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Musics And It’s Spirit

I have arrived on the shores of my motherland, Africa, the birthplace of my ancestors, Nigeria. I was proud to be at home, and, combined with the cheers of many festivals, the rare sounds of greetings and joy, I almost forgot that I was once more among friends and comrades. In the culture of any nation, the unique nature of science, art, and morality is related to their cultural and customary relations, abnormal phenomena, and respect. In the cradle of this whole life, the natural wife has always been a human being, like David in the Bible, serving the master King Saul, playing the strings, singing the talented songs and serving him better. The psalm is intended as a punishment for the sin of disobedience, to inspire a similar spirit to resist the spirit of the afflicted soul against whom God has offended.

As with nature’s disorder, the only herbal remedy for a troubled mind is, of course, cool music, and the only way to stimulate a maddened mind is to strangle the bones and dance like lizards on the beach. dominance and style. Every species of Homo-sapiens has a dull memory to think about; Through the shield of policy, you may know that something unique has made mankind great in the fields of unity, war, economics, power, and peace. Today, I’m at a loss for the best word, or adjectives, to use to describe the exact metaphysical meaning of what music should be.

I would define music as eternal mysteries brought to the material level through mental processes by means of a kenotic vessel of synoptic nerves, brain tissue, and blood vessels running through the veins, arteries, and pulmonary veins. The most interesting part of this is the human problem-solving ability, the common language that every man and woman, every species, even the animals in the New World Order can understand. If this is true, humanity is not far from victory over war and plague. If we are to win a world peace order, we must find common ground for conflict resolution. This was my position during the World Conference on Peace and Conflict Resolution, and I was convinced that football and sport in general could serve as a platform to elevate global relations and ensure the participation of all nations of the world, even warring nations. goals for this outcome. Because through sport, social distortions are compensated for, ethical norms are established on the basis of consensus, and politics grows at a huge per capita rate. So, raising the standard of living per person in that locality by 234.87% through sports is certainly an effective result and success. Among general sports including football, music ranks highest because in music the life of a nation is born and destroyed, you may disagree or disagree with me.

Music can be defined by some people and some people don’t know the correct definition of Music. Some people think that singing is fun and that it is an accidental part of human life to survive. But hey, you know what I think about this, I think Music is more than just entertainment, it’s built into the human spirit, because through it, the spirit flows. When people sing, they only think about singing, and people listen to their music in whatever natural voice they hear. But I have a different opinion on this; It’s not general, but it may be right or wrong, and it depends on how people perceive it based on our view of the reasoning.

Music is like a simple representation of the psychological TAT (thematic apperception test) that is often used to test IQ. When you create a music quiz for people, they will definitely choose differently, at least we all have our own physical, biological mind and body systems. It is also, as they say, an innate human bio-chemical reaction. People who sing don’t do it just because they like it, no, it doesn’t lead them to music or sing, but there is something uncontrollable and controllable inside of them. As they sing, the secrets of the inner world are revealed and exposed to hearing for the first time through the variety of poetry.

The power that makes this flow perfect comes from the world of Music, it’s lyrics and vibes. They are layered with sounds, melodies, gestures, etc., all of which make us dance and sometimes we don’t understand what we are dancing to. Today’s modern and sophisticated world of ICT, science and technology is called “Jetism”, which rejects modern science. Music has the power to heal and destroy. Listening to both of these has its own pros and cons. Listening to any of them often creates a magical flow that moves clockwise or counter-clockwise from the mundane to the extraordinary.

From the world of reason to the world of ideas; Plato was most important to this concept when he said that whatever we do, there is something that is not a part of anything created. We believe it is created by our efforts through our talent and in this framework; music, artists, minds, celebrities. We are also going here to say that we are demigods and that is why we should worship God. We cannot rule what we do not see, not at all; rather, they govern us because they are thresholds that define our reality. So music comes from the perfect world, which is called the real world, the world of purity. Music is pure, regardless of its source. But even in the purity of this rhythm there is a mercy of NESS and Un-NESS.

Music is like a comedy poem, and when it comes, it takes charge of our existence and perfects the soul; it is locked in a corridor of contemplation and wonder. When the soul of the music finally takes full control, the soul is nowhere to be found. The spirit hides to occupy the head of the great spirit. Whatever this soul may be, I care not for music, for inexplicable joy, for joy, but it can lock and roll the soul for a long time in the purity of the human mind; therefore, allow me to say that this is the supreme Lord of Man and the guardian of mankind on this earth. When he is ready to activate, everything moves except him, and everything remains stationary except what he possesses, in this case the human psyche.

Even the devout worshiper bows to this power and spirit. At the height of his mind, St. Augustine likened music to “Incomparable with him”, and here he was able to remind our church fathers that time is impossible without music and strings, because only the body can interfere and rule the body.

A musical argument has never been won by a modern music critic. A real music critic is like an atheist who believes there is no god, but when asked how they came to be, they insist in their ugly rigidity to support their theory with evidence. Mendelian and 18th century evolutionists. Saying music is stupid means looking in the mirror and asking yourself who you are and where you came from. This is pure irony!

But Music remains, and in my professional opinion, Music is everything and everything at the beginning of time. In the beginning, God created the worlds and everything in them from sound, through the eloquent interplay of sounds, and through the co-efficient of the effervescent musical patterns, the earth, the heavens, and the firmament. was created.

In short, Music is a global language that everyone understands. If people are careful enough, what happened at the Tower of Babel will happen in the biblical context, if people will magically imagine the healing flow of music and correct all the wrongs of humanity through this synonymous spirit.

I’m done!!!

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