep for a moment, the blood on their faces disappearing. Mother Mary, who cleanses the divine from his sins, and what she might call a “disciple” appear occasionally. Also, in a rather strange visit to the asylum, we see the foot worshiper once again, but this time he ends up killing a fellow inmate and visiting a sadistic hospital that serves patients with knives and chainsaws.

The only surprising aspect of the movie is Divine’s benevolent nature, because we never see Divine helping someone who puts his own life on the line. But everything else is inexplicable, even the Wizard of Oz-inspired solution. The camera is less shaky than in Multiple Maniacs and the sex is a bit less. The music selection, rock ‘n’ roll and classical genres managed to focus my attention on an otherwise pointless sequence. If the film had worked on having a script, it would have become more famous today.

My Rating: I won’t rate this piece as I don’t even know what kind of reaction I’m trying to get from my audience.

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