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How Do I Move On When My Heart Remains Stuck?

I chose a title”How can I go on?“Because I can’t tell you that I’ve come across this title countless times before hoping to find an answer.

  • what isWAITING“From us and how”Appropriate“In our lives

Did you know that your emotions and feelings will never take a different path and stay on the same path? It can be a frustrating thing to live with.


– School.

– Uni.

– Work.

– Marriage.

– House.

– Children.

– Midlife crisis; This can be cheating, doing things that are not normal for a person, giving up their old ways/life for a new one, or any number of other things that a person can do.

– Retirement.

– Trade with coffins.

– Or something along these lines…

Reality: (my)

– School.

– Evacuation.

– School again.

– Loss.

– Hospital.

– Work.

– A slightly rebellious period.

– In love.

– Heartburn.

– an insult.

– Limbo.

– Looking for a soul >?

*sigh* I thought life would be easier. When I was little, I closed my eyes wishing I could do everything when I was older. fun stuff‘only that’big people‘ seemed to be allowed to do. I knew a little.

I have lived without a family since childhood, moved out of the country, suffered a little emotional and physical abuse from guardians (not sexually, thank God), failed at school (and all “my” problems that came with it), loss overcame a temporary physical handicap and had to grow up a little faster than I expected. (but how many of us have had that?!)

  • Epiphany

Now, despite everything I’ve been through, nothing could have prepared me for falling in love and the energy that comes with it. A blogger named Maggie posted an article about the different stages of heartburn. After reading and listening to all of this, I was bawling my eyes out like crazy. I just couldn’t stop crying. It touched my heart.

Song: Youth by Daughter, describes exactly how I feel. And you know what? I DON’T KNOW THAT I FELT THIS WAY! When I heard this, hail fell on my face and while I was crying my eyes out, I realized something I had been hiding so much inside that I forgot it was really there.

I started writing to get everything off my chest and, as always, try to keep everything inside and try to change for the better. Yes, I write and recommend it to my readers and myself.

You know what I realized?

I kept telling myself, “Yeah, I’m fine.” I may not be perfect, I just am, I really am. I wake up in the morning, eat, laugh, work, set new goals, etc. That must mean I’m fine right?!

But what do you think? It’s all Bullsh*t!


Because I’m sharing the surface of what I’m feeling, but I’m not suppressing it, I’m completely ignoring how I feel. really feel Deep in my heart.

I locked the core of my heart and swallowed the key (now that I think about it, I remember closing that part of my heart, locking it up, thinking I would never have a face and never take it off. I had forgotten about it too).

I know many positive practices, books and rules for creating a good life, and I really try to apply them for myself. Do you know what happens? I “Just” realized why they are boring and why they all sound the same to me… It’s because they are missing the most important components of anything that can be considered a success. They lack: Heart.

I’m reminded again why I started my blog in the 1st place. I hope to add a little bit of this essential ingredient to my daily life and spread it to my readers. Heart. So many things in today’s life are not the most important things that we struggle to live as human beings.

Consciously I know I won’t go far in life really open my heart. I always talk about really discovering myself, but until I heard ‘Youth’ I didn’t even realize I hadn’t, and I feel so deep!

  • Why couldn’t I reveal everything despite everything?

Do you want to know? why Have I been consciously denying my emotions and how I feel? Because somewhere inside of me, I’m afraid it might be me.Filtered‘. if’feeling“Then why are we so afraid?”Feelthey? Shouldn’t they be part of us because they are out of our control? I doubt I’m the only one in the world who feels this way.

So yes. In a judgmental society, I am afraid to show my inner (permissive) thoughts and feelings.

Let me give you an example: The other day I was chilling in my best friends living room. We got up and went into the kitchen to make some popcorn and then watch a movie and he left; Jay, why don’t you just “put yourself out there” and get a man already.

