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A Lighthearted Bride’s Guide to Planning Your Wedding

I was a bride myself once. I planned my wedding to the last minute. From the invitations to traveling the country for the perfect bridal gown, every detail was taken care of and emphasized. Some days I almost had a nervous breakdown. No, I really did. I spent a whole day going around every BHS in the country trying to find an 11 year old flower girl dress. I almost fell over when I opened my tiara box and found it broken (thankfully one fingered future husband, one superglue later and all was well). I nearly had a kitten when I realized I had ordered too many invitations (silly me forgetting that everyone comes in pairs, but math has never been my subject). I’ve spent hours on wedding discussion forums talking about color schemes and sugared almonds. I could never have done it without those girls, they were my saviours! As a result, I feel qualified (or at least I hope so) to comment on one of the most stressful events you will ever plan for in your life. I’ve put together some very candid tips and advice to help you plan your big day. I’m not writing this to save money, but to keep my sanity. Although you may not agree with some of my suggestions, or even any of them, I hope you take away at least one or two useful tips.

Don’t wear your wedding dress. I really can’t stress this enough. This is the only piece of clothing you should sell in your life. This is the dress you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl. So here’s what happens. You need to start thinking about your budget – subtract it first and then double it. If I had a pound for it, let’s just say I’d walk into the door of a bridal boutique only to find that my bride’s dream dress was five hundred pounds over her budget. very rich lady. So what do you do? You should definitely give it a try (you’re not going to buy it just to see if it fits your curiosity, right?). You then shimmy into the mirror and BINGO – you’re in love. But damn, it’s too expensive. Your heart sinks as you try to take it off and put it out of your mind, but the damn dress keeps coming in again. You can’t find anything like it anywhere else, and even if you search eBay and the local paper, nothing comes close. It made you feel like a million bucks; princess, it will make you drop ten pounds and then you realize….YOU MUST BE IN THIS DRESS! So what do you do? What can you do? It’s very simple, ladies. You turn your budget and buy. You will never regret this decision.

Buy shoes that fit and are comfortable for you. Yes, I know it sounds really boring, but honestly, you’ll be so glad you did. Unlike your dress, I don’t think I need to spend hundreds of pounds on shoes for my wedding day. Honestly, believe me when I say that no one cares about your shoes but you. Well, these Louboutins are screaming to be featured in your outfits, but no one but your stylish friends will know they’re Louboutins. Imagine your disappointment when you hear Great Aunt Maud say she saw three pairs for 10 at her local Shoe Express? The color will bleed off your face. Well-fitting and stylish street bridal shoes are what you need. I also wouldn’t go higher than 3.5 inches in your heels, unless you want to stumble down the hall, it’s not a good look.

Accessories and jewelry – Don’t overdo it with accessories and jewelry. Think “less is more.” You have a beautiful dress; You don’t need tons and tons of money to go along with it. There are many types of hair accessories in the market now. If you decide to wear a tiara, I recommend choosing a tiara made with Swarovski. Swarovski AB has a beautiful rainbow color as it reflects light, making it the choice of brides and grooms. You won’t find anything shinier anywhere. For your jewelry, a beautiful pearl necklace or a decorative vintage necklace and simple earrings are all you need. I also don’t recommend wearing a watch on your wedding day – for two reasons. Firstly, I don’t think it looks good, and secondly, if everything is not done on time, you will always look at yourself and be stressed.

The same goes for your underwear. I don’t recommend spending a lot of money on fancy bridal lingerie. Do you remember the wedding you went to when you saw the bride walking with emotion on her face? It wasn’t the emotion you were looking at, but the tenderness from the lace-like strands of cheese between her cheekbones behind her. The sky-high pair of Louboutins she wore probably didn’t help. By all means, grab that cool Basque you saw in Agent Provocateur for your honeymoon. I have to admit that 8/10 couples don’t get married on their wedding night anyway, and I’m one of them. The only thing we hugged on our wedding night was a porcelain toilet bowl…but that’s another story.

Free bar or cash bar? Now this is a very controversial topic. I’ve seen many a bread fight on internet discussion forums over this topic. My personal opinion is NO FREE BARS. In fact, I feel strongly about it. People don’t expect you to shell out hundreds (or thousands) of pounds and provide a free bar all day and night. A mid-range drink package for day guests and a welcome for evening guests is really enough. A free bar is a problem (and your wallet will hate you). This is wedding murder. People become greedy; If you’re really lucky, they’ll order doubles, triples or even champagne cocktails. The beer will warm, but what will people do? Don’t drink alcohol, throw it away and bring another one (because it’s free). Your Uncle Brian will be dubbed the “Sex Pest” after his bladder is completely ruptured and he tries to fondle his bride. People will start fighting, beer will be spilled on the dance floor, and the chocolate fountain will be good anywhere but a fountain. I’m guilty of the “greed factor” myself. I once went to a restaurant with a free bar and didn’t realize it at the time until I paid for it…then quickly ordered a large…drink chaser. You have been warned.

