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The US-UK Translation of Obama’s Significance

After living in the US for the first half of Obama’s election campaign, then coming to England, and watching his journey across the Atlantic to the White House – I noticed a great deal of intercontinental confusion in opinions and knowledge of President Obama. Ever since he won the election, I have been filled with joy and excitement like the rest of the world. Of course, it’s important and we should all pay attention, because my friend rightly said, “When America gets a cold, we all sneeze.” However, it seems to be great news for one main reason – he is the first black president. Don’t be fooled.

At this time last year, the United States was a divided country. It wasn’t just the many borders that separated each state that separated one society from another. One teenager born and raised a few blocks away from another can stand next to each other and appear to be from different worlds.

The most obvious difference between the two boys would be their skin color. That in itself means nothing – most people now don’t care if you are black as night or as white as a white sheet. However, their family history, their upbringing, their religion, their outlook on life, the way they talk, the way they dress, the way they treat each other, and even the music they listen to, all seem connected. related to their skin. I would argue that these boys all belong to separate social groups and are “not in the same crowd”, but the cultures they belong to are very different from each other. I noticed that the different cultures associated with these two boys depended on their skin color. Under no circumstances is it okay for a white boy to drop the “N” bomb. What I believe is a large and deep-rooted reason for the separation of the two cultures. (Note: I say culture – not race).

This culture of African-Americanism in white society has grown and developed slowly and gradually, so it is almost impossible to determine exactly in what direction and in what way it went. Many believe that racism is strong and powerful in American society. Others argue that the past is behind us and that society has moved on and progressed. Some argue that African Americans are themselves a racist group. All of these arguments were moot until the election of Barack Obama last week. All of them will eventually descend into a part of history that should not be forgotten. The heritage of African Americans and how they became a part of American society today – because their ancestors were forced to join the land as slaves. Their history as a people separates them from everyone else in that society in the first place – how they got there in the first place. Not to mention the treatment they have received since those dark and evil times.

Do black people in this country (UK) experience the same racism in western society? Is skin color, heritage, or culture a cause of discrimination? What about other large ethnic minority groups, such as Latinos, Asians, and Indians? Do they receive the same kind of racism?

Why is it okay to have a TV channel or a magazine with a specific target audience of black people, but be praised as racist if it is directed at white people? There’s no single answer—it’s too deeply rooted in history to dig up.

This is a complex issue on many levels, but there is one key difference that I have found and want to highlight: The United Kingdom deals with race differently than the United States. It is important not to confuse the two. This is not to say that racism does not exist in British society at all, but if it does, it is a different battle altogether.

The election of a black president in the United States is an important turning point in history. This represents another giant leap in the evolution of African Americanism in white society. Don’t get me wrong when comparing him to Martin Luther King – they weren’t campaigning for exactly the same thing. Yes, Barack Obama’s entry into the White House is a big achievement for African Americans, but that’s not the only reason to celebrate this historic event. This proves that not only did whites ease the fears of African Americans, but that African Americans also eased the tension in their voices, hearts, and minds about the past and what it meant to be black. Instead, they embraced the idea of ​​being “One People” with the whites, a great step toward forgiveness.

Barack Hussein Obama was a potential president who set the highest bar for American citizens to jump. Because just the first one was his name: the whispers of Osama and Hussein are enough links to believe that he is connected with the most evil and stone people on earth. They got through it.

His parents were not born American. They got away with it, remembering that most Americans are patriotic, patriotic, and know very little about places other than their own countries compared to the rest of the world.

He is not one race or another. He is a “biracial” (as they call it), suggesting the mixing and interbreeding of two separate ethnic groups to produce one person. Combining and uniting different cultures makes it very difficult to create stereotypes. Obama was not fit to judge him, accept or reject him. It was hard to understand for a nation of stereotypes. They got through it.

He was depicted as comfortable and affable with the wealthiest of his countrymen, as well as embracing working-class African Americans in the ghetto. America has not seen such natural comforts and comforts in an image that binds and binds both types of groups in the same way. He was questioned about whose interests he really had, and many did not believe that he could not support both. Again, above.

As a sign of respect, there are figures in traditional Muslim clothing participating in religious activities. Muslims are the most dangerous religion, the most feared, criticized, and stereotyped by Americans since 9/11, with images splashed all over the media, creating shock and suspicion. They were uncomfortable and suspicious, but they got over it.

Obama’s former priest is said to have shouted the most unpatriotic things and preached things that most people in the United States would disagree with and find extremely offensive. This comes as Obama has been accused of being “unpatriotic” for not wearing a flag insignia on his suit. It is one of America’s worst sins, and it represents a traitor. They got through it.

Through these many obstacles, America saw their immediate suspicions, doubts, judgments, and prejudices, and saw the truth. What Obama really stood for and campaigned for. They came together and voted him into the White House. Going into the voting booth that day and ticking the box on the right was the biggest hurdle to jump, and they did it. This momentum drove many people to not only clear the hurdles, but clear the jumps. The race isn’t over, and there are more obstacles ahead – some of them even sharper. Encouraging support, believing in an alternative approach to crisis, more acceptance of the working class, acceptance of the reality of free health care, careful separation of the military from destructive wars, etc.

So whether you agree with Obama’s policies, whether you voted Democrat or Republican, white or black, Latino or Asian, gay or straight, poor or rich, European, (UK) or American; We must truly acknowledge the great achievements that America has made as a people.

That’s why Obama made history, not because he was the first black president.

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