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The Power of Words in Prayers & Mantras

In the book of James chapter 4, verse 8 of the Bible it says draw close to God and God will draw close to you, and here is an important key taught by the major religions. It is by slowly, softly and silently repeating the mantra and prayer that you connect and become one with what the name, word, or sound represents. As you do this, you will experience deep love, light, beauty, peace, ecstasy, and an expansion of consciousness into new awareness and wisdom.

Using this meditation along with focusing on your heart is a way to discover the love and beauty that resides within you. The more you allow yourself to experience the love, beauty, and light that is naturally within you, the more you will feel deeply relaxed, whole, cared for, supported, safe, connected, comforted, and loved. The importance and nature of this practice cannot be underestimated. It’s about truly connecting and getting to know someone who was right there with you all the time. You missed it by not paying attention to it. Now, by paying attention to it daily, you will discover the wonderful truth about your true nature and deep divine truth.

Many people have found that repeating certain words and sounds helps people open up and connect with deep spiritual connections. You may be drawn to words and phrases more than others because of your previous religious training and associations. I recommend trying several times until you find the one that makes the most sense and impact for you.

A mantra is a word or phrase used to facilitate transformation and spiritual realization. There is value in the vibration of the sound, the meaning and purpose behind the words and sounds.

Tips for using mantras

1. Use only one or two mantras during any meditation.

2. Start repeating the word or phrase out loud, several times, and then silently.

3. While chanting the mantra silently, moving your lips will help you.

4. This process is usually most effective if done in the middle of the night or early morning.

5. Moving to 20 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes is often successful.

6. As you repeat the mantra, aim to connect more deeply with the meaning behind the words and sounds.

7. Use one or at most two mantras for a specific meditation. Repeat this silently to yourself and know that the embodiment of the mantra resides within your heart.

Realizing your divine nature and your Higher Self is the goal of mantra meditation. Listen and tune in to the qualities that arise within you as you chant the mantra. A message will reveal itself to you as you continue this exercise. Here are a few common mantras from various traditions that are simple and effective.

A mantra from the Jewish mystical tradition

Elohim – (Supreme Creators. Powerful Mantra.)

LORD (Yod Hay, Vod Hay. The Divine Father of God.)

Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adoni Zebaiot (The Lord God of the people is holy, holy, holy.)

Western Mantra

I am I

I am God

Be still and know that I am God

I feel deep love

Buddhist mantras

Om Mani Padme Hum (Gem [of compassion] On the lotus [of the heart]. It is considered one of the most powerful mantras in the world today.


Quan Yin

Christian Mantra

Jesus Christ

Ave Maria

The Lord’s Prayer

Hindu Mantra

Aum or OM

So Ham (I am He or I am. This is said to be the sound of God listening to a person’s breath. Say it when you breathe. sosay when you breathe Ham. Let the breath guide the meditation and mantra.

Sai Ram

Om Shanti (peace mantra)

Rama (Name of God. Fill us with eternal joy)

Om Namah Shivaya. Salutations to Shiva. I bow (or surrender) to Shiva.

Shiva is the consciousness that exists in everyone and everything. Consists of its shape Chit Ananda sat down – Existence, Consciousness, Happiness. Shiva It is also sometimes considered to be a destroyer of sins and evils of those who repeat the mantra. Each syllable of this mantra has a meaning. Namah Shivaya has 5 syllables which are form of 5 elements.

Na = the world; Ma = Water; Shi = fire; Wa = air; Ya = ether.

A final word about mantras

Of course, there are hundreds of other mantras, and you may be most comfortable using a mantra based on a tradition you are familiar with, but you should experiment with others.

After you have recited the mantra for the specified amount of time, you may decide to stop the mantra and be in a state of peaceful tranquility or bring the reference to mind. Allow God’s consciousness to reveal itself to you in whatever form it appears. Surrender to the silence and allow yourself to receive.

Speak quietly and ask for more clarification or details. “Is there anything important I should know right now?” etc. questions. Be prepared to see or hear what happens next. From time to time ask, “Is there anything else I need to know” or “Tell me more.” Allow concepts to surface. They can come in glossy or shiny. Sometimes they appear as single words, sometimes as feelings, and sometimes deeper insights are revealed.

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