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Incubus and Sucubus Mythology

Details of incubus/succubus attacks vary from minor to horrific. Victims often report feeling the presence of an object lying on top of them, making it difficult to breathe. In extreme cases, the person may feel suffocated or suffocated. Others claim to have seen terrifying apparitions, including black figures, serpents, demonic figures, and even the grinning, malevolent face of an incubus/succubus. Symptoms include severe chest pressure, teeth grinding, or painful twisting of the limbs. People say that even with their eyes open during an attack, they can’t do anything but darkness… gasp, cry, breathe, feel or hear anything. The details of being unable to move and being confined to bed make for uncomfortable reading, but not as terrifying as the heartache. Some people report experiencing evil (or even a presence) and feeling imminent death. Imagine not being able to see who or what is attacking you. Or – in the worst case – breathing fresh air into your lungs after an attack, relieved that your “nightmare” is over… only for the attack to start all over again, this time worse because you’re awake and know better. existence.

The male version of this demon is the incubus, which has more sinister plans as it drains the woman of its power. It is believed to mate with its victim to produce more incubi. The result of this unusual fusion is called a cambion, and the baby is stillborn because it shows no obvious signs of life at birth. His eyes may blink, his limbs may move – he may even speak, but there is no pulse, his breathing will be invisible. From about the age of seven, a child begins to behave like a normal human child, but with significant differences. Cambion is not only very beautiful; it usually shows bad traits inherited from demonic parents. It is very intelligent and can convince even the most determined person to fulfill their wishes. In the classic Arthurian legends, the wizard Merlin is believed to be the product of an incubus and a mortal woman, and some legends claim that Merlin’s mother was a nun.

At one time there was concern about the gender of incubi and succubi – they were believed to be the same demonic entity that could change gender depending on the gender of the victim. After mating with a male, it transforms itself into an incubus and uses its collected seeds on a female victim. If a woman conceived, the result would still be a cambion, because the child’s genetic base was human, but demonic intervention guaranteed the abnormal development.

Stories of incubus/succubus demons have been told throughout history and from around the world. Here are some of the best known characters.

Jewish folklore tells of Lilu, an incubus who visits women while they sleep. His female counterpart is Lilin. These demons were a source of anxiety for mothers as they kidnapped children. Ardath Lily was another succubus who visited men at night to continue her demon race. The incubus was Irdu Lili, who visited human women to produce offspring.

El Trauco is a legendary dwarf who lives on the Chilean island of Chiloé and despite his ugly appearance, he has the ability to seduce women. Her piercing gaze has the power to kill and is feared by the men of the island. However, there have been cases where a person with a strong will could have the services of El Trauco for a year by first fixing his gaze on this incubus. These stories are rare because El Trauco has the ability to sense a person’s presence before seeing one. His magnetism is so strong that selected women (usually sleepers) will immediately fall in love with him, and he will disguise himself as a wealthy landlord or even a priest.

El Trauco’s wife is La Fiura, an incredibly ugly and shameless little woman who casts disease spells on anyone who spurns her advances. His breath is so foul that it will injure a man and cripple an animal. However, once he uses his victims, he will drive them insane.

Encantado is a Brazilian shape-shifter who spends his days as Boto the dolphin roaming the Amazon. At night, he takes on the appearance of a handsome young man who seduces young girls. He always wears a hat because his head looks like a dolphin when in human form. Encantado is extremely aloof from parties and music, and although he comes from a utopian world, he longs for the pleasures and pains of human life. Encantado can also enchant a person to make them complete a task or turn someone into an Encantado. At their most extreme, they can cause disease, insanity, or death in their victims. Fortunately for these freshwater dolphins (yes, they exist), killing Boto is considered bad luck. And don’t touch him or you’ll have nightmares for the rest of your life.

The island of Zanizibar, off the coast of Tanzania, Africa, is the chosen destination of Popo Bawa, an incubus who selects male victims. His name means “bat wing” and refers to his shadow rather than his physical appearance, which is different thanks to Popo Bawa’s ability to shapeshift. During the day, he appears as a normal person, but at night, he transforms into a shadowy ghost-like figure with a terrible smell. Makes itself known by scratching roofs and windows with long claws. He also threatens his victims with longer and more brutal attacks if they dare tell anyone that Popo Bawa has decided to pay them a visit. However, he claims to get angry if anyone denies his existence.

The Hungarian Liederk comes from the first egg of a black hen and is sometimes called the “miracle chicken”. Lyderk flies across the night sky like a fiery beacon, spewing flames on the earth below. When landing, it disguises itself as a human, enters the house through keyholes and chimneys, and appears to the victim as a deceased relative or loved one. It not only brings disease and death to its victims, but also makes the house very dirty before it leaves. Birch branches and burning incense may prevent the Liederk from entering the house, but some claim that it is very fast and hides in cemeteries. Another story is that Liederk is bound to the victim and turns into an incubus or succubus depending on the gender of the victim. In the legendary transformation of the vampire, he drinks the blood of his master, leaving the victim weak and exhausted. This Liederk likes to accumulate gold, so his partner becomes wealthy. This animal can be chased away by sealing it in the hollow of a tree, or by persuading it to perform difficult tasks such as carrying water through a sieve or carrying sand with a rope. The second version of Liderc is much smaller and lives in boxes, pockets of discarded clothes, rags or glass containers. A person will become rich again, and even gift himself with magical powers … but instead of his soul.

“Hexanhammer” is a book written in the 15th century. Known as the Malleus Maleficarum or “Witch’s Hammer” in Latin, it contains information related to witches and includes a section on five ways to ward off succubus or incubus attacks.

Exorcism is an ancient and very common ritual in which a priest or other religious leader invokes God and casts out a demon with religious symbols such as Holy water and a cross. Sometimes Angels and/or Archangels may be called upon to assist in exorcisms.

Sacramental Confession – a sacrament intended to protect by giving the blessing of spiritual grace through Christ; similar to baptism or confession.

Salutation of the Angels – The “Salutation of the Angels” repeats two passages from the Gospel of St. Luke in the New Testament, calling for the intervention of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Spiritual leaders bar the afflicted from the community until the demon is cast out or the victim seeks spiritual help.

Transportation – moving the victim from his house to another place or city protected from demons.

Unfortunately, not all succubi/incubi seem to respond to attempts to chase them away. A Franciscan monk named Ludovico: “They do not obey exorcisms, they do not fear exorcisms, they do not respect holy things.

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