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The Power of Your Own Pleasure

“The soul must always be open and ready to receive excitement” – Emily Dickinson

How much did you enjoy today? Yes, let’s be honest, unless you’re one of those rare people who get a lot of pleasure, you probably haven’t moved your pleasure meter off the ground today. Webster’s Dictionary defines pleasure as: a pleasant feeling; to enjoy; to enjoy; satisfaction. You know that feeling—the warm, open feeling that washes over your entire body—it’s somewhat hard to describe—but you know what I’m talking about–“Pleasure”–it’s fun to say, and it almost makes you feel . Try it – say it out loud – Enjoy. What a fun word to say and even more fun to fully experience!

I ask my clients, “What gives you pleasure?” It will take some time to answer that question. The reaction might be, “I shouldn’t focus on pleasure, it’s selfish,” or “It’s been so long since I’ve had pleasure, I don’t know what will give me pleasure.” Another reaction is that they can list the things they enjoy, but when I ask them if they did that last time, they shyly reply that it hasn’t been that long. Women, in particular, are socialized to spend their energy on their own pleasure, so it’s hard to focus and focus on your own pleasure. A few years ago, when my family and I were vacationing at a cottage in Upper Michigan, my aunt shared that she loved watching the sunset over Lake Superior, fifteen minutes from where we were. I was so excited because she was so focused on what would please her husband and children, not herself, that she rarely verbalized what would please her. As we were getting ready to leave, a friend from the neighboring cottage came over and asked Auntie to prepare the fish she had just caught, and without batting an eye she said ok and the sunset trip was gone. air. Again, someone else’s pleasure was more important than his own. I was angry and sad that he was so quick to let go of his pleasure.

Think of the ripple effect of his own denial of Pleasure. To see this, let’s use the Internal Bonding framework, which we have a child with whom we are constantly interacting. Imagine the internal relationship that our aunt told the child that she was going to watch the sunset, just as a part of her began to get excited in anticipation of the fun and pleasure of watching the sunset. —Getting more and more excited as it gets closer to departure (you know that’s what kids do) and now imagine he won’t go and prepare fish for his friend. How would that child inside her feel? Broken, angry, sad, insignificant. Of course, it will affect the internal level – despair, irritability, a decrease in his energy level, maybe in the evening he interacted with others. There are negative consequences for him and those around him – such denial is not without profound consequences. If one continues to deny one’s pleasures, one will experience depression, anger, soul-deadening, and disease.

Let’s see what the ripple effect would be if he followed Pleasure and watched the sunset. As he watched the sunset, he felt a great sense of joy and pleasure in his body. Her energy will rise, she will open up and connect more deeply with herself and the people around her. He would relax—any tension in his body would melt away and his breathing would open and deepen. In this calm, open and optimistic state, he will have creative ideas on how to deal with some of his recent problems, which will allow him to deal with them with ease and grace rather than struggle. When he listens to himself, he will feel inner confidence—the childish part of him that was excited to see the sunset—that part of him will be valuable and important—so that he will feel his worth and importance. . The child part of him is most attached to what will give him pleasure–it will be safe to bring more ideas of future pleasurable activities—pleasure will open and expand in his life—the consequence of not following the sunset pleasure will narrow, instead of reducing.

Our mood affects those around us – even if we don’t say a word, those close to us can tell when we’re in a good or bad mood, and are generally affected by our mood. Because of this, the good feeling of following your aunt’s pleasure would have had a ripple effect of spreading good feelings to those around you. His optimistic mood will positively affect the way he interacts with his family—he will be more open and loving with them. So you will see all the benefits of following your pleasure—your life opens up and expands in a positive way.

Here are 6 guidelines for experiencing the power of your pleasure.

1. Take your pleasure seriously- You need to be a champion of your own pleasure—follow and honor the things that bring you pleasure–not bow to external pressures that lead you astray. When a great idea comes to you that you enjoy, listen to that voice inside you–the more ideas you listen to, the more ideas will come to you. Open the door to pleasure!

