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BLU-RAY, the Quantum Hyper-Cortex, ZEPTO Dimensions and Hyper-Sur-Realities

Someday BLU-RAY players and their future iterations will install your BLU-RAY in your mind. Layers of new psychic abilities will grow as bridges between your mind, BLU-RAY reality machines and cyber essence.

Your BLU-RAY “reality” is based on a never-ending fleeting ethereal consciousness that exists not only in a complex algorithm in a semi-spiritual vapor “lost” state of low mass quantum transitions, but in tiny filaments in an infinitely growing multiverse.

What are the chances of a BLU-RAY player in your life in the future? Can the 2020 or 3020 BLU-RAY capture not only sight and sound, but taste, touch, smell, and sensory impulses to your cerebral cortex with normal senses? Will you have a surreal-cortex, a hyper-cortex, a cyber quantum zepto spiritual cortex?

BLU-RAY “Heart Attack” “movie” media is so scary that you should kill yourself to play it. Movies that can die, BLU-RAY hypercortex 11-dimensional emotions “dream movies” are better than sex when you are 18 years old.

“Hyper Cortex Wives and Husbands, Lovers and Masters, Slaves and Demons, Saints and Gods. Hyper Cortex Rhett Butlers, Angelina Jolies, Anima Heroes. More tangible reality than ever, more emotional scenes than ever before. Level. intellectual agility, cultural sensibility, and quantum-zepto-based existential awareness.

Motio Divina: A Quantum Leap to a State of Grace through Extraordinary Gifts of the Mind. BLU-RAY perfume will recall all the feelings of your life, the emotions you felt every day from the time you were born to the morning. You will experience the first kiss, the first crush, the first feeling of being in love, and even the feeling of dread when you wake up and feel again that you did not pass the exam today. Your best moments and your worst moments can be relived even more than your first live experience. Hyper-reality, hyper-awareness, hyper-world, hyper-reality.

With Memory Enhancements and Memory Hyper-Enhancements, you can download memories (complete with all emotions and even extra emotions) of everyone who uploaded your video. Download moments of the killer before and during his heinous acts, KNOW what he felt, understand his sadism, smell his blood, hear his razor cuts, and “know” his mind like never before.

Upload your extraordinary dreams and Eskimos, school teachers and presidents can experience your psyche and your innermost soul together.

Advanced BLU-RAY technology and its progeny can give birth to a metaphysical world where the dream state becomes reality and reality becomes subservient to your favorite surreal existence. When you enter the gas chamber, you will learn about grace and shame, fear and love, the eternity of a life sentence, the questioning of your last time on earth…over and over again. The traumatic devastation of losing a child, or being run over by a grinder and burned alive. About courting 100 lovers while traveling through space to the Andromeda Nebula inside a bubble shield of zepto-matter.

BLU-RAY technology can eventually destroy your mind.

We know that with SINGULARITY’s universe-transforming completeness, the human conscious mind will not need it at all to hold it.

Human to Button Transformation.

New HYPERINTELLIGENT life forms will float in the transparent medium of space, and Quantum entanglement will be able to exist in all universes, all matter, all “empty” space at any moment, at any moment. Time will “die” because it never existed.

We will lose our will to live, learn and grow. It will be wisdom, glory, righteousness, and the death of evil. Victory and defeat will become meaningless to us, so new emotions will appear. Perhaps our quantifiable and describable emotional world is only a tiny fraction of what might exist in superconsciousness.

We will lose our fear of death and embrace the eternal life of a trillion universes.

BLU-RAY Kids jump off the diving board of science and immerse ourselves in the light and heat of the guts we consume, and we begin to eat the void of space, and everything in it is our purpose, our ultimate destiny.

We will become the wildest Entropic BLU-RAY people in science fiction. We will be chaos and uncertainty in all systems. The raison d’être becomes meaningless. We will exist as an ectoparasite-quantum wobble.

Once we’re in a state of passive uniformity, we’ll reach our design goals, and the “fate theory” says we’ll have to start over, but before we start, we’ll have an eternity to go through. Only with planks of infinite length will we expire. Before we can hope to extract our soul from the whole universe, we must traverse an eternal and infinite path on the plane on which we must find ourselves. After reaching the intersection of the three planes, we pass and reach the unknown beyond which there is no explanation from our side.

BLU-RAY and Singularity’s artificial intelligence will allow us to see the ways in which nothing can create mass, mass can create space, and ways to extend our universe beyond 1 trillion years.

Working with advanced D-Wave Systems 16-qubit adiabatically scaled quantum computers, we will create new ways to increase the number of qubits to the giga-digits, so that the term SINGULARITY will no longer have any meaning in science.

As new concepts emerge, new names must be created for them. It is impossible to guess what lies beyond the boundaries of SINGULARITY and the intersection of three planes, so new names with real reference value cannot be easily created. At least today, March 22, 2008. Will our computers ever be able to show us what lies beyond the SINGULARITY and the intersection of the three planes?

BLU-RAY and Quantum Computing.