Now he’ll repeat it every now and then and I don’t really want to talk about it, but I just smile and shrug. Now, every time he says that, I act like it doesn’t matter on the outside, and while I’m trying, I say on the inside: I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT, BUT I WANT TO! A part of me is still very attached to the person I love who is gone! Even so, I want to learn to love again, I don’t want to die alone! There isn’t a day I don’t want it because I want it so bad!

Will I ever tell him that? Nope.

When we are in the kitchen:

– He: You still love your boyfriend.

– Me: (automatic reaction) NO! Not really…

-He: *smiles* We’ve been friends for almost 5 years, and you fell in love with him since we met.

– Me: (I’m explaining it now; as he says, seriously! Move the hell over already, that is) *smile* silently (I wish he knew what was going through my head right now)

And then it’s over (close enough that we know not to pressurize me on things I don’t want to talk about, which we’re doubly grateful for). That’s what I mean.”judgments‘ and ‘expectation‘ intentionally or unintentionally.

Isn’t that expected? Already moved? Isn’t that part of the norm? Go ahead and do (insert: * list of things) to get over someone? If not, there’s something’wrong‘With you? If I do them and don’t move on, it’s even worse, and now I have it.”those-people-have-unhealthy-attachment-syndrome‘?

What if not? Isn’t it obvious that the person would somehow “shut down”? I don’t know about you, this happened to me.

Honestly, no one here indeed would love to hear from anyone else about the same thing. After all, who wants to be around such negative energy all the time? Not many, which is completely reasonable.

  • The ugly truth about how I am sometimesLook at yourself

You see, I feel abnormal about my feelings. My feelings haven’t changed much for me. should not(Yes, I know we’re entitled to feel what we’re doing, and I love and admire every piece of advice you’ve given me about this. After all, where would we be without reminders?)

It still doesn’t change how I feel. Just because I feel that way now doesn’t mean that I feel that way. I just feel. i”knowingly“About how extraordinary we are.

losing meIn love“Tell him to me”he was not good to me‘ (which translates to “it’s not you, it’s me card” and it’s not me, it’s you!) made me feel like a complete failure. Every time I hear his name, my heart feels like it’s going to die over and over again, and sometimes I’m overcome with fear and sadness, but I just force myself to push it away and hold on until it passes. can never be taken back. The mistake I knew at the time was a ‘mistake’. I know why he didn’t have to go. Most of all, I truly believed I was “OK” until I realized it was true…

I feel:

– Fat.

– Not good enough/Never good enough.

– Disgusting.

– Stupid.

– Unpleasant.

– Incompetent.

– Hopeless.

– Unwanted.

– Refused.

– There is none.

– Not important.

– Not necessary.

– And as if my “love” wasn’t good enough or worth it.

I managed to change without even looking back and I don’t know if he loved me. Or maybe he’ll miss my presence. Sometimes he is surprised that he even remembers my name. After all, it was easy to dump me. I know I shouldn’t care, but part of me does.

  • Acknowledgment is better than repressing my depression

Feelings are uncontrollable so I can’t blame him or myself for anything. He didn’t Do it whatever i have. To do something to someone is literally to beat someone and force them to do something or something. Otherwise, regardless of how we feel, we are responsible for what happens to our body, mind, heart, and everything. Sometimes just “Easier“have a man”blame‘.

So what do I blame him for? He wanted to be with “the one” that was never me…it’s something I live with and hope to one day overcome.

I’m a little glad he left me. It would have been the worst if I had still loved him and remained true to him when he didn’t think so of me. That’s better, right?!

I can’t shake the shame of it all. It’s eating me up. I silently and internally struggle with this every day. Denying it doesn’t erase its existence, unfortunately, so there you are.

I think that’s why I hate looking at to proceed‘ and ‘heal‘ etc… every time I read them I feel like I’ve read them all. And because they are not dedicatedeveryone‘. I prefer’options and ideasinstead of ‘set list‘ for anything. I love knowing that everyone has different techniques because each of us is different.

Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah, and about that title: I’m still looking…

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