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The Fruit-cake (Part One: in the Hospital)(A play to be read)

Symbols and indices:

The main character

Doctor: –Dr. Bash

Nurse: –Rosario

Roommate: –Oliver Rhames

Groom: –Eva Fremont

Patient/Husband: –Lee Walters

Minor characters

*Mother [Eva’s parent]: –Holly

*Father [Eva’s parent]: –Bruce

* Elsie [Lee Walters Mother]

Various characters

Glen and Harry [Friends of the family at the trailer park]

Trailer Park Gate Guard


A gay man in a bar

Music: Written and Lyrics by DL Siluk [see annex at end of book]

Music: Has a “It’s Always Been You” feel

“Dancer” Brit 4

“Death [departure] Easy waltz

“End of Day” conversation

“As Love Passes By”

Group/or Activities:

Chapter I In the hospital

Chapter II in the trailer park

Act III Back at the hospital

Act IV in the apartment [three poetic-musical lyrics read]

Act V in front of the bar/Outside the apartment

Act VI The Jam Bar/The Tragedy

Appendix: Poetry-music/lyrics [composition in Annex]

Additional Poetry: “2nd Avenue”


Songs included in the lyrics:

Five songs of note [available]

Note: Pieces of Life

[About the story]

Notes on construction: The first law was written in March 2003, the second and third laws were written in April 2003; Chapter five was written in May 2003. The play is written to be read like a screen play. In the first week of July 2003, the play was re-edited and slightly modified for publication. Revised for online publication February 2006.

Fruit cake

Act I

In the hospital


This is Lee Walters’ “hospital” room. The room [and, by observation the ward] is big, and let’s add it with sound -. Can’t say much about medical equipment. Some equipment looks like pipes hanging all over the place, not knowing where to go and looking careless. A section of Never Never lays on the table next to his bed. Lee is waiting to go home after surviving a stroke and heart attack; he had some complications with the operation, but now everything looks good; The doctor explained to him that he had suffered a second heart attack, and the first one was two weeks ago, and he did not know about it, assuring him that it was much smaller than the last one. He was taken to the hospital on time.

I emphasize again that he spent three weeks in the hospital and had a stroke on the operating table, but he survived all these challenges. You got it: –he’s bored, –now he’s planted his own little miracles for a week to refresh. We’ll get to that in a bit. He wants the doctors to release him this morning. But against the doctor’s better judgment, just one minute, viz.

Now, as the curtain goes up, you see Lee Walters trying to get comfortable in bed, stumbling around with his pillow and head behind him. And Mrs. Fremont [let’s just refer to her as “Eva” make life easy] – He stands at the door and shakes his head [thinking, what a dumb clucks, Lee is; we’ll get to Lee also in a moment] “Any bugs in your bed, Lee?” He said. He leans against the back of the bed, his face dull, more hissing noises coming out of his mouth, I don’t think he likes the words, but he’s getting used to them. or he should be now. This situation does not seem to please anyone, that is, his interpretation, his position; he fell back down the bed…

No answer

Eva. Lee!

No response yet

Lee, relax, it’s not good for you to put in so much effort [remarks Eva again]

However, the League remains silent

Well –(annoyed)–it’s your show, I don’t care [says Eva].

Lee is a thirty-five-year-old man. He is a courier who earns $35,000 a year. He’s beardless, but he’s still rubbing his face as if he’s reacting to nerve impulses. He is a hyper person by nature. His mouth is slightly open, ready to say something, or he seems unable to breathe properly through his nose [one or the other]. Either way, it wouldn’t help that he would be in the hospital for so long, twenty-one days, that he was already upset about. She finally calmed down and raised her head to eye level with her fiancé [a light pause], now focused on his face. She seemed a little dumbfounded now that he had her attention: — at a loss for words.

Lee. Eva! Do you have something worthwhile to say?

No answer


No response yet


Eva [with a tired attitude]. Look monkey, monkey, isn’t that how it is in our world?

Lee [shaking his head, indignant]. So you say [he sucks in a breath of air] did you come here to tell me my mistake?

Eva. You can figure it out yourself, smart guy.

Lee. I’m sure I can [smugly]!

Eva. As I tried to know your mood, I found your old slurred speech, as usual; you dimple, dimple – shit.

Lee. Oops, I thought you’d be worried if there was a bug in my ass, I mean come on. I’m worried about my welfare, how about you admit that you’re upset with me, I’m so used to your wise words.

Eva. Once you’re half right, I forgot the “wrong” comment. Well, you win, now let’s start—let’s start all over again, shall we?

Lee. Oh boy, what does that mean? What am I waiting for to try again to fix the pillow so I don’t get mad at you again?

The patient in the other bed has a full ear

Eva [somberly]. I can’t help it if we hurt each other. We are used to making fun of everything – we have forgotten how to be serious. But I cried when I heard you had a stroke on the operating table after heart surgery, I really was, ask your brother. You know you’ve been out for three days; –Your left side was paralyzed [a slight pause]; like… I don’t want to talk about it. You have also been ill for twelve hours; Man, you are so lucky…!

Lee. Yes, I know you were crying, I remember something. Don’t know Dr. Bash, Bush or Shawn’s head or name [a pause, he tries to get his breath], well, Dr. Bash came in last night and said I’m fine because I got out of here alive. But he added, and I hate to repeat this, but I was “Fruitcake” there for a while, which means a few days. Can you imagine someone calling you “…fruitcake”? after a stroke?

Eva [looking straight ahead, thinking]. Well [pause]now that you say it, you were kind of, I mean you really were a “fruitcake”. [Lee looking annoyed at Eva]. Can’t do anything about it, can you, but I guess it’ll bother me a little. On the one hand, you were a fruitcake, or on the other hand, you had a disease that suited you, or whatever you call it, it made the body jump… everywhere, whatever, it wasn’t good. We all thought you wouldn’t get better, they [the doctors] 12 hours of such rage was about to put you in a coma; your brother was here, and he was as hard as your mother, he was here every day, I was here every day, and I think if you did, he would die; –I saw tears in your brothers’ eyes, but you tricked everyone and recovered in three days. Everyone says you are the prodigy of the ward. So you may have been a fruitcake for a while, but on the other hand, you’re not anymore.

Lee [his crabbiness showing]. You never take my side even when I’m sick. Well [pause; a moment to think], …what if I have another stroke and I’m still a fruitcake forever, are you going to take care of this fruitcake or throw it in the trash? the fruit cake might dry out to nothing!

Eva. It really hurts me that you ask such a question, or it is a statement [?]

Lee. OK?

Eva. You heard me!

Not knowing what to say, Lee took his time and lowered his eyes. He’s starting to realize he’s asked the wrong question, maybe the right one. And he thought she would answer, “Yes, I will leave you.” Eve and Lee are silent; He shakes his head “yes”. Nurse Rosario comes in, looks around, closes the curtains, and stands in the doorway, leaving Eva alone.

Eva. May I help you, Miss Nurse? [Lee shakes his head no to indicated to the nurse he does not want her there.]

Nurse Rosario. No, thank you Mrs. Fremont, I have a few things to do. [She is taking his pulse and listening to his heart. He eyes her shape up. She has a nice well-formed figure, and her skin looks a bright-olive, she is all of twenty-nine years old. She is about five feet two inches tall, and she speaks slow, but confident.]

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