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Formosan Futuro Village

Travelers and photographers everywhere are always looking for that unique experience. A unique picture of that unique place that earned the respect and admiration of friends and magazine editors. With the ever-expanding tourism industry, these places are getting harder to find every day, especially if you’re not friendly with a local. When traveling to unfamiliar places, it is easy to be transported to the usual tourist attractions and pay a lot of money for it. It takes research and effort to get to an unranked gem. Mostly because of these two requirements, these places are still very beautiful in the first place; And make it more rewarding for those who actually go there.

Taiwan itself is an undiscovered gem in East Asia, full of these unknown places, making it a great destination for those looking for a unique experience. This weekend I rediscovered one of these places, labeled “Formosa’s Futuro Village”. Below is his colorful story, I hope you enjoy it.



The 1970s were an interesting time for the world. New fashion trends, music styles, and lifestyle perspectives emerged like never before. People now not only had ideals, they had the money to buy them. Even in the field of architectural design, trends have emerged, trying to satisfy the thirst of people who are looking for a unique house that matches their new unique outlook on life. In an age where robots and machines are believed to cure all human ills, Finnish architect Matti Suronen has created a new house he calls Futuro.

This new home is designed to be the global standard for all homes to enable everyone to travel and live around the world. Made of reinforced fiberglass, this 16-piece ‘pod’ or ‘flying saucer’ house is designed to be easy to transport and stable in any environment. The basic idea was to buy a house while living on the beach in Hawaii, change pace, move to the Swiss Alps and fly the house in sections if you want to live in a ski village. rebuilt. Only four concrete columns were required as a foundation, on which the house could be placed and placed almost anywhere.

Apart from the house’s unique portable design, the interior has also been designed with maximum comfort in mind. The living room had plenty of reclining chairs where people could sit comfortably or sleep for guests. These chairs were along the exterior wall facing the center of the house where the kitchen and bar area was located. It would have created a great conversational dining and living room area in one compact space. The bedroom and bathroom were located at the back of the house for privacy and intimacy. An interesting environmental feature of this house is that it can be heated from -20°C to 60°C in 30 minutes using an electric heating system. Incredibly stable.

Unfortunately, less than 100 of these homes were built worldwide, which is blamed on the Exxon Mobile crisis and the spike in oil prices. A growing domino effect made these house plastics more expensive to produce and people’s interest began to wane. In the 1980s, Matti Suronen dreams of a futuristic world with flying saucers hovering under helicopters.

Business investment

Before Futuro’s fate took a turn for the worse, a savvy Taiwanese businessman shared Matti Suronen’s dream and took action to make it happen.

Mr. Su Ming was a Taiwanese businessman who had been active in the military in previous years. One of his first ventures was a popular brand of Sarsaparilla soda sold throughout Taiwan. In its early days, it was not very popular with the local people and had a slow start. However, with America’s largest military presence in East Asia, establishing a military base in Taiwan, the country began to enjoy both Western culture and food. At the same time, Mr. Su Ming’s soda sales skyrocketed, he established a new factory and became a new wealthy member of high society.

Mr. Su Ming was eager to invest the new money and decided to increase the market for Taiwanese citizens to buy vacation homes. He decided that water sports and beach living were needed to create a beach community for Taiwan’s high-class citizens. With this in mind, he chose a beautiful beach area along Taiwan’s northeastern coast, invested in real estate, and began building a futuristic residential complex filled with Futuro-style houses and square-shaped beach villas. His market was the ultra-rich of Taiwan, as these beachfront villas cost the equivalent of $94,000 today.

I was told by a local property manager that eventually investors lost interest and the project ran out of money. He explains that many investors are less inclined to spend time on the beach, as they can go to other exotic locations and private villas abroad.

Moreover, speaking to the local dance instructor at the adjacent spa and hotel, the weather conditions in this area are extreme throughout the year; Summers are unbearably hot, winters bring unbearably strong winds and cold waters to the beach. He explained that it was not a good place to build a vacation home, and that the neighborhood had been vacant for more than 20 to 30 years.

The result today is the ruins, desolation, and restlessness of this once-futuristic beachside villa district, giving us a small window into the dreams of once-successful entrepreneurs.

Shooting experience

Transportation (travel)

Trying to catch the magic hour of the morning for the shoot, I boarded the first bus around 5:00am to the now-abandoned beach resort. This is only possible when Taipei’s transportation system is flexible and makes life easier for those who choose to avoid the dangers of driving a scooter in heavy traffic. Winding through the mountains, watching the transformation from high-rise apartments to green jungle-covered hills and temples, I couldn’t help but realize how easy it was to escape the chaos of Taiwan. After only about an hour, I was already the beach line. DSLR and tripod in hand, I got off the coach and spotted the first Futuro.


As mornings are usually on the coast of Taiwan, it was overcast, which brought a whole new feel to the scenario. Gray clouds, scattered sunlight, and as the Futuro house approached, I literally felt like I was about to be kidnapped. The eerie weather and abandoned buildings worked really well together to make me feel like I had to get in, shoot, and get out.

Wandering through the planned community-lined streets, the color contrasts and random objects in the ruins provide a fascinating window into the past. All the Futuro-style houses were either dull orange or faded pale yellow, a sign of their age and past lives. The streaks of rust that ran down the sides of each house resembled scars that had bled from years and years of harsh environments. The steel poles of the windbreaks on each of the square house’s porches were broken by the gusts of wind, like child-bent pipe cleaners.

It was obvious that many of the houses that were growing up had been vacant for a long time. Amazingly, some had door locks and TVs rusted inside, apparently still inhabited. It made me feel like I was in an abandoned town horror movie, constantly checking the shadows to make sure there wasn’t anything I could stick an ax in behind.

I went into a few houses that weren’t barricaded with wooden poles and barbed wire to get a better look. In one bathroom, I found Japanese-influenced tatami rooms, two beds with blankets, and even a bottle of head and shoulder shampoo and a toothbrush.

Kitchens with wall-hung ovens, refrigerators, and air conditioners screamed at the modernity targeted by the entire project at the time. What attracted me were the tables, seats, barbeque pits and gardens in front of the beach square townhouses and under many of the Futuro-designed houses. It’s like what we used to think of as a campsite where families gather, cook outdoors, and enjoy nature and loved ones. An interesting contrast in the feeling and emotions of such a place.

Overall, the energy was a strange mix of hyper-creepiness that was negatively impacted by the sense that it could have been a very pleasant community to live in if it had really succeeded. The interior design of the villa and the uniqueness of the community can make it a great place for a camping holiday just a few minutes from the capital.

Lessons and Enlightenment

The beach villas established by Mr. Su Ming reflect Taiwan’s past and global trends in a unique and interesting way. This place is an unmissable opportunity for travelers and photographers visiting Taiwan in search of unique sights. Fortunately, it managed to avoid the bulldozers, unlike its hapless West Coast sibling Pod House in SanJi, but there’s no telling when their day will end.

A short drive from Taipei reminds me of what a great travel destination Taiwan can be. One of the undiscovered gems of the Orient, Taiwan’s nature and culture are still rich and unique, but the country’s modernity has made everything very accessible. Taiwan’s undiscovered Futuro Village is a great travel experience and I highly recommend it as a day trip for those who are interested in an off-the-beaten-path, unique, rich history and very bright place. package.

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