Benefit. Worried or not? I like patronage, but I think it’s a woman’s business. Ladies love the pretty box with the candy inside tied with a ribbon. Like making my own cookies, or I made Swarovski crystal earrings for all the ladies. Drawing cards are another good idea – get 2 pence from all the men who are rolling in their pockets, then see what Cousin Billy’s face looks like when he wins… five. Oh, and it will come in handy later on at the “free bar”. Charity needles are also a good choice and always sleep well. Avoid sugared almonds. They may be traditional, but they’re tacky and eighties beyond belief. Seriously, who really likes sugared almonds?

Band or DJ? Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with a really good DJ who has been playing good music that appeals to all ages for decades. Avoid Black Lace or Birdsong, but a little YMCA always adds to the fun and gets everyone cutting their shape on the dance floor. Don’t make the mistake of playing music that’s only for you and your friends. I went to a wedding once and the DJ played house music all night. Great for the bride and groom dancing on the table.

Again, when it comes to live bands, don’t hire a band that only plays a certain type of music. I made this mistake at my wedding. We hired a Rat Pack-type swing band. It cost us an arm and a leg (and a kidney), but we were very happy with it. We envisioned the dapper singer (as seen in the photo) singing “Mack The Knife” into his vintage microphone with his luscious, cropped hair. What we got was a very boring guy with good looks (he could only sing) but with 4 of them he was as charming as a wet fart and could only be described as “grave escapers” as a backing band. Luckily we also hired a DJ.

Your photographer. This is also something that should be effective. A quality reporter photographer who knows his stuff is worth his weight in gold. Do your research first or get a recommendation. You can often tell a lot about a photographer from their website, so do your research. I fully support reportage photography. It’s modern, unfussy, and delivers amazing results. The last thing you need on your wedding day is an old sergeant-major photographer booking family and friends in the best hours of the afternoon. One of the things that frustrates me when I go to weddings is the amount of time it takes to take photos of the bride, groom, father of the bride, mother of the bride – the bride’s family, the groom’s family, Uncle Tom Cobley, etc. It takes forever and is boring. The beauty of photojournalism is that you hardly notice the pictures you’ve taken; They have the ability to keep turbulence to a minimum. I barely remember our photographer being there that day, but he must have been because we have some great photos to prove it.

Invitations and Gift Lists: Make sure you send a Save the Date card. People lead very busy lives these days, so I recommend these if you are confident that all of your guests can make it to your wedding. This email has failed everyone! Etiquette is to send formal invitations six weeks before the wedding. If you’re not sending a save-the-date card, I recommend sending your invitations six weeks in advance—for exactly this reason. People like to book vacations and know about things in advance. When it comes to wedding gifts, this is another controversial topic. My personal opinion is that if you have a gift list, include it in your invitation or at least give people details on where to find it. Many couples these days don’t have a gift list and prefer cash or vouchers. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there are ways and ways to do it. I personally hate those cheesy, cheesy rhymes people use to ask for money for weddings. I find them very unpleasant and irritating. Some people used to include account details and sort codes at the bottom of the poem. To be honest! If you don’t have a gift list, word of mouth is the best way to get what you want. People will ask you what you want, personally I wouldn’t ask for cash, I’d be smart and ask for a voucher or open an account with a local travel agency for travel vouchers. It’s also nice to have a surprise in your wedding favors. What if you get four toasters? You can always find them via eBay….or buy a bulk loaf!

Avoid the “sticky” factor at all costs. And by that I mean helium-filled teddy bears in the shape of the bride and groom, sugared almonds, fake rose petals, personalized ring pillows, sugared almonds, and table trinkets (and if you want to ask questions, you’ll be down the street). pub), sugared almonds, stretch limos, oh and did I say sugared almonds?….

Try not to get too stuck on the fine points. No one will notice if your lipstick doesn’t match your bridesmaid dress. On that day everything will fall into place. I promise you. Remember, it’s only one day; It will be gone before you know it and you will be wondering why it was nothing. Of course I did.

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