Music Videos That Have Nothing To Do With The Song The Astrology of "The Day the Music Died"

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The Astrology of "The Day the Music Died"

On the morning of February 3, 1959, America heard the terrible news that three of America’s most beloved actors, Buddy Holly, JP “The Big Bopper” Richardson, and Richie Valens, along with pilot Roger Peterson, had been killed on board. destruction.

Two of those musicians, JP “The Big Bopper” Richardson and Richie Valens, “won” their seats and should never have been on that plane. The downed musicians, Tommy Allsup and Waylon Jennings (Buddy Holly’s “Crickets”), had a lucky escape. With Venus opposite Pluto in the devastation picture, the victims of the accident left loved ones behind: Peterson was newly married, Valence, the youngest victim, had a sweetheart named Donna, and Tom Bopper left behind a pregnant wife and young child. . Holly also leaves behind a pregnant wife who suffered a miscarriage after hearing of his death on the radio. However, because of this terrible tragedy, Don McLean, a young newspaper delivery boy, immortalized the “Day of the Dead” with his classic song, “American Pie.”

As we know, “fate” played cruelly that night: the careers of three beloved musicians and pilots came to a tragic end. Was it all meant to be? We all threw up our hands and said “what?” “If only the pilot had been more experienced,” or “if it hadn’t snowed that night,” or “if the coin had landed tails,” you might think, then we’d have Buddy Holly, the Tom Bopper, and Richie. Valence is around. The problem with destiny is that trying to understand how it works is like trying to catch a little fish with your bare hands. When you spend hours stalking it, thinking you’ve accidentally caught it, and going to kill it, it swims so fast that there’s no doubt it knows you’ve been there. Astrology offers a better solution.

What can you say when Mars conjuncts the evil third eye of Medusa’s severed head in a plane crash? It’s fair to say that this association happens every two years, but this event, the plane crash that is deeply embedded in the American psyche, is not just a coincidence. In addition, the coroner said that the cause of death of four people was “severe brain damage”, there is a story. Alsup was a non-smoker with 1 degree of Sagittarius sun. Jennings also had a near-opposition to Mercury at 2 degrees Sagittarius. Bobby Vee, one of the stand-in singers for those killed in the accident, also lost his Mercury in 0 degrees Gemini. However, Valens’ Uranus conjunct Algol by one degree, and pilot Roger Peterson’s opposition to Mars, deepened the significance. Neither Holly nor the Big Bopper were connected to Algol, but being on the plane Peterson flew and with Valens was probably enough! DiMucci had no Algol connection, but his role in the tragedy is unclear.

On May 26, 1971, when McLeanon wrote “American Pie,” Saturn was also conjunct Mars/Algol during the plane crash, perhaps signaling the enduring memory of the tragedy through the song.

It’s disputed, but Dion DiMucci claims he was offered a ride. Her version of events is that Holly booked the plane tickets for the tour leaders. Or, in other words, for myself and Buddy.

However, after learning that a plane ticket cost $36, DiMucci turned down the offer because he grew up hearing his parents fight over the rent, which was exactly $36, and considered it an indulgence he could not afford. With DiMucci’s Moon conjunct Saturn, the issue of wealth (or lack thereof) may have saved his life. The Big Bopper “won” DiMucci’s seat on a coin toss.

In the days leading up to the plane crash, the musicians were on a “Winter Dance Party” tour that began on January 23, 1959 and ended on February 15, 1959. in a different city every night. While this may sound exciting on paper, the musicians quickly realized that the reality surrounding such a tour was very different: The journey was tough. For starters, they’ll travel from place to place on an old bus that crosses the Midwest completely by accident. Only after booking the tour, the musicians realized that the distance between the venues was so great that they would spend a lot of time on the bus. When the temperature reached -32 degrees, the musicians realized that their bus was poorly equipped for the purpose – the bus broke down several times, leaving them somewhere, often in the middle of the night, with nothing to do. , in deep snow. Then the bus heater completely broke down. It was so cold on that bus that during the second week of the tour, the tour’s drummer Carl Bunch had to be hospitalized with frostbite on his leg. (In his absence, Holly, Valens, and DiMucci took turns drumming.) Several members of the tour, including The Big Bopper and Valens, were suffering from severe colds. Who can blame a sick person for swapping a frozen seat on a broken-down bus for 610km in favor of a shorter hotel stay on a warm plane?

Due to the added complications of various accounts and stories playing tricks on the human mind, it is difficult to determine who flipped the coin. After looking at all the conflicting versions of events, the writer proposes the concept of two coin tosses: one between Tom Bopper and Waylon Jennings, and the other between Tommy Alsup and Richie Valens.

A Pisces descendant, Jennings may have had a soft spot for adversity. Coin toss or not, he felt sorry for The Big Bopper and lost his seat on the plane. With a Moon/Venus conjunction trine Mars and a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at the apex of a T-square between the Sun and Uranus, the Big Bopper was a big man. We may assume that he was prone to compulsive action and liked to take risks.

