They Re Coming To Take Me Away Official Music Video An Interview with Illustrator Bob Staake About His ‘Orb of Chatham’

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An Interview with Illustrator Bob Staake About His ‘Orb of Chatham’

Cape Cod, Chatham:

Christopher Seufert: I read that you have completed both the images and the text

A week later, the Chatham globe. How can this be true?

Bob Steak: You have to understand, people who know me know that I’m human

Insufferable workaholic, I work very fast, this book was of that type

just a coincidence of many things. Once I decided to do it

books and other things were not said harshly. I went straight to the final renderings

They were practicing and I was like, “Well, there’s no reason to go on

rough this thing up. I can get it over and done with right away.”

It was the first of my forty books that was written for me that way

completely passed and completed without a sketch or anything. I think

some books are just like that. It was a very simple story and at the end

The day you see it, it’s 290 words or something and 13 illustrations.

I just tend to work very quickly, and I’m not like that when I get into a project or a book

the type of person who wants a protracted deadline. When I was given that 9 months

As a publisher, I always wait until the final month to finish everything

Because I don’t want these images to spread over time. For me to keep a

The unity and connection between the visuals is the best for me to sit on

down, (hand movement) straight up. I don’t jump from page to page. I won’t

Say “I want to make this spread” like you would a video director or a

the filmmaker will cut back and forth between these scenes. I tend to be

everything flowed, so no, it literally took a week. It was one of those projects

I made it through Thanksgiving 2004. Just because I thought I didn’t have much time to do it


CS: So you just did it without the publisher agreeing to your idea or anyone else

give you a thumbs up?

BS: Yeah, I’ve been doing it for so long that there’s something about it on a certain level

of faith. I will tell you that one of my concerns was that it was the first one

A book I did entirely without an advance or a publisher’s contract.

But my second book, Red Lemon, is coming out with Random

House and did it the same way. That’s all. And you sit there

After reading these books, you might think, “Am I going crazy thinking about this story?

He has wings and can fly?”

Your friends and your friends are all like, “That’s great!” You know, no

one is loyal to you. He took it to the publisher and said, “Boom!”

Within an hour they offered you a contract and you said, “Okay, fine, me

not delusional. My head isn’t where it shouldn’t be.” So there it is

justified, but politically, when you work with editors and art directors

Publishers, I was acutely aware of the political implications

told the editor, “Hey, I don’t need you in this book.” But luckily it didn’t happen

I’m glad the book is doing so well after turning them off.

CS: Right? What sets me apart is that I’m asking an active person

Reader engagement, however, is much more in most books

passive experience. But I don’t think it will translate

commercial success. Of course, writers like Edward Gorey really worked in this market


Are most of the people you’re talking to getting an idea of ​​what you’re talking about?

Is there a connection between the book and the website?

BS: People who take the book, read the book, decode it

Go to the deep web and see everything there is

which is surprisingly well answered. Was interested in Inside The Orb

I don’t know about Chatham or what will happen in the next book. You

One of my feelings about books is that the reader is the person

he creates the backstory. The reader is the one who gets the main story

develops it in the mind. I mean, it’s really an experience. What I wanted to do

It was to democratize the literary experience between the reader, the writer, and the book

To really increase the importance of the reader and make a case for no

Books wouldn’t exist without readers, right? After all, it’s true,

But what I really wanted to do was build on that. I

He wanted to experience the reality of a person through the book

different from the next person. They are a causal and integral part of the whole

the process of finishing the picture. So ideas and ideas for the next book

Besides, doing anything else is like confronting what I’ve done

here with the book.

CS: Personally, I was able to unlock the code and access the website, but me

pretty deep in the web site. Peel the onion layers

far away and I don’t know that I haven’t fully grasped this mystery

presented there. So I went back to the book, read it again, and read my whole point of view

history has changed again. Then of course, back to the website and that’s it

which way are you going? I am still trying to understand the actual questions

Asking me as a reader of the book.

