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Tyrannosaurus Rexina and the Ethics of Creative Physics

Fossils seem to tell us that Tyrannosaurus rex females were much larger than males, so they had to tread very carefully during mating. Apparently, the female needed to consume more calcium to produce strong eggs, which contributed to the increase in the size of her powerful weapon. While this killer dinosaur’s primary design agenda paid little attention to the evolution of its tiny arms, the bony structure of its thorax suggests some kind of grand evolutionary plan was slowly moving towards the creation of futuristic avian life.

Human evolution had a seemingly merciless plan to worship a benevolent, moral God. However, the instinct to do so eventually arose in the midst of a violent tooth-and-nail mentality. Today’s path toward a loving and caring evolutionary path bears the symbols of atomic weapons, indicating our willingness to share our fate with the dinosaurs. To avoid extinction, we can re-examine the instructions of the original dinosaur plan and understand how to scientifically update our fate. The ancient Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy, Science for Moral Purposes, gave us the mathematics to do this.

Greek philosophers Thales and Pythagoras traveled to Egypt to study mathematical political ethics from the teachings of the secret schools of Maat, the mythical goddess of mercy, compassion, and justice who prevented the universe from spiraling into chaos. The Second Dynasty of Egypt’s use of the mathematics of sacred geometry to embody mercy, compassion, and justice in political law was studied by Greek philosophers in the 5th century BC. The Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy, aware of the extinction of very ancient monsters, created a mathematical science to guide the aristocratic government in the 3rd century BC to ensure that human civilization did not perish.

The engineer Buckminster Fuller derived the synergistic worldview from this mathematics, contradicting Einstein’s worldview, which called for the complete destruction of all life in the universe. Fuller’s book Utopia or Unforgettability was based on Plato’s spiritual (holographic) sacred geometry mathematics.

In the 5th century BC, Anaxagoras, a philosopher of science, proposed his theory of creation, realizing that evolution on Earth had no moral purpose. He believed that an intelligent Creator created our universe by using the spinning (gravitational) force on the primordial particles in the cosmos, setting them in motion in the mind. Then this God left our universe to create a universe elsewhere. Following the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy, the three universities worked to integrate ethics into Anaxagoras’s scientific model of reality, and the Western atomistic science that applied Egyptian mathematics to mercy, compassion, and justice for Ethical purposes. Ho Kepos University called it “The Science of Universal Love” and its teachers followed the Egyptian mathematical ethics to prevent the universe from turning into chaos, based on love and kindness in family life, called saviors.

Pythagoras included the harmonic nature of light in this evolution of the concept of ethical consciousness. During the 18th and 19th centuries, a number of philosophers and scientists who discovered the energy of electromagnetic fields realized that the ancient Pythagorean music of the spheres described the existence of a universal electromagnetic force for the development of compassionate emotions. The use of nanotechnology in the 21st century to study the molecular function of emotion, discovered by Dr. Candace Pert in 1972, shows that the evolution of the endocrine fluid associated with that molecular function is the mathematical foundation of Buckminster Fuller’s ethics. Of an evolving Creative Physics programmed to ensure that humanity does not perish. As Charles Darwin wrote in The Rise of Man, human compassion is so pronounced that it must have some intrinsic evolutionary purpose.

When the majestic Tyrannosaurus Rexina ruled the world, her death brought the means to explore the great goal of mathematics. A wishbone in that monstrous body isn’t the only indication that evolutionary information resides in the remnants of its existence. We can now measure another set of great ancient monsters with great mathematical precision in order to mathematically argue for a more moral evolutionary purpose in relation to the savage existence of prehistoric reality. This mathematical realism connects living processes to a reality far beyond what the 20th century Einsteinian worldview imagined.

Along with certain minerals, the fatty acids of the dead dinosaurs turned into matter, and when exposed to cosmic radiation, crystals like jasper began to form. This complex procedure recorded mineral growth in natural fractal patterns. The geometric properties of geometric fractals belong to both living and non-living processes. Modern science believes that fractal logic can continue to infinity, but Einstein’s worldview forbids the connection of living processes to this infinite fractal logic, so all life must eventually perish. On February 18, 2011, Cornell University Libraries announced a major discovery by two Chinese scholars, Liaofu Luo and Jun Lu. They used mathematics to explain why the protein dance of life inside DNA, which Buckminster Fuller called the subatomic diaper, contradicts the universal law of heat death in Einstein’s worldview. Fuller correctly predicted a second life energy system to blend with Einstein’s genius description of a single universal energy system governed only by chaos.

The ancient Greeks integrated ethics into the creation myth of Anaxagoras, integrated it into the myth of God’s departed intuition, leaving man free to discover his divine purpose, and transformed its mathematical structure into a dynamic mathematical logic that extends to infinity, contrary to our general understanding today. of reality. This act of moral consciousness can be seen to be related to aspects of the Copenhagen definition of quantum mechanics, which is presented in the context of Vedic mathematics. The ancient Egyptians integrated such mathematics into their political structures, and the ancient Greeks used it to create a science ethically to avoid human extinction. In contrast to this mathematical operation of consciousness, we know that our current understanding of mathematics can accelerate global chaos. In 1994, he won three Nobel Prizes for the logic of mathematical economics, which helped create the current global economic collapse. We have enough mathematical data to build a Fullerene utopia.

2000 Online Proceedings of the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee’s Briefings entitled “Outside-the-Box Technologies and Their Critical Role in Environmental Trends” and “The Unnecessary Energy Crisis.” Among the issues discussed here is the accelerating chaos of Einstein’s worldview, as well as the need to use the mathematics of new technologies to develop new technologies to replace America’s reliance on fossil fuel economies. In 2000, there was an accurate prediction that the collapse of the US economic system would lead to the collapse of the global economy eight years later.

In this situation. Other countries under such economic pressure will seek to ally with those with weapons of mass destruction to avoid the collapse of their various regimes, the paper says. If one is used, or threatened to be used, under these conditions, the existing defense policy will be implemented and the end of civilization will be guaranteed. It also reached mathematically the entropic state derived from Buckminster Fuller’s description of Greek evil as a property of amorphous matter within an atom.

Authors Ubiratan D’Ambrosio and Sao Paulo, in their e-article titled Mathematics and Peace: Our Responsibilities, relate mathematics to human behavior and address the responsibilities of social peace, environmental peace, and military peace through relevant global mathematical definitions. . ethos. That’s the basis of the 21st-century renaissance, published by the Australian Science and Arts Research Center in collaboration with the University of Florence’s New Measurements of Human Quantum Biology project. In 2010, the two Italian directors of this Renaissance project were awarded the Giorgio Napolitano Medal on behalf of the Republic of Italy for their discoveries in quantum biology regarding the self-organized activity of universal energy as a basis for quantum biology.

Acting like a Tyrannosaurus Rex in heat may have excited young men to learn how to implement a mass-murdering computer game, but that wasn’t the masculinity of the past. Our education system must quickly bridge the gap between modern science and classical Greek humanist ethics. As the molecular biologist Sir C.P. Snow warned in a 1959 lecture at Cambridge University, if we don’t get too caught up in Einstein’s law of chaos as the central law of all science, civilization will perish.

© Professor Robert Pope,

Einstein-Galileo, Advisor to the President of Oceania and Australia, Institute for Theoretical Physics and Advanced Mathematics (IFM)

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