Interestingly, the MC of the plane crash opposes the MC of the Big Bopper, and some connect the “life course” of the two events. It doesn’t matter much until you consider that the Big Bopper’s unborn son has grown up to be a curious person with rumors of his father’s death. The Big Bopper’s body was recovered some distance from the crash site. Holly’s gun was also found near the crash site, so maybe the Big Bopper can get out of the crash to shoot first and then freeze to death in the snow?

To answer the question, the Big Bopper’s body was exhumed in 2007 when the Neptune-Mercury conjunction transited over Chiron in the doom chart, and the Big Bopper’s MC and transiting Chiron transited over the Sun in the doom chart. It’s time to answer the “ultimate” question: is this a simple plane crash or a murder mystery? Little Tom Bopper was distraught to learn that his father had died from injuries sustained in a high-speed plane crash. However, there can’t be many people who meet their father for the first time after almost fifty years of his passing.

Holly was furious that Jennings had given up her seat after going to so much trouble to book the plane. Jennings’ words to Holly were the last words they spoke to each other.

“Well, I hope your old bus freezes,” Holly told Jennings.

“I hope your old plane crashes,” he replied.

On the night of the accident, Jennings’ Mercury was opposing the transit of Jupiter. I never forgave myself for my boring and irresponsible speech.

In contrast, Valens was afraid of flying. On January 31, 1957, Valens was attending his grandfather’s funeral when two jets collided over his school, killing three of his classmates and injuring more than seventy others.

On that fateful night of February 2, 1959, encouraged by his management (Valens feared he would not be able to perform if he endured another night on the bus), he reluctantly asked Alsup if he would flip the coin. Allsup’s Chiron conjunct Valens’ Saturn. Although he, like Jennings, escaped, Olsup never won the coin toss.

Unfortunately for Roger Peterson, his role as the pilot of the plane that killed “The Music” meant that his fate was tied to the fate of the United States. The investigation revealed that the plane crashed due to pilot error. However, at 21 years old, Peterson was inexperienced and unable to fly an instrument-only aircraft. He also panicked when his eyesight was impaired, making him an extremely poor choice for flying in blizzards. In addition to the aforementioned Algol contact, his Jupiter was conjunct Pluto in Sibley’s chart.

Of course we can’t blame Don McLean for the tragedy, but we can blame him for immortalizing it in song. McLean was a 14-year-old newspaper boy who was given the dubious task of delivering news of a plane crash. The plane crash MC opposes McLean’s Moon and Chiron. “American Pie” was written on May 26, 1971 when Uranus conjunct McLean’s Sun and Chiron. And so we meet a young man who relives a childhood tragedy through song. It’s a charming little number that has been heralded as an American classic, and certainly highlights McLean’s Mars in Sibley’s solar chart.

McLean’s Sun opposes the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of the soundtrack. “American Pie” is full of cryptic cultural references that have been a source of speculation since the song’s release.

“But what do the lyrics mean?” McLean asked.

“It means I never have to work again,” McLean replied.

Although she has always shied away from the lyrics, she confirmed that she has released her grief over the death of her idol Buddy Holly while celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the accident, when Neptune and Chiron were opposing her birth moon. So who would dare to betray the creation of a man who embodied the sorrows of a nation?

We can’t blame Madonna for the plane crash tragedy, but we can forgive anyone for thinking so if she was publicly vilified for tampering with a classic. Although some blame him for the tragedy of his cover version of “American Pie,” the original version was released shortly before his return to Saturn.

Madonna’s version was much shorter than McLean’s version, which coincides with the Mercury debut of the second Saturn record. Critics dismissed her singing as “sub-karaoke fluff” and added that they appreciated her not bothering to record the whole thing.

Even worse (according to critics) than the song, the next video featured various Americans, including a lesbian couple kissing. “My God, what is this woman doing to our song?” This was the universal cry when Mars transited Chiron in the first song. It was too much for those who didn’t know that Venus was conjunct Uranus on the day of the song, which in turn conjuncts the North Node of the original song. McLean, however, called Madonna’s version “a gift from the goddess.” They must have been attracted to each other because of the combination of the Sun and the Moon. Or maybe Madonna’s Venus Ascendant made her especially happy.

By star sign, Buddy Holly was a Virgo known for his purity. On the last day of his life, he was upset that a laundromat in Clear Lake, Iowa, was closed and left no clean socks. If his dirty clothes hadn’t bothered him, the plane crash would never have happened, and we’d still be broadcasting the trio of old men. Or maybe not. Perhaps their legacy is enhanced by their tragic endings. With Holly conjunct Neptune, his death may have been an inevitable sacrifice in the world of rock ‘n’ roll.

Either way, one can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Buddy Holly had accepted that he had to wear dirty socks.

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