A company called D-Wave promises 1024 qubit Quantum Computing by mid-2008. They have already reached 16 qubits and are growing rapidly.

It would be simple for him to use a QUANTUM COMPUTER with a standard computer to solve the puzzle of designing a 3D or 11 D BLU-RAY. Faster than 1024 qubits, Yobi (Yi) = 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 = 280 binary numbers.

“Fast” can mean nanoseconds starting at the 1024 qubit level.

What is visual awareness?

The quantum waveform formula can show that what the “eye” sees doesn’t change, but your conscious experience does. So is life just finite sheets or slices of tiles, not fluidly connected to a ‘time continuum’ existence? Maybe time doesn’t really exist, and if it does, it can be removed from the equation of physics. Can we grab the page of existence and manipulate it on a quantum scale? Can we turn it into a donut, an algorithm, a thought, or a magnetic mirror of glittering water falling into an iridescent sea? Hardened cones will collapse and there will be no ambiguity.

Can we create BLU-RAY “moments pages” and turn them into a solid mass and mount them to the wall? A parsec-scale membrane psychological drama on the nightstand?

Ontology is dwarfed and outmoded by its existence being unprovable.

We must measure existence as the “parallax of a second of arc” from one plate of the membrane of “existence” to another.

Is vision a quantum phenomenon?

Is all reality a quantum phenomenon? Could future BLU-RAY devices implant multiple consciousnesses in your mind?

Is this quantum psychosis? Is it possible to replace a BLU-RAY player with 2 motherboards, one for REGION A BLU-RAY and REGION 1 DVD discs and the other for REGION B and REGION 2 discs? As soon as you wake up, you choose your existence and play your life or the life of someone you allow to download.

Shall we forcibly download the psyches of criminals, politicians, and child abusers for the common good?

Quantum Neuroimaging is stored as data and replayed at will. Patterns in the brain change according to the scene and are filled not only with known senses but also with a few QUANTUM MANUFACTURED senses.

This is reality, a quantum effect operating on a macro scale.

Applied physics, materials science, interface and colloid science, device physics, supramolecular chemistry, self-replicating machines and robots using BLU-RAY and Nanotechnology, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, biological engineering, electrical Subatomic to remove all barriers to knowledge engineering in dimensions; but BLU-RAY and Nanotechnology are far from over. They’re barely even a start.

Tomorrow’s BLU-RAY players have a world to explore. Smaller. All the dark veils of the unknown will be opened, and from them will flow the wonderful waters of knowledge beyond our kindred. The data is often confusingly rich.

“Pico”, “femto”, “atto” and zepto we can weigh viruses.

Zepto is the latest and smallest.

At just the nanoscale, we’ve been making nanoelectromechanical systems, or NEMS, for a long time. But what is an attogram? The mass of the virus is 10 attograms. An attogram is one thousandth of a femtogram, one thousandth of a picogram, one thousandth of a nanogram, or one billionth of a gram. However, we have not yet reached zepto in this dimension description.

By using a cantilever at the limit of size and recording the change, the additional mass produced at the vibrational frequency can be plotted in attograms.

Using other cantilever lengths and oscillators, the minimum resolved mass would be .37 of an attogram. With improvements, devices can be scaled up to the zeptogram range, or one-thousandth of an attogram. In this scalable layer, the cantilevers can detect and recognize DNA molecules, proteins, and other biological molecules by coating them with antibodies or other materials. Some claim to have already done so.

BLU-RAY consciousness and zeptogram memory.

Reaching just below the limits of the zeptogram, we find quantum physics and entanglement “magic”.

Photons are transmitted through 2 already entangled electrons.

There is no distance wide enough to block the transmission of photons if not for data. This means that deep in our universe we can communicate instantaneously, and at a sub-quantum mechanical level of existence, we can transmit information to other universes and explore parallel consciousness. Further research may develop the ability to send mass into such an entangled state. Does this mean we can send a robot to a parallel world and bring it back?

Other civilizations in other universes may have already started sending us pictures of their world(s). With a parallel universe MULTI-REGION BLU-RAY player, full BLU-RAY consciousness could be upon us right now. Or tomorrow’s MULTI-UNIVERS BLU-RAY player.

Tomorrow you can upload all the knowledge of the universe, change your personality, change your appearance, rejuvenate at any age, live forever without disease, pain or sadness, heighten all your senses and have a perfect body. The model of the most attractive human version you can imagine.

You can change your skin color and gender, grow wings and fly, become a dinosaur, a concert pianist, a linguist, a great composer, an artist, a writer, a poet. There is no limit to the combined fields we speak of. Become a fish or a spaceship.

Once the algorithms for visual art, great music, and perfect movie plot and script are clear, any properly configured computer program can start creating endless creations in HYPER-3D Hyper Reality free for everyone’s pleasure. /7.

The need to sleep will disappear. No more wasting time trying to find your socks or keys.

A world better than 3D existence, better than consciousness, better than heaven and hell, and you too will be free.

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