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Chocolates That Greet!

George Goodbury graduated as a chef from the famous catering college. He specializes in deserts, especially chocolate. On vacation, she made several chocolates at home, carefully packaged them, and gave samples to friends. They were so appreciated that he was soon flooded with orders for them. This activity soon developed into a small business.

He was always looking for ideas to make better chocolate. During his research, he came across an interesting article about a biological product, sodium octavate, discovered by Dr. Marian Smith during her scientific research. This unique addition to the chocolate base seemed to add a musical memory to the final product’s recording of vocal octaves, he said in the article. It was a great discovery. But he was busy with other programs, so the discovery was at an embryonic stage in his lab.

George was fascinated by the idea of ​​adding music to chocolate. He went to Dr. Smith.

“I’m George Goodberry. I’m a chef and I make chocolate at home. I was intrigued by your article on the musical quality of octaves of sodium added to chocolate. I couldn’t help but want to go and work with you.” George introduced himself to Marian.

“My main research is something else, and I found this wonderful substance and its unique properties on the side. But you seem like the right person to study it and develop it further. If you want, I’ll give you a sample and you can work on it. I’ll work here I’m at home because I don’t have a place. Go to the refrigerator and pick out a test tube marked NaOv.” Marian thought it would be better for the chocolate man to work with the chocolate than for it to lie untouched in the fridge.

George suggested. “Oh! Thanks. This is going to be amazing. I promise I’ll look into it with great interest.” He went to the fridge and opened it. There was a box of test tubes in the fridge and I found a test tube with NaOv on it. There was also a tube labeled ‘Bacillus Octavatilus’. He took the two tubes to Marian.

He said, “Bacillus Ovtavatilus is a type of bacteria that produces octavic acid. When this acid is neutralized with sodium hydroxide, it precipitates sodium octavate. You can grow the bacteria on regular agar and harvest the sodium octavate.”

“Can I get a bacterial sample too?” George asked confused.

“Sure, I’ve got a dozen test tubes, so you can take one. Here’s a tutorial on how to play music.” He handed her a piece of paper.

George returned home with two tubes. He knew how to transfer strains to fresh air chambers and propagate them on agar bases in conical flasks. He made 4 flasks and inoculated the bacterial strain. He then turned to the sodium activator powder he had brought in a test tube. He added 100 milligrams to 100 grams of chocolate base and melted it on a hot plate at a temperature of 45 degrees. He looked at the chocolate and said aloud, “Thank you Marian, I’m so happy for you.” Then, put the chocolate in the freezer for 20 minutes to cool. He followed all the steps on Marian’s instruction sheet.

He took out the chocolate and put it in his mouth. As the chocolate melted into his saliva, he clearly heard his brain say, “Thank you Marian, I really appreciate you.” He spoke only once before disappearing into his throat. He couldn’t believe it. He took another piece and put it in his mouth. Same result. Again he heard the words, “Thank you Marian, I really appreciate you.” I was a wonderful discovery.

He said, “Mom, I love you!” made another set with the word. Then he took it to his mother, who lived a few blocks away. “You don’t have to say it. I know you love me!”, she said as she ate the chocolate. He heard the message embedded in the chocolate. But George couldn’t hear it. Chocolate only speaks to the eater; no one else will hear anything. He trusted his mother. “Mommy. I made talking chocolate! What you heard wasn’t from me. It was from the chocolate you ate! Try again.” He gave her another piece.

“George, you’re a genius! It made me say, ‘I love you!'” I don’t know how I did it. But it’s amazing.” He was pleased with her success.

George left her the remaining pieces of chocolate and said, “You can eat it whenever you remember me.”

He realized the great potential of the invention. He thought about branding it. After playing around with a few names, he decided to call it Talking Chocolate. This is a revolutionary new product!

