The Time For Peace Is Now Gospel Music About Us Can Christian Meditation Transform the Church?

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Can Christian Meditation Transform the Church?

As I sat in church last week listening to the pastor talk about clarity and reflection, I wondered if the congregation really understood the importance of what he was sharing. He talked about prayer and spending time with God, but did it register or was it just a Christian ideal that sounded good but was not practical in real life. Knowing what I’ve learned about reflection, meditation, and prayer, it takes discipline to make time each day for quiet, reverent solitude with God. As I continued to listen, I wondered if words alone were enough to convey the extent of such meditation. Was the sermon on meditation enough, or should we take further steps? In addition to talking about reverent silence, reflection, and Christian meditation, do pastors need to practice it physically? If so, how?

The service I attended consisted of praise, worship, some scripture reading and teaching, and ended with gospel music playing so loud it was hard to hear your neighbor talking to you. Where was my reflection? If we’re going to talk about meditation (or words like that), isn’t it important to teach and practice it as a community of believers?

During the church service, I envision believers entering the main sanctuary in silence and holy reverence for God as they turn their hearts to Him and enter His presence. After that, close your eyes and meditate on the scriptures for 10-20 minutes, gradually grazing on the selected scriptures for the day. Christian meditation allows the word of God to remove all worries and all the burdens we carry – the act of hiding God’s word in our hearts. Whenever we find our minds wandering in thought as we mentally repeat passages of scripture following the principles of meditation, we gently return our attention to the verses, creating greater space to listen to God and fellowship with Him within. . For those who go to church for the entertainment factor or the emotional experience, it may not be so good.

As congregations see the tangible effects of true reflection and meditation in their weekly service, they can practice the same at home. I believe that if they have experienced a true spiritual connection based not on what they do with God, but on “being” and “being” in His presence, it is something they cannot live without. Many believers will discover their link to God as the source of all their strength and power. This is the basis of what Jesus said, “When the Spirit comes, you will not need anyone to teach you, for the Holy Spirit will teach you all things.” The problem for most believers is that we don’t know how to respond to the Spirit who lives within us because it is constantly pushed by distractions, noise, thoughts, and deceptions. He often heard God’s voice calling him in the middle of the night and asked, “Is this the Lord?” We are often like Samuel who goes on to say. But unlike Samuel, who was guided by the Prophet and said that the Lord was calling him, go and listen, we don’t have someone doing that for us. So we simply give up our voice, live in the same world, and lose the intimacy we can have with God.

Through Christian meditation and reflection, we experience a transformation from the inside out. We know that even in many churches we are often taught that true blessings come from within in the form of peace, joy, and contentment, not from without. They say your blessing is just around the corner or over the next mountain. God tells you that you already have them, because God has given us everything we need for a holy and godly life, but we must approach them from within. It will never be in the next relationship, spouse, house, new car, job or any external desire or perfect situation. These things cannot fill the true void in our hearts. They only make masks for a short time.

Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you,” and that is the only place we will find eternal joy, fulfillment, purpose, and peace. But notice that entering the kingdom of God, this holy place, has nothing to do with dancing, shouting, preaching, or doing anything else. We enter into it in silence and stillness, knowing that “He (He) is God.” We enter into this by quieting our minds and shutting down or removing the fears, illusions, and doubts that prevent us from touching the hem of Jesus’ garment. “Because if I can touch the hem of his garment, I’ll be well,” the women said as he crawled on the ground, maneuvering through the crowd, focused alone, reaching for and reaching for the only thing he was given. the hope of becoming good and whole. And that changed in an instant. Jesus answered: “Who touched me, because I know that virtue has come from me?” Although he was pushed and pressed by many and from all sides, he was impressed by the fact that he was reached by only one person who had only one intention: to know Jesus.

Jesus said, “You will seek me with all your heart,” but for many believers, that means weekly church services and occasional Bible reading. They don’t understand that walking with God means laying down your life every day, hour, minute, minute. And they don’t know because that’s not what they’re taught. Most believers live their lives based on the testimony and teachings of others without examining themselves. Job made this clear when he said, “I have heard of your power, but now I have experienced you personally.” They are told to join more committees or participate in more groups, and if they miss church services, they may be on the verge of turning away from God. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, they are important, but as Jesus said to the Pharisees who paid their tithes but neglected their mercy and faith, you should have done the same.

Seeking God with all your heart, soul, and strength begins with prayer, meditation, and meditation, but not prayer that asks God for more. Instead, it is the kind of prayer and meditation that shows us that God is already sufficient, by remaining in the vine, becoming one with the Lord, putting on the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “God is a Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and in truth, for these are the kinds of worshipers the Lord seeks.”

Church is a time for celebration, fellowship, and community worship, and while these are important activities, I understand that corporate meditation and reflection are better taught. Many Christians do not know what it means to be still before the Lord or avoid it altogether. Because silence shines a neon light on what’s in our hearts and what’s missing in our lives. The good news is that we can bring this awareness to God for inner healing. Shouldn’t the church be the place to teach this? What if we created special times during church services for quiet worship, scripture meditation, and introspection? I can only imagine what a difference it will make in sanctuaries around the world. Because when we allow God’s light to pour into our hearts and minds, it will dispel the darkness – hatred, worry, and fear.

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