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A Cure For The Winter Time Blues

Ah yes. If you live on the East Coast, Midwest (like the Midwest) or the Rockies, it’s that time of year when you look outside and see snow on the ground, temperatures in the 0-30s, and wind chills below 0. . After looking at that window, you take a deep breath and sigh to yourself. The winter blues affect those living in the South, West Coast, and Southwest, but at least you can get outside (earlier this month in Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, North and South) with snow in the Carolinas and Tennessee, and unexpected snow in Florida. it was cold) others had to stay home and fight cabin fever.

There are people who like winter, snow, cold and white Christmas. I think the whole concept of a white Christmas is a lot! I put it this way: people who want a white Christmas, or at least snow from the sky. It’s people who want the snow to start melting on Christmas Day, December 26th, and hope that the white stuff and the cold won’t come back. You can’t have it both ways. With the holiday season right around the corner, do you want snow or just don’t see it coming?

What are wintertime blues?

Winter Time Blue usually occurs in mid- to late January after the holidays (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day) come and go; when you have already taken down the Christmas tree; When you’ve made all your Christmas presents; When you haven’t been to the mall since Christmas shopping; when holiday desserts (cookies, cakes, pies, etc.) are no longer made after the season; when you’ve already been to every possible Christmas party (who doesn’t love a Christmas party!); And you can put up all your Christmas decorations (indoors and out, some people even leave them up until spring or even all year long.) It’s almost the end of the holiday season and you’re ready to go. There’s an emptiness inside you, and then gray skies, cold temperatures, and an earlier-than-usual sunset start to make you a little depressed (Summer Time.)


It’s at the top of almost everyone’s list of New Year’s resolutions (note that we say “goals” not “resolutions” because we tend to break our resolutions by days or weeks into the next year. Real change without the thought of ever failing in the back of our minds. , places you want to reach with a sense of accomplishment and progress.) The goal here is to lose weight or tone up for the summer. take a class, then head to your local gym, sign up for a year’s membership (well, if you’ve got the money) and get busy. Now, if you don’t have the resources or the weather is bad outside, you can exercise in the comfort of your home. Incorporate exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, and jumping rope into your workout routine. Do a little exercise without any strain. muscle and any broken bones.Also if you like to run outside the reg then do it regardless of the weather but be careful. If you wear too much clothing while running, you will pass out after the workout. At the same time, if you run without covering your skin in the cold season, hypothermia will happen very quickly. So, before you go for a run, dress warmly and comfortably.

Mental stimulation

We are all guilty of this. When we come home after work, school, or other activities, we turn on the TV, sit on the couch or our favorite chair, and that’s it. We just watch TV and do nothing else, so sometimes after an hour our brains turn into mush due to inactivity. Our brain is a muscle, and like any other muscle, we need to strengthen it. So how do we do this? Since we can do both things at once, here are some solutions for doing these activities while watching TV or away from the TV.

1. Read a newspaper or a book

You don’t want to be a person who doesn’t know anything about current affairs, sports news and celebrity news, so it’s important to know what’s going on in the world. Why don’t you pick up a good book and start reading after you finish reading the newspaper? In today’s world, everyone is so busy doing something (work, school, other activities, etc.) that we just can’t slow down and relax. One way to relax is to find yourself something to eat, a hot or cold drink, a book, or a comfortable place to sit and just read.

2. Take lessons

Whether it’s in the classroom or online, try to learn something new. If you really think you’ve seen or heard this before, you haven’t. By taking a course, you can learn things you may not have heard before, and you can use valuable information at work or in your personal life in the future. And you can learn something outside of the classroom. If there’s a particular hobby you’re interested in, learn as much as you can about that activity. The knowledge you gain through research will show that you have a strong passion for something (eg, a hobby or activism).

3. Do a crossword or brainstorming exercise

You can test how much you know by doing a crossword puzzle in a newspaper (local or national) along with brain exercises. Puzzles and exercises are designed to challenge you and determine how smart you are. The exercises are fun and I encourage everyone to try them.

4. Learn a foreign language

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to speak a foreign language, now is the perfect time to do so. Research shows that learning a new language is best done as a child, not as an adult, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking up books, CDs, DVDs, and Mp3s and learning to speak a foreign language. . Learning a new language takes time and patience, but it pays off in the long run.

