Those Who Hear Not The Music Think The Dancers Mad The Role of Neptune For Detoxifying Your Body & the Healing Power of Far Infrared Sauna

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The Role of Neptune For Detoxifying Your Body & the Healing Power of Far Infrared Sauna

The temple of your soul – your body needs attention!

Last week, in addition to the New Moon, we had four other planets in Pisces infused with the spirit of Neptune, an invitation to deepen our inner direction and focus. I discussed the general qualities of Pisces and the spirituality of the 12th. This week we still have the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, and Neptune conjunct Mercury. You could say that the stars align perfectly to tap into the healing dimension and spiritual realm of Pisces.

Neptune rules Pisces and rules the 12th house (personal connection with the Divine and the unseen) along with Jupiter. In the body, Neptune rules the feet, the pineal gland, the thalamus, psychological neurosis, and unresolved illness.


Neptune is the Roman god of the sea (Greek Poseidon), reflected in the planet’s deep blue color. It is not so literal or a specific planet. It is associated with many intangible, sometimes obscure, transcendent principles: religion and spirituality, fantasy, imagination, artistic and musical creativity, idealism, compassion, love, higher states of consciousness, divine, mystical and psychic phenomena. to be It also represents poisons, drugs, poisons, gases, addictions, degenerates, and life-reducing effects.

People under the influence of Neptune may be drawn to professions and jobs that can attract them, such as monks and nuns. Neptune best supports our desire for inspiration, service, and understanding, but its negative influence is associated with addiction, weakness, illusion, and deception.

Highlights of the week:

• Mercury in Aquarius conjunct Neptune

• Sun conjunct Jupiter at 9 degrees Pisces

• The Moon is in flexible Gemini, transiting emotional Cancer and then analytical Virgo.

Your Body Is Your Temple: And it’s time to clean house

After a month’s delay in the postal system, the book I ordered last week, Fertilize or Die, by Sherry Rogers, MD, arrived. Probably because it was the right time for me. I read it twice in 5 days. Over the years I have accumulated many symptoms, including debilitating migraines, headaches, arthritis in my hands, severe allergies, skin problems, candida, and more, so I have tried many different ways to detox and cleanse my body. I’ve tried all kinds of healthy eating and cleansing methods and it just doesn’t make me feel better. I did a 10 day colon cleanse and ended up with a flushed liver, well I won’t get into that right now… (If you want to read a really fun explanation of liver cleansing, Arjuna Arda has a great article on his liver cleanse)

Let’s say you’re still motivated to find easy ways to get better and improve your health. Reading Detox or Die gave me great motivation and action. I used to get frustrated reading health books because realizing the extent of our environmental pollution, air, water and foodborne toxins and poisons made me feel so helpless and angry. The proposed solutions seemed very expensive, difficult to implement, and forced me to bypass the main activation of the symptoms. I was usually in that place of overwhelm and frustration; I knew I needed a deeper detox, but the suggested solutions just didn’t seem feasible. Have you ever been there?

When I read this book, a lot of information that I already had came back to me.

Far infrared saunas offer hope

This is not just another book about how bad our toxicity levels are because of our lifestyles and our inability to avoid exposure to toxins, it provides a very simple way to detoxify our divine spirit and cleanse our temple. The message is to use the new far infrared sauna technology and sweat it out. (You’ll want to read this book because you need to replenish your minerals and follow the process with supplements.) This is a long-term method of deep detoxification without overtaxing the detoxifying organs like the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, and blood, and without reliving drug symptoms. or induce a healing crisis. It lifts your mood (raises endorphins) and makes you feel so relaxed and so clean… I love it!

What makes an infrared sauna different?

Infrared saunas contain the longest and smallest spectrum of wavelengths with healing rays. This sauna operates at a relatively low temperature compared to conventional saunas, between 100-150 F, and dry, or 160-200 F, compared to Finnish saunas. It produces 2-3 times more sweat than a regular sauna. It slips through the back door and extracts chemicals from the fat layer under the skin. It reduces lactic acid, kills bacteria and parasites, penetrates into tissues, reduces swelling, improves lymph flow, attracts calcium to cell membranes, detoxifies by vibrating ionic bonds, reduces the size of water clusters by creating a resonance dance between water and chemical molecules; It facilitates the transfer of accumulated toxins from the cells and into the sweat.

