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The Mathematical Colours of Human Survival Technology

The Romantic era of art from the mid-18th to the mid-19th century arose out of the ancient scientific concept of a lost morality. Its leaders were concerned that humanity had become subject to a culture of inanimate mechanisms. The philosopher of science Wolfgang von Goethe argued that Isaac Newton betrayed color science and reduced everything to black and white mechanical reality. Goethe’s theories of linguistic color perception were revived in 2012 in the book of the year Through the Looking Glass by linguistic physicist Guy Deutscher. But few people know that in fact Isaac Newton rejected the idea of ​​completeness of the mechanical theory of the universe and, like the Romantics, derived this view from the same lost moral science.

During the Romantic era, the works of other poets and artists attacked Newton for having a science derived from his depiction of the clockwork of a mechanical universe, now linked to the important discoveries of DNA, a matter of human survival. In 2017, the World Art Foundation in Russia undertook the task of reviving the scientific-artistic ethics of the past romantic era, which is a remarkable achievement.

Newton’s mathematical genius encouraged a deeper picture of the universe than an inanimate mechanical cosmos. Science, economics, and religion adopted the mechanical model that created the false quantum mechanics by teaching Newton’s worldview as mechanical. Both political and commercial science, along with religious belief, have controlled the imbalance of our modern science. Along with scientists, religious organizations denied the infinite evolution of living processes and invoked religious law to enforce their views. The lost ancient moral science could not develop itself until the time came to acquire knowledge of living human DNA. It is now possible to complete quantum mechanics by studying it in conjunction with quantum biology.

Arthur C. Clarke’s television documentary The Colors of Infinity was about Benoit Mandelbrot’s discovery of infinite fractal mathematics. In the context of the documentary, it was explained that the evolution of civilization was not included in the goal of an infinite universe. The reason for this is that prevailing science obeys the “Law of Universal Heat Death,” which states that all heat in the universe must dissipate into cold space, eventually killing all life in the universe.

Georg Cantor, the most famous mathematician in history, was the most hated mathematician in history for daring to challenge the death religion of the world’s science. His claim that the fear of infinity has affected the minds of modern scientists caused an international scientific and religious uproar. Prominent mathematicians of the world, strongly opposed to such a statement, united and wildly condemned his theory that the process of the life force could evolve to infinity. Influential religious leaders were furious that Cantor’s mathematical beliefs contradicted his insistence that only a Supreme God allowed access to the infinite. Cult leaders with different deities were all ready to fight to the death, bravely fulfilling their sacred responsibility to protect their involvement in the world’s death cult.

NASA’s High Energy Project published a paper by Petar Grujic, Scientific Advisor at the Belgrade Institute of Physics, showing that ancient Greek mathematics contained aspects of infinite fractal logic. Out of the old mathematical thought emerged a political science of moral atomism to guide the democratic ideal, which obscured the evolution of infinite moral wisdom. This proposed science aims to guide forms of governance that can make civilization part of a universal moral purpose. Such science was deemed necessary to avoid the extinction of giant fossilized remains of earlier life forms that did not survive the tooth and claw arms race. In Plato’s Republic, early atomic theories progressed to the stage where Platonists defined “Evil” as having destructive properties within the atom and capable of destroying civilization. Therefore, the political science of the lost alien atom demands our immediate attention. We need to balance the destructive side of atomic math emotions with what the ancient Greeks called virtuous math emotions.

Greek mathematics, which governs the evolution of the moral atom, suggested that the 28-day cycle of the moon’s motion influenced the development of a woman’s reproductive cycle. It is believed that the harmonic vibrations emitted by the moon resonate with the atoms of the mother’s soul and explain her moral love and compassion for the child. Ancient Indian mathematical logic was less clear about the concept of a living infinite mathematical reality. Predating Greek political atomism, Sanskrit mathematics spoke of future technologies derived from the mathematics of infinity. However, today the prevailing culture of thermodynamic heat death prevents sufficient research to develop such technology.

A mathematical process adapted by the Greeks was the “Music of the Balls” used by the scientist Johannes Kepler in his famous astrological discovery. After that, enough scientific discoveries have been made that the heat-death religious data of thermodynamics governs every path to our extinction, which is simply nonsense. In the 1980s, Australian researchers proved that this was an absurd situation.

In 1979, Kun Huang, China’s most highly awarded physicist, provided Australian science-arts researchers with a methodology for measuring the life force that regulates the growth and development of oysters. They proved that according to the mathematician Cantor, our law of extinction is a neurosis of the scientific mind.