The 4 tips above are exercises that will push your mind, get into your soul, and just feel good because with each activity you’ll 1) gain knowledge and 2) do something you wouldn’t normally do. I want everyone to do at least one or four exercises. You never know, you might like it!


Have you ever wanted to write that novel? How about that movie or TV script? Also, have you considered composing songs? Go ahead, just do it. The only person stopping you from doing this is YOU, so go for it! Before you start, do your homework and research how to do it. Once done, the first thing you should do before anyone sees your work is to immediately copyright it. As a writer, your biggest fear is sending your work to a company before you get the copyright. Then that company rejects your work, edits a few things here and there in their project, slaps their name on it, and then your project becomes a smash hit, so they steal your fame and fortune. You can sue, but you will lose because there is no documented proof that your work is copyrighted and they directly stole your project.


So you think you can dance, right? It’s no secret that Dancing With the Stars and I Think You Can Dance are always in the top 10 of the Nielsen TV ratings. Both shows are popular: 1) People like to watch other people dance, and 2) People like to dance. It’s no coincidence that the number of people participating in ballroom, ballroom, and swing dancing has skyrocketed since these two shows first appeared on television a few years ago. If you want to dance, go ahead and try it. If you have two left feet and can’t dance at all, don’t let that stop you from seeing what you can do on the dance floor. You can learn to dance with a dance instructor, or even better, bring a partner to help.


If you love to cook but prepare the same meal every day of the week, why not try something different and give your usual dinner an extra kick. Add spicy and delicious foods to your menu. You’ll be surprised how you can learn to cook different types of food, such as Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, etc. If you’ve never cooked in your life, give it a try and see what happens. Of course, this is done by trial and error, and you’ll make some mistakes along the way, and that’s okay. Don’t worry if you mess up, because we’re all human and we’ve all burned a dish or had a meal that didn’t turn out as planned. With repetition, creativity, and patience, you can cook anything for anyone, anytime. Who knows, you could become a chef and become the next Paula Deen or Gordon Ramsay.

Play an instrument

Did you play an instrument as a child or teenager, or just thought about it and never got around to it? Well, it’s never too late to pick up and learn to play an instrument. It doesn’t matter if you are 8 years old or 100 years old, if you are interested in playing music, play anyway. First, decide what instrument(s) you like to play. Then pick a music teacher/tutor and learn music theory (major/minor chords and scales; importance of time signatures; how to figure out what key a certain song is in, etc.) As someone who plays the piano, I know. about the pros and cons of playing a musical instrument. Each musical style (Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Funk, etc.) offers a new challenge, so you’ll never get bored of playing the instrument. If you want to be successful playing an instrument, here are some of my tips.

1) Time

You don’t need to practice all day to be really good at playing an instrument, especially if you have other responsibilities in your life right now (work, school, etc.), practice as much as you can in your free time. The key word here is exercise, because it’s not how long you exercise, but how many times a week you exercise. If you can’t exercise every day, exercise 5-6 times a week.

2) patience

Well, if you’ve never played an instrument before, you’re going to get frustrated after a while because the song you’re learning right now doesn’t sound the way you want it to. My advice is simple: start slow and steady, and pick up the tempo of the song when you feel comfortable. The biggest thing to understand when starting to play an instrument is that you can’t become great overnight. Wanting to be the best music composer you can be right now requires a lot of patience and determination.

3) repetition

As the old proverb says: If you do something over and over again, it gets better. The same goes for playing an instrument. Not only should you play your favorite instrument regularly, but you should also learn major and minor scales and chords. And once you master the art of memorizing and playing songs without taking sheet music in front of you, you will be on your way to becoming a real artist.

Get out of the house

As long as the weather is nice enough and not too cold outside, get out as often as possible. Have fun while you’re out, like watching a movie, joining an organization, volunteering, etc. If you’re a bear, coming out of hibernation would be nice, but not so good to have a fever. seems fine for the outside temperature.

If you’re still feeling down as I finish this post, cheer up. Spring isn’t far away, but you wish it would come soon enough.

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