BS: A lot of people have seen the book and they’re just so amazed

Someone figured out a way to incorporate literary experience into a website

component, and kind of make this whole multimedia thing, I praise

That, but I have to believe someone else did it. I think that’s a lot

Ambitious website, a lot going on there, but that’s what it feels like to me

completely natural. Of course, with a mystery like this, there were times when I didn’t

I want to tell this big and detailed story in my book. I could have done it so easily, though

I really wanted this website to work like a site…. This is where I tell people, “Done

The book “The End of Chatham’s Globe” is really the beginning of the story. Yes

where it begins.”

So, you set the stage and they decode and go to the website

As it continues, it’s been a great way for me as a writer and artist.

experience..continue to breathe the story, just to see and enter the perspective

great details into the back story that didn’t work with the print material

A book of 290 words. I wanted it naked. I wanted it naked and I

I wanted the illustrations to be really sparse and then I wanted to keep it going

from there.

CS: Was the website an afterthought, or was it always part of the original idea?

concept since day one?

BS: I honestly don’t remember. I can tell you this much. it was inevitable to do

Orb of Chatham and complete the book and take it to the publisher, a

A small regional house like Commonwealth Editions in Boston, who did it well

work. They really are Viking, Simon, Schuster or behind the book

Random House would not. But when I think about Random House, I

I thought, “I can’t do it the traditional way,” which is to show the cover.

display the history and display the pairwise distribution. I mean everyone will see

Saying this, “What?!” Say, I’m at a stage in my career because I’ve used the web

I can recommend books to editors online. When I was called

editor and say, “Here’s what I have,” and they can see it online. There is no other reason

When these hard copies were flown to New York. So, I think while holding it

The pages showed how the book would flow, and showing it in black was very important

the background is gray and the image on the right is just a

It’s only natural to develop from there.

CS: What kind of reaction do you get from people who don’t “get” the book? Here

What are those who “don’t understand” asking the reader to do here? Not so

Should it be a traditional book?

BS: No, I don’t think people are getting it. I think there are such people

You’ll see it and say, “Oh no, that’s going to take work.” i just

I like that kind of thing as a puzzle person; any type of puzzle, any type

something to be deciphered or discovered. etc. interest me

that. There are people who like it and people who don’t

some people like tomatoes, some don’t. This is a big juicy tomato. Never

no longer amazes me. Some people say, “I’ve been working on this for three days

try to solve the code,” and I said, “Hey, at least you’re working,” and I sat there

Say, “You get it, you deal with it.” One review said there was something interesting about it

The code has a few questions that are very simple and they give authority

You’ll believe, “Cake, I’m going to fly like this,” but then it gets difficult,

going back to a few clues that people can’t quite figure out.

CS: So what’s the right way to approach privacy versus privacy?

book and website component? Is it better to solve the mystery?

By logic or imagination?

BS: People look at me and say, “It’s a numbers-based code,” but it’s really not. This

requires numbers, but it really requires all the senses..sight and touch

As for listening to music while holding the book, of course the oral feeling, because

It’s really scary and it creates a certain stage. It’s almost entirely a bathing thing.

This is one of the things I found interesting and wanted

do in a book, When you read a book, you make conclusions about the story.

What if you went ahead and solved the code and forced it in there?

The website takes your initial guess and turns it inside out. All a

Suddenly, I have a completely different idea of ​​what happened.

That’s what I wanted to create. I was kind of like, “Aha!” moment for

Readers say, “You know, I thought it was a true story.

But now I have a completely different opinion.”

Now for a special tidbit: This was kindly provided by writer Bob Stake

The Chatham Globe spoke to readers with exclusive additional information on the mystery.

However, you must already be cracked to understand this clue

posted the original code on his website and discovered the inner secrets of the orb. If you

You haven’t done this basic first step yet, so go back and do it before you try

phase of this additional research.

You don’t need clues from Christopher Seufert’s interview to solve the mystery

(You only need the book and its official website http:// but it really shows the extra part.

puzzle available only through this exclusive link. But we just won’t

give you an idea – you will have to work for it. Carefully study

your clues will reveal.

Now, visit the online inquiry [] One of the truth

The “orbatic” links on the right lead to additional research tips by Bob Staack. Read the

through ten links, but don’t guess- then you select the bottom button of one

Most feelings are close to the heart of the mystery. However, choose wisely. You

Get one prediction every two hours from your existing computer. You will be unlimited

guess, but if your guess is wrong, you won’t be allowed to guess it again


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