Life forms of seashells have existed for 50 million years and have not become extinct. In Australia, the infinite mathematics of ancient Greece was programmed into a computer to create a simulation of the evolution of seashells over 50 million years. The computer simulations perfectly matched the mathematical language written on the seashell fossils. The dysfunctional mathematics that our culture of thermodynamic death adheres to can only produce simulations of distorted or cancerous futuristic seashells. Therefore, the law that would allow the healthy evolution of the seashell to infinity was the mathematical information coming from the living creatures inside the seashell.

In 1990, the IEEE, the world’s largest technology institute based in Washington, placed this discovery alongside the names of Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick. However, prominent scientists associated with the Australian government’s thermodynamic culture were extremely hostile when confronted with this simple factual observation.

Challenging the assumption that oyster research is of social importance began in 1979, when Australia’s National Television Commonwealth Science Service documented the history of oyster research in its internationally televised series Scientists – Discoveries. In 1986, scientists and government art authorities joined forces to attack seashell discoveries published in the 1980s by the leading Italian scientific journal Il Nuovo Cimento. Later in 2009, they stopped regularly denigrating Science-Arts research when it won a Gold Medal from the Academy of Sciences in London.

The Science-Art Theories of molecular biologist Sir CP Snow, delivered at the Rede Lectures at Cambridge University in 1959, and Letters to Science, written in 1974 by Nobel Prize-winning oncologist Saint György, had one thing in common. Both argued that the late scientific culture of thermodynamics belonged to the primitive mind of our Neolithic ancestors.

The stark difference between moral and immoral mathematical emotional language is now very clear. The mathematics of the poker machine, accompanied by sound and color vibrations, creates a strong emotional state of financial and moral bankruptcy. Plutocratic governments (rule by the rich) are constantly at war with each other like unethical poker machines. They use this pseudo-mathematical phenomenon to form alliances to maintain world power and to militantly protect the people they represent (St. George’s “Crazy Monkey” tribe).

Ignoring the damage caused by the constant creation of bankruptcy victims echoes the harsh reality of the natural law of survival of the ideal paradigm. Most important, however, is that ancient Greek science correctly assumed that poker-machine thinking was based on false emotional illusions.

In 2010, it was important to combine the controversial Australian research with quantum biology cancer research in collaboration with Quantum Art International. As a result, an antidote to the global epidemic of disinformation and scientific dysfunction through the mass production of communications and media has been discovered.

The primary evidence for the antidote’s technological potential involved significant visual evidence. Unlike a poker machine, the antidote, which uses color vibrations to control the mind, reverses the process and the mind controls the colors of the painting. The electromagnetic emotional field that creates this phenomenon can now be visualized.

In 2016, under the auspices of the World Art Fund, the presentation of antidote theory along with related works of art won the first prize in the international contemporary art competition held in Russia. In 2017, the president of the World Art Foundation appointed the founder of Quantum Art International to help create a science-art research project to improve the human condition of the world.

“Evil” mentioned in Plato’s atomistic political science of ethics can be considered as a form of neurocancer that is now threatening the civilization of the world. An antidote can best be introduced through a powerful military complex, known as soft military diplomacy, and the sharing of mutually beneficial information technology with other countries. This diplomacy, where people can be viewed as belonging to one nation in terms of DNA, can overcome fanatical and violent religious beliefs. From the point of view of DNA, it is clear that what is attacking humans is a sterile neural form of cancer. By simply programming the alignment of worldviews with antidote information, survival simulations can be created for humans rather than marine animal forms.

In conclusion, Sir Isaac Newton certainly did not believe that the mechanical description of the universe was complete. In his discussion of the 28th question, he published a threat to the Church to burn him alive for saying that those who believed that gravitation arose from the mass of matter in space were false and illogical. He said that the more authoritative scientific understanding of the matter came from ancient Greek science. The discoveries of the great scientists of the Golden Age of Romanticism also derived their ethics from ancient lost sciences.

The social significance of all of the above is illustrated by Australian sci-fi writer/artist Chris Degenhardt in his 2002 book Democracy on Trial – Judgment. In light of the DNA discoveries made since then, he published a retrial. New Evidence Exonerates Sir Isaac Newton Accused by Wolfgang Von Goethe Newton of Destroying the Science of Emotional Color In 2017, the Retrial edition of the above book was published under the auspices of Feedaread Publishing in collaboration with Amazon Books.

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