He took the chocolate to Cocoville Ltd, a large manufacturer. The CEO had to eat Speaking Chocolate to believe it! They entered into a royalty agreement with George to mass produce Speaking Chocolates. They marketed Speaking Chocolates with different messages. ‘Happy birthday’, ‘I love you’, ‘Get well soon’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Congratulations’ etc. They have been hugely successful. Chocolate sales skyrocketed. The brand was a real winner. But then there was a huge demand for making chocolates that anyone could write their own personal message on. Cocoville called George and put the matter to him.

George tried to find a solution to the public demand. He made the base and mixed the sodium octavate but did not heat it. He simply rolled it into a large slab of 500g and wrapped it in foil. Then he took one of the bars, melted it until it was stir-able, and said, “Writable chocolate,” and then cooled it and froze it. As he ate and chewed a piece, he heard the words “Writable chocolate” and got the proof he wanted. He found the solution and immediately took it to Cocoville.

Cocoville Post chocolates are available as a set with 500g bars and printed foil. There are instructions on how to write a message by heating the chocolate until it is stir-able, saying the words out loud, and then freezing them. When cold and hard, cut into pieces and wrap in the package provided in the kit. It was a big success story. Sales doubled. George was delighted with the increase in royalty!

But not all consumers speak well of chocolate. There were scumbags who used chocolate to intimidate and harass consumers. One such person, Anil, sent chocolates with the words, “Anna, your husband Kevin is a piece of shit.” He is of no use to a woman. He showed it to Kevin. He was furious and took his lawyers to court for defamation of Anil. But Kevin couldn’t confirm that the chocolate had actually spoken certain words to his wife, Anna. They spoke in his mouth only once and never again. It was only his testimony that Chocolate actually said it. The court said, “Assuming what he said is true, the case does not work because Anil did not say it in public. There are no witnesses. It is not proof. Besides, Anil did not say it. What he said to Anna. He was influenced by chocolate when he heard it. Then it can be assumed that Anna said what she heard. should. The word may have been created from the substance in the chocolate he ate, but he cannot. Let the case against Anil be dismissed and Anil be acquitted.”

This decision caused a public uproar. Does it mean that anyone can send some kind of malicious message through chocolate and get away with it? A few received obscene messages that amounted to nothing more than sexual harassment. There is a general recommendation not to eat recordable chocolate except with close family and trusted friends.

But one day, consumers started complaining to Cocoville that the talking chocolates stopped talking! The magic was not found. Cocoville immediately alerted George. He sampled and ate lots of different productions. He didn’t say a word. It’s over. He frantically took the sample to Marian. She smiled and looked straight into his eyes. He said, “These bacteria are not stable, so the strain of Bacillus Octavatilus must have mutated. I tried the stored master packs. They also stopped producing octavic acid. Sorry, there’s nothing I can do about it. Their ability to produce acid is gone. . We need to forget that.”

George returned to Cocoville. Gone are their distinctive “Talking Chocolate” and “Writing Chocolate” ads. Now they were no different from regular chocolate. Cocoville’s CEO gathered his company’s marketing brains to take control of the situation. They analyzed the problem and came to the conclusion that the main feature of “Speaking and Writing” chocolates is to give chocolate messages. True, the chocolate’s ability to speak was a gimmick to impress the user, but it was just a form of text communication. Why not consider other forms of communication? Why not leave a place for buyers to write a message? And they have to distinguish new products, because the ability to speak is lost, and they do not distinguish greetings in their mouths.

Cocoville developed a marketing plan for a new product called ‘Silent Eloquence’. These chocolates were like regular products but had a label or box with a personalized message. Individually wrapped pieces of chocolate or a box of boxes included a beautiful blank label on which the sender could write a greeting message. There is a cream rectangular place to write greetings on brick tiles weighing from 100g to 500g. The ad campaign for Silent Eloquence chocolate reads: ‘Silence speaks louder than words! Savor the message as you chew.’ It was a campaign to turn lag into an asset!

Silent Eloquence chocolate has been a huge success. They used the idea of ​​giving chocolate messages. The information was not verbal, it was written on the box, and it was personal. There was no fear of pressure. The product concept was liked by the market. And the smash sales exceeded their wildest dreams! This is thanks to the skills of marketing experts in product analysis, planning and placement!

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