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Soundproofing Yards and Dealing With Outdoor Noise

It seems to be coming from everywhere

External noise can come from different directions at the same time and can have multiple sources. They can also be reflected everywhere. People tend to see what their source is and imagine that the sound is traveling in a straight line from the source to the enclosure. In reality, the sound is likely to bounce around, bounce off buildings and other objects, get louder in your yard, and come from a different direction to the source. The resulting amplification is not unlike the amplification that occurs when a brass instrument is passed through and a trumpet is sounded from the other end. So your first step is to identify the source of the problem and the path to your yard.

Words and grammar are great sound insulators

A nearby business or industry may be operating at an inappropriate time of day or exceeding the noise level and duration. Sometimes you can solve the problem by asking the owner in a friendly manner. It might even pay to check with the municipality to make sure noisy neighbors aren’t breaking local laws. People are often surprised to learn that there are many laws protecting residential amenities (unless the noise is caused by aircraft, which seems to be the law in many countries). After a certain period, the use of air conditioners was restricted, leaf blowing was banned, and even pets such as roosters and barking dogs were outlawed.

After exhausting the common logical noise reduction methods, you have two options to solve the problem. The first option is to create some kind of acoustic barrier in the yard. The second option is to return home and work on internal sound insulation.

An airtight fence!

It is impossible to aerate the area. You will always have to deal with side noise. Lateral noise is sound that travels above, below or around your soundproofing structure. All the principles of internal noise barriers and sound absorption still apply outside.

Low-frequency sounds have longer wavelengths than high-frequency sounds, so they require higher and denser barriers. For example, if you’re dealing with truck noise, you’ll need a barrier 12 to 15 feet (3.5 to 4.5 meters) or higher. In most cases, this is either impractical or against city building codes, so I suggest you go back home, work on your soundproofing, and be content with a quiet interior.

Is it baritone or soprano frustration?

It is true that high-frequency sounds can be blocked by a lower fence, but there are some difficulties. Consider, for example, the sound of a railway train bell. This is a fairly high frequency. You might think that a lower fence might block out the noise. Unfortunately, the train companies mounted their bells on top of ten-foot poles, which meant that a 15-foot fence would have to be installed to have an acceptable impact on the sound. Ideally, you want to build a fence at least eight feet above the noise source. It’s hard to get a car’s tail pipe to hug the ground, but it’s hard to deal with truck horns, roof top exhaust systems, or loud engines that are quite high off the ground.

Lotus Path

All is not lost when structural sound insulation seems unquestionable. There are still some innovative options. You create more noise, especially sounds that are pleasant to the ears, and become soundproof. For example, one quick solution to train bells is to install a sprinkler in your garden; Not to be confused with a Zen-style quiet installation. The sound of falling water will not only create a pleasant environment, but will also interfere with the sound of the bell of the passing train and make it invisible. You can achieve similar results with wind chimes. Bells are not very effective because they only work when the wind is blowing and the sound tends to be random. Soundproofing enthusiasts can consider both bell and water functions, and use external audio speakers to listen to pleasant music in the yard. Implementing these three strategies will provide enough disruption to even the most annoying noise pollution to allow you to return to your yard for relaxation, recreation, and entertainment. Another advantage of these sound deadening options is that they are often cheaper and DIY than a large fence.

Acoustic in name only

If you are going to build a sensitive acoustic barrier in your yard, make sure that it is at the proper height and that there are no holes or gaps anywhere. Having the right height and no gaps are the two most important variables and the ones most people get wrong. Some do-it-yourself articles seem to promote building acoustic fences at any height, which is frankly a waste of time and effort. The fence won’t work because it has the word “acoustic” in the name! There are some proprietary acoustical railing systems on the market, and even with these systems, it’s important that you check the height required for your particular problem. Most reputable products come with a data sheet.

Newsletters are king

The data sheet should talk about how much the enclosure system will reduce noise. Volume is measured in decibels or dB. Look for a system that reduces noise by at least 20 dB. As a rule of thumb, every 10dB equals a halving of audible noise. Some products come with an STC rating. Again, don’t consider products rated below STC 20. STC is a more useful summary of how a product responds to a range of sound frequencies. See if a product frequency chart is available. Depending on the product’s noise source and frequency response, the two products can be very different. If your noise problem is low frequencies, such as trucks and “doof doof” music, you need a product that blocks more noise in the low frequencies of 50 Hz to 500 Hz. So you’ll look for higher values ​​against these frequencies on the STC chart. If your sound is high frequency, such as a human voice, a small dog barking, or the bell of a train crossing the level, you will need to block it better in the 1000 Hz to 2500 Hz range. You’ll find better performance at these higher frequencies.

These yards are big

An effective and relatively lightweight material for acoustic enclosures is the steel plate used in deck roofs. A wooden fence performs well, but it is difficult to create an airtight structure, and the wood is heavier and more difficult to work with. Whatever you use, remember that the structure is higher than normal and it will catch the wind. Make sure your vertical stands are closer or thicker than usual, and bury them deeper in the ground.

If you have a tall fence, it may have holes or gaps in and around it, and it may not be made of the right material to block or absorb unwanted noise. In these situations, you may want to consider upgrading to a product such as mass-loaded vinyl (MLV). It is basically a heavy plastic like weatherproof membrane. You can fix it to your existing fence and it will greatly increase the density of the fence and help block out noise. MLV doesn’t change that you still need the right fence height.

If you live on a large lot and can afford to build a pile of dirt that’s a problem, this can be an effective and inexpensive way to create sound insulation. Again, the height has to be just right and it takes some effort to build up the dirt mound. Another option for large properties is a hay (straw) bale fence. These days there is endless internet information on how to build buildings with hay bales, which are cheap, efficient, quick, but must have no gaps and be the right height.

Be careful who you listen to

As with all soundproofing, there are endless myths about outdoor soundproofing. The most common is the use of trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs are largely ineffective except as visual screens. The sound of birds and the wind blowing through the leaves partly creates the water feature and bell-like masking we mentioned above.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. If you haven’t bought a home yet, but you’re looking to buy an affordable apartment close to a train, airport or freeway, think again. If you’re a bit sensitive to noise, don’t put yourself through the nightmares of dealing with noise issues for the rest of your days. Quality of life is more important than buying real estate. Save a few more pennies and shop quietly. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security about what constitutes acceptable silence. Set your own standards and stick to them. Many real estate developments are noisy torture chambers, but the brochures contain pictures of happy people living the lives of their dreams. Not everyone cares about noise, but if you’re a noisy person, you’re going to be worried about the noise, whether it’s a freight train passing by at 3am nearby, a simple plumbing line running through a thin wall, or a shopping center planned in the back. should be asked. such as your yard.

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