A Mayo Clinic study showed improvement in the heart condition of those at the end of the treatment. People who couldn’t even bear to take a hot bath were able to slowly detoxify with this sauna. As you know I’m not a doctor, but I thought this information was worth sharing and researching.

I have been in the sauna program for 4 weeks now because I heard about the book from a friend. I have been doing this 3 times a week and my arthritis is getting better. Otherwise, I can’t say anything besides it feels so good and right to do it. I will report back to you later and would love to hear your experience.

I was just thinking how in tune with all the Pisces activities this month.

Mercury in Aquarius conjunct Neptune on Saturday the 27th

In Aquarius we have access to new technology, with Neptune we have unresolved issues of medicine, illness and toxicity, and with Mercury we equip our minds and work in harmony with deep intuition and inner guidance reflected in the outer world. I think it’s a “no-brainer” to see a connection between toxicity and the inability of an overworked body to function for optimal health. The real question is, what can you do about it? The answer is: Be SMART and detox!

You can’t put your health in the hands of doctors, who are only responsible for putting more and more drugs into your system with more side effects. I don’t even want to get involved in the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry, their greed and power play. But it is clear that you have to be smart, educate yourself and take appropriate steps.

Health and wellness is an ongoing journey, and you must constantly change your mindset and emotions, learn new techniques, and fine-tune the action steps that work for you. Meditation, relaxation, healthy eating, and an exercise program that works for you should be tailored to you and your needs. You are truly the only one who can do this!

Sun conjunct Jupiter at 9 degrees Pisces

On Sunday, the 28th, we will experience enthusiasm and positivity when we meet with Jupiter. Jupiter is known for its way of looking at things from a higher perspective. He represents the principle of expansion and growth, which you can use in your health. Let’s get started! Take the first step, read a book, get smart, and think about the personal health program you want to implement this month. If you really have a health problem, you may want to talk to a doctor or a doctor and get more help from a professional about it.

Put your health first!

Moon positions work very well for this this week. Gemini loves to read and get information. Cancers like to eat well and turn inward more than usual. Also, Virgos are health conscious and pay attention to details.

I encourage you to give yourself some time in your notebook to reflect and decide on your new goals. Ask yourself the following questions:

• Are you satisfied with your health?

• Do you wake up in the morning feeling fresh and energetic?

• Are you experiencing pain symptoms?

• Is your thinking clear and your memory sharp?

• Do you exercise?

• How is your digestion?

• Does your body smell? Do you need to use deodorant?

• How much processed food is in your diet? Soda, Coke…

• Do you regularly eat fresh, unprocessed foods such as salads and fruit?

• Do you drink 2 liters of water a day?

• Do you do a yearly cleanse to pamper your body and help it recharge?

• And many more…

Don’t be upset! Use the answers to these questions to motivate yourself and decide what to do right now. Decide on 3 steps to take this week. Your health is something that has the power to improve and change your life. I personally love the detoxification process of a sauna because it makes me feel good. I find a spa nearby with a far-infrared sauna and have a great time sweating it out with my girlfriends.

Or as Abraham-Hicks put it: “There is no physical fall or injury that you cannot recover from – not one – if you only knew it… If you only wanted to and knew you could. This is their day They’re miracles that everyone talks about. They’re not miracles at all, they’re natural. But because they’re so rare, people think they’re miracles. They’re not. That’s the way it should be. You should thrive.”

I hope you enjoyed this article and find it helpful in your health journey.

Have fun, have fun and many blessings, Shakti.

Shakti Karola Navran: astrologer, jeweler and author

1135 Makawao Ave. Suite 310

Makawao, Maui, Hawaii 96768

Phone: 808.878.8182

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