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Great Gift Ideas For Photographers

Here are thirty gift ideas for photographers. A suggested price range is also listed. Happy shopping!

1. Portable reflector. A photographer should not have too many light modifiers. Reflectors come in many sizes and configurations. See what they have and choose a model they don’t have. Most of these turn out to be minor cases. Or consider buying a reflector you already own. ($30-$150)

2. Chips and more chips. Not the potato type – the memory card type. Find out what their camera formats are – Compact Flash, Smart Media, etc. They are very cheap to buy in large capacity. Take one out of your camera or chip stick, note the manufacturer and model, and try to buy one with the same or larger memory capacity. ($20-$100)

3. Removable hard disk / Image container. These battery-powered devices are pocket-sized and will copy images from a camera chip and store a copy on a hard drive. Some of them also have nice preview screens and TV outputs so you can view your photos as a slideshow. They act as a hard drive when plugged into a laptop. They’re great for on-location shoots or long vacations where you don’t have to take your computer with you. ($100-$300)

4. Another lens! If your photographer has a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera, pick your brain about the lenses you have and want. This is an area where photographers are very selective, so they may be asked to describe specific brands and models. If you want to go “all in”, let them tell you about them dream lens – It’s something they really want (but maybe don’t need) and won’t buy for themselves. ($100-$5000)

5. Lens filter. There are many different filters or modifiers that can be put on a lens. You’ll want to know what size lenses (measured in millimeters) and what they have or want. A few ideas are: circular polarizers (reduce glare and deepen sky colors), close-up lenses (magnify and zoom in on small objects), and neutral density filters (reduce light in some or all of the image). ($30-$150)

6. Monopod and swivel. A monopod is like a cane with a string at the top. It’s perfect for a tripod when not in use. Even better, with a swivel head on the top of the monopod, your photographer can rotate the camera from horizontal to vertical and gain the advantage of monopod stability. (Monopod: $30-$100; Rotary: $30-$100)

7. Free waterproof point and shoot digital camera. Regardless of the main brand, having a pocket-sized waterproof digital camera is ideal for everyday use, scouting locations, and spontaneous shooting opportunities. These cameras have excellent resolution and produce beautiful images; Some even make videos. Being waterproof means you can swim with it, shoot in the rain, and stuff it in your sweaty pants pocket all day. ($200-$400)

8. Sign up for an online photography forum or course. There are very good paying sites on the net. The DIgital Wedding Forum is for experienced wedding and portrait photographers as well as new professionals. Web Photography School is great for learning the basics of photography and editing. By finding one that matches their interests, they will have hours of learning and enjoyment online. ($100-200 per year)

9. Photo magazine subscription. There are many good magazines. You can go to a good bookstore and ask for a copy of a few different magazines with a note about buying a subscription to your favorite magazine. This way, they can check out multiple publications and be sure that they will actually place an order. ($30-$80)

10. Destination vacation. Well, it might cost you a little time and money, but if you’re patient and let your photographer stop and shoot the flowers, you’ll have a great couple of hours and they’ll really appreciate the opportunity to travel and shoot. ($ cheap-$ not cheap)

11. Photo Sharing Gift Certificate. If they already use a favorite online site or local lab, get them a gift card or certificate. Otherwise, check out the best stores and sites, pick one, and load up a starter account or gift card. ($ you choose)

12. Making products from their work. I loved the fact that my wife once made a calendar out of my photos. Consider how you can highlight their work. Read my other posts on creative ways to display and use photos. ($10-$100)

13. Connect them with a mentor. Find out who they admire in the world of photography and arrange to meet them. Or try to get their autographed or personalized book or video. In the best case, they will be brought in by their instructor for training or practice. ($ large frame)

14. Gift certificate to the department store. You can never print too many frames. ($50-$500)

15. A gift card to a major art store. Whether it’s your local store or one of the bigger stores like Adorama or Beach Camera, your photographer will find great things to buy. ($50-$500)

16. Gaffer’s tape. Black tape that doesn’t leave a residue like duct tape. It’s expensive, but it’s amazing. ($35/roll)

17. Camera case or backpack. The more things they take, the more or bigger camera bags they will need. Or a crazy box or bag of lights and stuff. ($30-100)

18. Camera flash shutter. They also have a little personality to suit their needs, but if they shoot with an external flash, the bracket will suit their needs. If they don’t have an external flash, that might be a good idea too. Learn about camera features for flash and shutter. (Block: $100-300; Flash: $200-400)

19. Premium printer. There are some really great printers out there for hobbyists and professionals alike. Some will print on large paper and produce output that rivals large labs. Variations on this theme include a paper sampler, a note card, and a combination printer and scanner. (Printer: $300-$2000)

20. Slide Show Software. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a slideshow with music? Does your photographer make or sell slideshows? ProShow Gold is a great start, and Proshow Producer is even better. ($50-$300)

21. Color adjustment. Every monitor is different. It is important to be able to see true colors on your monitor. These devices adjust the monitor and sometimes even the printer and other devices to known settings so that the colors on the screen are accurate. ($150-$500)

22. Photographer’s vest. Yes, very silly, but also very functional. ($50-$150)

23. Camera clothes. The camera’s weatherproof cover will help with drizzle or other inclement weather. The waterproof case allows the camera to be used underwater. Blimps reduce shutter noise to allow use in very quiet conditions. These are specific to the camera and sometimes the lens, so be careful when choosing the right product. ($50-$200)

24. Find them a match. Use your network and influence to get the photo opportunities they want to do. It’s more suitable for beginner photographers – professionals may have different ideas. Read my post for more ideas 10 Great Ways to Become a Professional Photographer.

25. New body. This is the camera body. If they have an SLR and get the same lens, consider buying a dual body or single model. Having the flexibility of a backup camera or two lenses immediately available will put a smile on your photographer’s face. ($1,000-$8,000).

26. Photo book. There are great “how to” books on all kinds of photography. Or get them a book on business or technology like Photoshop or web design. Or get a coffee table book with great photos that you can use for inspiration. ($10-$50)

27. Blank DVD. Many photographers copy their work onto DVDs and use them in slideshows. They will appreciate the extras. If you use them, don’t forget the jewelry box. ($20-$50)

28. DVD/CD label printer. These are quite special devices. These allow users to print any image on a special DVD or CD. If they give someone a DVD as a gift, it might be a very good thing for them. Note that some newer printers will print directly to these DVDs or CDs. ($150-$300).

29. Proof book or album. If they print a lot of proofs, don’t hide them in a box. Get them a few albums so they can display them and use them to show others. There are some very neat ‘self-adhesive’ albums that can be pressed onto an adhesive backing to create a very professional looking album. ($10-$200)

30. More power! This can be lithium AA batteries for those flashes, point and shoots, extra batteries for camera models, portable batteries to run the lights, extension cords and power strips for all electronic toys. You can never have too many phones! ($10-$100)

How do you choose the right gift? You can print it out, leave it where your photographer will see it, get tips, and circle a few things. You can ask them to create a “wish list” on one of the popular online retailers like Amazon. Or you can have their partners pick their brains for you and report back.

To save money, check out sites like eBay, Craigslist, and other places where people can sell items. Also check local camera shops for consignment or used gear.

Either way, choose one of these gifts for your photographer. They will appreciate your time and effort!

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