2. Put your pleasure first- One of my favorite ways to do this is to organize your day to your liking. Putting pleasure at the bottom of your list and not at the bottom of it will have a huge impact on your daily life. Pleasure feeds your Spirit, energizes your energy system, and gives you more energy to do whatever you want to do. When I plan my day, I make sure to plan something enjoyable before the morning—lately cycling—-it brings positive energy from pleasure to the start of my day. I’m sure there’s something fun to do, like catching up with one of your favorite friends over lunch or going for a walk outside. Be sure to do something pleasant in the evening, like watching the sunset or watching a fun and light-hearted sitcom. Planning your day with “Pleasure” as your top priority will allow you to tackle other things on your to-do list with ease and more energy. So put Pleasure at the top of your to-do list tomorrow.

3. Take full responsibility for your pleasure- Do you take responsibility for your own pleasure or do you delegate it to others—spouse, friends, children? This is a common thing that people do and often don’t even know it. If you find yourself constantly putting yourself down and letting people down, it’s a sign that you’re doing this. This frustration comes from expecting them to do certain things to make you feel good—“they have to say this, do this, etc.—and I’ll be good.” Imagine enjoying yourself independently of what other people around you are doing and saying – that’s when everything becomes really exciting and fun! An example of this is during the holidays–if you have expectations of how your family should act in order to have a good time—you will be disappointed because you have no control over the moods of each family member. In , if they are open to having fun, loving, or being closed and stuck in the negative. If you make your enjoyment independent of what happens to others, you’ll have a great time.

4. Engage all your senses to experience pleasure- An important part of experiencing pleasure is connecting with your body’s sensations. If you’re in your head worrying, analyzing, thinking about the past or the future, you won’t be in your body for pleasure—you’ll actually experience anxiety and worry. To experience pleasure, you need to open up to the experience of the moment—how the air feels on your skin, what you smell, what you see around you. You may have an opportunity to enjoy something that has been lost in your mind’s thoughts. Once you connect with your body’s sensations, you will have a better understanding of what needs to happen in order to experience pleasure. For example, you may notice a lack of visual beauty in your everyday environment, so you can do something to change it so that you experience the pleasure of visual beauty. If you are at home now, take a look around—does what you see give you pleasure—are the colors and objects attractive and beautiful? If not, research what colors and shapes you want in your environment. What sounds do you hear during the day? Do you hear laughter, favorite music, singing, birds? Focus on what gives you auditory pleasure and make sure your day is filled with these sounds. What bodily sensations give you pleasure? I love the feel of my dog’s soft fur on my fingertips—close my eyes and feel how good it feels to me. Do you enjoy the physical sensations of different movements like cycling, dancing, walking, skipping, etc.? What types of touch do you feel comfortable with? Do you like someone to hold your hand, rub your back, legs, or stroke your hair? Be sure to tune in to what physical sensations you really enjoy and take steps to bring more of those sensations into your life.

5. Do simple tasks and make them enjoyable- Think about the things you have to do in your life and see what you can do to make those experiences more enjoyable. What can you do to make cleaning your house enjoyable?—play your favorite music, take a dance break, joke with the person cleaning with you, or joke with yourself! I do this when I write – I play my favorite music loud, I drink my favorite iced tea from a colorful mug, I have self-love and encouraging notes on my computer screen, and beautiful pictures on cards. I see in front of me, I burn my favorite incense and take a dance break every 10 minutes! So writing is very enjoyable and fun for me. When I first started writing a few years ago, I didn’t do these things, and writing was difficult and difficult for me. Once I made it a priority to enjoy writing, writing became fun, easy, and something I looked forward to. See what activities you should be doing and see what creative ways you can enjoy them more.

6. Push the limits of pleasure – You may have received negative messages about pleasure from your culture and your family, so focusing on your own pleasure may feel awkward and awkward at first. Accept these feelings as normal feelings of letting go of old limiting patterns that no longer serve your life. Accept the discomfort, but don’t let it stop you from moving forward with your pleasure. The idea is to expand your sense of pleasure and experience it more often in your life. Take risks and experiment with what gives you pleasure —Ask yourself— “What will give me pleasure today or in this moment?” —Listen to what comes to mind. Challenge yourself to have more pleasure throughout the day—don’t know any pleasure, say to yourself, “I’ve had enough pleasure for this day”—-no, no, don’t do that… -Go in a different direction and tell yourself “That feels amazing—I want to feel it more today!” I truly feel that there is always room to expand and develop the good feelings we can experience—so don’t cut yourself off from amazing opportunities! Your great feelings can inspire others and allow them to see how they can move into those great feelings. Pledge to be a Pioneer of Pleasure, paving the way for others to joyfully follow, seeking out new areas of pleasure!

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